Banned From PayPal! (Permanently “Limited”)

Last week while busy at my ‘day job’ I got the following email on the iPhone:

(slightly edited for brevity)

Dear Randy Brown,

The PayPal User Agreement states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit an account for any violation of the User Agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy. ….

We are hereby notifying you that, after a recent review of your accountactivity, it has been determined that you are in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales of Subscription Services … Therefore, your account has been permanently limited.

You will need to remove all references to PayPal from your website(s)
and/or auction(s). This includes not only removing PayPal as a payment
option, but also the PayPal logo and/or shopping cart. We thank you in
advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact
the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy Department at

PayPal Acceptable Use Policy Department
PayPal, an eBay Company

My first gut reaction that this was just another phishing attempt, so I quickly logged into my PayPal account only to find the following:

We recently reviewed your account, and we need more information about your business to allow us to provide uninterrupted service. Until we can collect this information, your access to sensitive account features will be limited. We would like to restore your access as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Why is my account access limited?

Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):

  • Mar. 27, 2008: In accordance with PayPal’s User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy,we have closed your account. Your funds may be held for 180 days from the date of your last transaction. After 180 days, you will be able to access your funds by requesting an online bank transfer or, if applicable, a check from PayPal. Please update your address or bank information as we cannot be held responsible for checks issued to an incorrect address. We do ask that you please remove reference(s) to PayPal from your site

It took me only a minute to realized something I never even thought was possible:

I was banned from PayPal!

All the work I had done in the last year building my Premium Membership income to over $5,000/mo. was gone! That’s it, game over, no reason to go on! I literally became ill, and I assumed that my online career was over for good.

After calming down and putting away my rope and wobbly stool, I figured that this must be a mistake. I had used the term “Adult access” in describing an area of our premium membership forums and surely this must have tripped an automatic red-flag or something. I contacted PayPal customer-support by telephone and was told that I could send an appeal to “”. I promptly wrote a lengthy explanation and fired it off to the ‘’ address.

Now here is where I began to realize that PayPal is not the most professional outfit out there. 24 hours after I sent my appeal to, it was returned as undeliverable – those fucks on the phone gave me a fake email address to send my appeal to! How’s that for professional customer service?! Now I went from being depressed to angry. I resent my email, this time to which was the address for questions that was on the first email I received.

*Update: I have since learned from a PayPal employee that the correct email for a PayPal appeal is . I have not tested it, but I was assured that (with an S at the end) is the correct email address.

Within hours of re-sending my appeal to I received what appeared to be an automated response that basically echoed what the first email said: “you’re banned from PayPal and we are going to hold your balance ($5,100) for up to six months“. I then sat down and wrote yet another email, explaining that after being a long-time PayPal customer, paying thousands of dollars in fees over the years and being blown-off by the customer support people who gave me a fake email address that I at least deserved the professional courtesy of being given the assurance that my issue had been reviewed by a human being. I was confident that if someone actually reviewed the website, that there was no way they could come to the conclusion that we were selling subscription services to “certain sexually explicit material“.

Less than 12 hours after my “demand” for review I got my reply, from a human, assuring me that my case had been reviewed – and they would not be reversing their decision, and my $5,100 balance would be returned to me within 180 days.

Ok – so it’s PayPal’s game and they have decided to take their ball and go home. Time for me to move on and find someone else to give my transaction fees to.

Google Checkout can have my transaction fees from now on:

I had thought about using Google Checkout in the past because their transaction fees are much lower than PayPal (about 1/3 less) – but because GC does not support ongoing subscription payments I stuck with PayPal. Well now that PayPal has decided they no longer want my transaction fees I figured it was time to switch to Google Checkout. This would mean that I would have to change from a “subscription” based model to a one-time “lifetime” membership model. We’ve been offering lifetime memberships for $25 at the site for over a year, and we get a few each day, so the move to lifetime only memberships is not that big of a deal. And even though there are other providers that can do ongoing subscriptions, because there are no Drupal modules to support them, they aren’t a good choice for me.

The average lifespan of our premium subscriptions was 3-months. So earnings for the average subscription were $9.97 ($5.99 first month, $1.99 for each of the remaining months). We are now offering lifetime Premium Membership for $25, which is approx. 2.5x that value of an average premium subscriber. So even though I expect fewer lifetime signups because of the higher fee, that should be offset by the increased fee. To my surprise though, so far we have been getting the same number of higher-priced lifetime signups as we had been getting with the lower priced subscriptions, so earnings for the month so far are way above average. We are also offering a $10 discount to current subscribers who would otherwise loose access to our Premium Forums and so far there has been a very high purchase rate as their PayPal subscriptions run-out. So – even though PayPal has banned our account, being forced to move to one-time fees with Google Checkout may have been the best thing that has ever happened.

How to tell if PayPal is reviewing your account

A few days before PayPal banned my account, I received two emails that I had successfully confirmed my bank accounts – one email for each bank account I have setup in my PayPal profile. When I sent the email asking for PayPal to appeal my case (the one that did not get returned) I received two-more of those automated “your bank account has been confirmed emails”, and then, less than one-hour before I got my final response from PayPal, I got two more of the “your bank account has been confirmed” email messages. So it appears that each time PayPal looks at your account they also verify/validate your bank accounts, which triggers those emails.
And lastly: If you rely on PayPal make sure you read and understand PayPal’s user agreement and acceptable use policy. Even though they gouge you on fees, it can really ruin your day if they ban you. Although it has actually ended up increasing my earnings by being forced to move away from Paypal, waiting 180 days for my account balance is just no fun. I recommend not getting yourself banned in the first place.

Update: after posting my story i found this website,
Where I learned a lot about how PayPal does business. If I had seen this website sooner I would have thought twice about letting them hold so much of my money. If you use or rely on PayPal I recommend that you check it out. Another very informative site is

**Update#2: Paypal has released my balance to me!

***Update #3: Paypal has UNBanned my account!

Banned From PayPal! (Permanently "Limited") by

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  1. I’ve made the mistake of returning to paypal twice after major problems because of many customers who wish to use it. I have finally made the decision to give up, as they have limited my account for the third time now (permanently this time it says) for “potential fraud.” The first time they limited my account, I had had the account open for just over 6 years and had never had a problem, but I did significantly increase my sales (from around 20k/year to over 90k/year) and they basically told me that they couldn’t risk allowing me to make that much in sales because they could get hit by chargebacks. Keep in mind that I had 0 complaints in the two years before my first “limitation” and had had only one problem with a customer who purchased a domain name and wanted me to renew it for 10 years for free in the 3.00 purchase price; that one got a full refund and kept the domain for free… but that was two years before the account was limited. I had 18,600.00 in the account at the time. They held my money for about 8 months and then reopened my account with the money that was left in it. The problem is that they also refunded 4900.00 in sales that I had made (and had already shipped the products and told my customers that they were getting the money back because of potential fraud) AND they also canceled an additional 3200 in purchases I had made, sending the same crazy email to the sellers that my account had been closed and the money was being refunded due to a fraud investigation. I lost out on several purchases that were important for my business and I lost a lot of customers. Well, when they reopened my account, they sent me a nice email that said that they really wanted me back and (stupid me) I thought, cool, they figured out that they made the mistake here. So, I went back to using the account on many of my sites. 17 months later, they did the same thing again. They canceled and returned 19k of completed sales (although several people said that they never received their money back and I have no way of checking) and they held 22.4k AND reversed deposits to my accounts of 9k, putting me in the hole in the attached bank account in a major way. I ended up with close to 4 thousand in bank fees alone by the time I was able to get it fixed (paypal kept trying to pull out 100.00 here, 75.00 here, 120.00 here and doing it time and time again when it didn’t work after I was already overdrawn. Bank Of America charged me 35.00 every time, even though I had other accounts with the same bank with money to cover the transactions). This time, when they finally game my money back (about a year later, not 180 days), they sent me the EXACT SAME PLEASE COME BACK MESSAGE. But, my balance in paypal only showed 1623.00! After about 4 months of contacting them and faxing them bank statements, printouts of years old email transactions, my ids several times, etc. they finally gave me back another 13k of my money. I had no intention of ever using them again, but a couple of years went by and I got to thinking that if I kept the use small, I could make a couple of thousand dollars a month extra maybe and I’d just mostly buy stuff with it instead of trying to pull it out. I used it for another two years like that and now they limit my account again for “repeated violations.” I have no idea what the violations are and I have recorded my calls with them where they tell me that they can not tell me what the repeated violations are. Last week, my bank called me to ask if it was okay to allow paypal to pull 19k out of my account… I don’t even know for what. I haven’t used the account for that much in the last year total and I haven’t bought anything remotely adult, no weapons, nothing even questionable (unless you think computer parts are dangerous). Luckily my bank says that they will continue to block the transaction and, when I called paypal about it, they said that they don’t have any way to tell me what I supposedly owe that money for because a “different department” is handling the “return of monies owed.” They said that they can see that I do owe it, but they don’t know what for. Lol, it’s impossible to say how much I’ve lost to paypal’s practices, but it’s a significant chunk of change. I primarily use my own merchant’s accounts and have far less problems now. If your business grows too quickly, paypal will penalize you and I don’t think it ever stops. I also have a good friend who lost his account at the same time as my second limitation because he let me log in to paypal from his computer and they tied our accounts together. Paypal truly sucks.

  2. and are not valid addresses… someone bullshitted you… I came across this post because I was limited in 2010… Merely for being an adult (nude only) model that collects donations and sells (NON ADULT) artwork, clothes, etc… A stalker had emailed them listing my email I use for paypal telling them that I did “adult webcam shows” for paypal payments.. It was completely false and they never investigated.

    They refuse to reply to anything from me, refuse to help.. and almost took what little money that I had. Because although it was past my 180 limitation when I tried to withdrawl it, they kept canceling my withdrawl… It took HOURS and costly cellphone minutes to get them to fix this problem.. and they added and extra limit to my account (what the hell was the point of that I do not know) when I was first limited one of their employee’s I spoke to on the phone about it told me it was perfectly FINE to set up a personal account for ebay useage… When the first one I set up (I mistakenly did it wrong) they told me just to set up another.. so on June of 2011, my account which was already limited.. Was limited again… Paypal.. is HORRIBLE.. and the worst thing is, since the owner of Paypal is the Owner of ebay, you get screwed over on ebay. And most sites out there that use paypal to payout (for articles, clothes, whatever) DON’T offer another alternative…
    Paypal actually THREATENED ME, Told me that ANY account I’m caught using or referring to will be SHUT DOWN.. I have seen this happen with my own eyes TWICE… Each time I was trying to help a friend with their project and just spreading the word…

  3. about 7 years ago my paypal account had a ‘withdrawal’ – it was £250 that had vanished. after spending a couple of hours between, ebay, paypal, and my bank (each blaming each other) I eventually got someone who said ‘he could see who has done it…but he couldnt tell me because of the data protection act.’ My account had basically been hacked and a withdrawal made to their account which I couldnt trace. I continued to chase it up for a few days but it cost me even more money as I was at work having to call their chargeable number on my mobile. I gave up in the end and didnt use ebay for years. Now I’ve started selling on their again…and for no reason my account has been frozen with over £200 in there again. After reading I wonder if it was a 10 euro payment I made to a torrent site a few days earlier…and they use this as an excuse to freeze my whole account permanently and hold my money for 180 days. I’m never dealing with them again after this one. I’m glad I withdrew £500 the day before as I learnt my lesson from the 1st time.

  4. My Paypal account went limited due to suspicious activity in January 2010. In July 2010 I uploaded all the documents, till today 14th Oct 2011 nothing happened, still in progres. They are simply ignorant and when you are bugging them, they penalize you. They are assh…

  5. Thank you for this article and all the information about this issue. Paypal permanently banned my account yesterday and they told me that the problem wasn´t my fault (WTF!). According to them, my account is somehow related to another account that had fraudulent activity (which means: maybe a criminal bought me a pair of gloves in Ebay). They just banned me, without reason. I still can´t understand it.

  6. Hi Guys, i am facing same problem. They made my account limited and decided to close it. I am having some amount in my account and they decided to pay me after 180 days. They didn’t even ask me and told me what exactly the problem.
    I spoke to PayPal customer service and they said its security issue i asked what security issues then they said they cant tell but i can ask to following
    This mail-id is incorrect.
    Now they are responding at all.

  7. I discovered this evening that my paypal account was ” limited” , as of December 2011 ( never did get any form of notification ). I called them and spoke with customer service. Guy by the name of ” Ricky ” informed me that it was permanently limited due to suspicious activity with ” linked accounts “. Linked accounts? What linked accounts? I replied. He said this info was confidential. I asked to speak with supervisor. Supervisor ” Chad ” informed me that there was no way to resolve my status due to “linked accounts”. They refused to give me any further details. Hung up the phone and called back and spoke to another supervisor ” Brad”. After speaking with him for a few minutes he looked a little further into this situation and decided to re-open my account. In addition, he said he really wasn’t sure why the other accounts had been linked to mine in the first place. Moral of the story is don’t accept NO as a final answer and Paypal is a shit run organization.

  8. My papal account has been limited permanently just after purchasing 2 items from eBay without any reason or any explanation.They didn’t answer my emails at all.
    when I called them 2 times,they didn’t say anything about the reason of this permanent limitation except repeating the “my account has a high risk of unsecured activities”!!! and there is no solution for that.
    I correspond with eBay many times too,but they just addressed me to Paypal customer service.
    Even in the most uncivilized areas of this planet ,you can ask for the reason,if they want to accuse you.
    By the way,this limitation means that i can’t use eBay and PayPal anymore .
    I really wish eBay become bankrupt soon,since it doesn’t care about its customers at all.
    PayPal service suppose to an convenient service for its users , but became an frustration cause for me.

  9. I know how all of you feel.

    Last year I had my PayPal account hacked; not just once, but twice in the same year!

    I still have an account with them have not put any money into it because of what has happened to me.

    After reading all of your sad stories I am glad to know that I am not the only person not all that happy with Pay Pal.



  10. Do Not Use PayPal service, I have got my account access banned (limited), they hold my balance of $900.00 for 6 months. They provided no reason and account access is limited for ever.

  11. Yes, I stopped using Paypal and was hacked not just once but twice in the same year.

    I got my money back but this was just too much !

    I found instead of eBay to sell my jewelry, etc.

    I don’t mind getting a check in a few days, but at least I know it is coming!

    There are “too” many people who are getting ripped off and vow to never use it again!

    Thanks for all of these comments.


  12. Here’s to all of you , paypal is a crooked organization with people who don’t know what they are doing and have no intention of following up, here’s the clincher, Ebay and Paypal are one company…The same organization and ebay sets paypal policies this according to paypal as of January 2012. They do what they want and even refuse to work with customers and I have asked them to close my account but they will not…turns out they also wont allow you to change your banking info on your own if they have an account with a pending trasaction….so buyer and sellers beware Paypal is a joke and so is ebay opening my own store website and willing to pay another and of course stay with a day job…However, just remember if you use either Ebay or Paypal and work a day job make sure you have an hour or two to spend on the phone when an issue arrives during normal working hours otherwise your $20 dispute could wind up costing you several hundred….beware and advertise in the yellow pages and use a good search engine I have the feeling like facebook people are done with much of the internet conclomerates and would rather deal with honest smaller organizations or simply not buy…I am not buying too much but am selling what I can…I won’t deal with anyone that takes paypal and will not deal with anyone who argues for paypal.. shows there is something shady about them…and no more foreigners, If you have it, it is in the continental US of A and you don’t have and accent I may consider you for purchases otherwise done…I prefer to support my countrymen and women, you know US citizens and registered visitors..Done supporting foreign organizations want middle and working class americans to continue as such and poorer americans to make it to middle class incomes (this as described by our very blind government). I personally feel if you want to earn and you have something I need or could use and you are american well I can pass the dollar along to you not some indian in a lawless ungoverned uncontrolled environment….

    PayPal and Ebay banned for good, I can find others who are willing and have the products I need and google chrome is another one.

  13. I am from UK and having the exact same problem.
    I recieved this today (10 Sep12)
    “10 Sep12:We identified activity on your PayPal account that violates the terms of our User Agreement. As a result, you’ll no longer be able to use your account. “

    The funny thing is my account was restored to normal on 6 Sep after they limited my account on 7 August apparently for AUP violation. I called them again but they had no clue and the Representative didn’t even know why my account was limited.

    Any help guys!
    I completely stuck and pissed as I am a power seller on eBay and my income has gone down to £0.00.

    Has anyone been through this??
    Thanks in advance

  14. they just blocked my account for no reason
    we have shipped our items to the customers
    now I have shipping of merchandise that we have pay for
    and our money is stuck with paypal
    for 180 days

    they are criminals have to be way to stop them

    they destroy people life by killing their income their business

  15. It just happened to me yesterday :(

    Only 1 fucking negative feedback from a buyer who doesn’t know computer, he blame the product. I’m so angry right now, Paypal block USD1500 in my account!

    I wish GC is available in my country soon.

      1. Hi my paypal is limited permantily but I have my checking account linked to it anyway I can Get My remaining balance from paypal? withdrawl doesnt work, not with chwck, or transfer. Thanks

      2. HI, we are accepting Paypal my cash vouchers but the problem is that how can i receive money in India my daily volume is $50,000 and currently we have major problem to receive payment in India from USA and can i buy bitcoin from Paypal or is there any way i can receive money please contact me on skype:-james.aderson3667

  16. I HAVE THE SAME problem…MY ACCOUNT is permanently limited since dec 20 2012… over and over again they say same shit. i used to sell electronics, clothing. before i started i asked them they said yes u can but for some stupid customers charge back after 2 months later…after they receive the item..they filed charge back….all of a sudden several charge backs even they got the items but they filed after 2/3 months later. As paypal told me..for several charge back/dispute files by customers, paypal has limited my act and said its permanent and they cannot provide services. they even said its not me i did something..its because i have some charge backs/disputes filed by customers..but i didn’t collect..its the customer paid by credit card..paypal collected the money and deposit in my papal act. later customer got the item ad filed chargeback after 2 months…now iam very angry caz i cant use ebay where as i run business long timeeeeeeeeeeeee……..i want to sue too…now i cant list item at ebay…i have payza but to list i need to have paypal.i wont use their service anyways but i need to be cleared as i became victimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i really need help

  17. This thing just happen to me yesterday. i’am from philippines and still dont receive any may regarding the banned given to my paypal account (AKA: this limitation cannot be appealed). after reading this blog i am a bit relax and reduce the panic in me. i see a light of hope at this moment. i hope i can get money (php16000+) back earlier that 180days by using this method because 16k php is big amount of money in a third world country like philippines.

    1. did you receive your money now? i have permanently limited access now. is there a way to get my money back amounting to 10k plus?

  18. This happened to us today. $14,000 (USD) in our account! We hope we can get that money back. We are setting up a merchant account with our local bank instead. Would recommend that instead of using 3rd party companies like PayPal.

  19. I applied for Paypal Pro and within 24 hours, I was banned from Paypal all together. If you don’t have good credit, don’t apply for their credit/debit card or for their Paypal Advance or Pro. They will shut you down within 24 hours without question!

    I spoke to a rep who reviewed my case and restored my account within 15 mins of review. Within 9 hours, I was shut down again! I called another rep who said my case goes to the “back office” for final approval and my account is scheduled to be restored within 24 hours. AFTER THAT, I received an email that they reviewed my case and I’m BANNED!

    In the years having Paypal and eBay, have never had a bad review, charge-backs or cases brought against me. I am guilty of co-signing a loan for someone else who defaulted. I have followed their rules and have not been shady in the least!

    None of this would have happened if I hadn’t applied for Pro! I’m sick and disgusted with Paypal and how they treated me and other’s like me!

  20. The problem with paypal is they are so ambiguous that you don’t know what is it that they really want. This is not nice and I don’t like it because paypal has a A+ business rating. An A+ organization works with its customers on problems. Paypal wants me to send me invoices from my supplier which I sent today however I am waiting for my receipt from the other supplier. Today I get an email saying my appeal is denied, which is not correct. I am not done sending what they want and I am pissed that they treat me like I am some piece of garbage. This is not the last they have heard from me I am sending my stuff to the attorney general and supplying everything with my bbb complaint

  21. i got unbanned and all my money! thanks i would recommend the bbb and federal reserve who will forward your complaint to the right agency then go with the state attorney general if all fails. I have to prove my innocence to paypal through the bbb and I did. I read the terms of service and how it affected me and what I could do to dispute that.

  22. They just blocked my account today. I sell virtual items in World Of Warcraft. One customer disputed one of my products in an attempt to get the item for free, he even set up a false scam report against me on a message board and linked it to Paypal. Long story short, Paypal now thinks I sold sexual items for money and now all my money is in hold for 180 days.

    I’m a college student so selling those items was my main source of income outside of my parttime job. School takes up alot of my time so I cannot get a full time job. I had to pay tuition within the next month but now I cannot because of scammers and Paypal.

  23. Happened with me , the funny thing is a user framed me and PayPal hopped in and went with the flow.
    I could’ve given him the refund if I noticed about the note that there was a link to a sexual content if I ever did noticed it.
    Good thing my PayPal account is separate my kik account for it was been hi-jacked. Bad thing is PayPal themselves participated on the user’s scheme and limited me. There goes my 500$ and I have nothing left on me anymore. They took my livelihood which is the only thing I’m relying at.

  24. I dn’t know what happen is this but PayPal is a one good site to use at last we say pls catch those u make a froad site

    1. HI, we are accepting Paypal my cash vouchers but the problem is that how can i receive money in India my daily volume is $50,000 and currently we have major problem to receive payment in India from USA and can i buy bitcoin from Paypal or is there any way i can receive money please contact me on skype:-james.aderson3667

  25. Paypal just banned me today. no explanation when i called paypal. they just stated all the info we have is whats been emailed to you. Ive already emailed demanding more information. Im getting so sick of the shenanigans paypal is putting me through. $5000 held that I now have to wait 180 days to clear for. Just curious, any of you posters from 2011 – 2013 gotten unbanned or had the account lifted ? did it take longer or shorter than 180 days? how soon and how much in fees were taken? paypal wants me to remove them as a payment option and also their logo from my site …… good riddance to them too!

  26. Thanks for sharing excellent informations. Your web-site is very cool. I’m impressed by the details that you have on this web site. It reveals how nicely you perceive this subject. Bookmarked this web page, will come back for extra articles. You, my pal, ROCK! I found simply the information I already searched all over the place and simply couldn’t come across. What a perfect web-site.

  27. HI, we are accepting Paypal my cash vouchers but the problem is that how can i receive money in India my daily volume is $50,000 and currently we have major problem to receive payment in India from USA and can i buy bitcoin from Paypal or is there any way i can receive money please contact me on skype:-james.aderson3667

  28. Hello.
    One more bad story with paypal. They let thief seller to keep my 8300$

    Im used paypal from 2013. I sent to sellers more then 15000-20000$.
    In previous i hade several problems with some sellers – i didn’t receive my parcels or it was not like or it was damaged because if bad packaged. I always provided true information and photos etc.
    I though i paid fees to PayPal for this. This is they job like I thought.
    I always thought that i safety from bad sellers but lust time i paid for one seller fir two invoices : first it was watch and second harley Davidson wla parts.
    After more then 45 days i were ignored from seller and i opened cases. Then i escalate it.

    The most funny that in one case seller provided track number that was early then my payment about on 20 days. It was sent to another country, not to me and to another person .

    With second case the same thing: it was sent to another city.

    After 3 dats when i escalated this cases i received from PayPal mail that my account access is limited.
    I called to them- they told me that and sent mail too:

    Dear Volodymyr Kravets ,

    Your PayPal account has been limited due to an excessive number of reversed transactions.

    As a result of this limitation you can’t send or receive funds and we will suspend any open claims and we will deny these claims. Your purchases are no longer eligible for PayPal Buyer Protection. We understand this may be disappointing, but you can continue to pursue resolution directly with the seller.

    You can see that PayPal doesn’t view your cases anymore. Of course why should they it they already received your fees and better shut down you.

    In the same day they closed my cases not in my favor. I opened this cases by phone from PayPal.

    When i spoked with agents they’re reopened the cases because its showed that seller thief and how it can be that parcel was sent before my payment to another country and another person.

    I made print screen of this cases and if they wouldn’t review this cases i will send all information to business agency and press

    I don’t want that they re new my account. I just want to receive my money and close account because its unprofessional from PayPal side.

    Any suggestions ?

    I will post my story with all information where i can because we paid PayPal for our safety but what they do : just closed accounts and say ” good buy” even doesn’t investigate properly and make a distinction in one side. Its not necessarily to contact with account holder.


  29. Hi. Paypal are victimising us.we made a mistake and fell for a false advertised job. Listings on ebay (macbooks). Turns out the listings were fake and the buyers werent really recieving an item despite the receipt copies.(fake)it all seemed real. We contacted them the police and ebay and we paid bk evrybody with our own mney. Now one guy saying he didnt recieve payment and suddenly ebay cnt find the transaction id or my paypal id. Despite sendung them pics of the payment and the email. They are being horrible. How these fraudsters live with thsemselves I dont knw.any advice (yes wev learnt a lesson thru ths)

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