Adsense Cracks Down on Tricky Ad Placement

This week the Google Adsense team has reminded us of their program polices in THIS POST in the Adsense Blog. In simple terms Google wants to remind all Adsense publishers that it is not acceptable to ‘trick’ visitors into clicking Adsense advertisements on your website by placing the ads so close to buttons or other click-able items that visitors might “accidentally” click on the Adsense for Content ads.

The fact that the Adsense team has posted this reminder in their blog means that they are either getting a log of Adwords advertiser complaints and they will probably start cracking-down on publishers that they feel are using deceptive methods to increase their CTR and earnings. This is a very good thing for Adwords publishers and good for the Adsense program overall and I imagine the only people that will really complain about this is dishonest publishers. There is a small discussion about this as well as discussion on “accidentally” clicking your own ads in THIS THREAD at DP Forums.

Adsense Cracks Down on Tricky Ad Placement by

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