How I Convinced PayPal To Release My Funds

This is a follow up to my post “Banned by PayPal

Update November 2013: Scroll to the bottom for an updated list of valid Paypal email addresses and more tips!

When I was informed that my PayPal account was “permanently limited” (aka: banned) and that PayPal would be holding my balance of $5,149 for six-months, I thought there was not much I could do. I appealed the decision to limit (ban) my account and PayPal denied it. Since I did not need the balance of $5,149 that PayPal was going to hold for 6 months I figured I would just wait it out (note that I say did not NEED it.. I want it, but I did not NEED it).

But after seeing some of the comments that readers posted on my original “my PayPal account was limited” post I started to feel a bit victimized and angry, and a bit like PayPal was pushing me around and doing whatever they wanted with my balance. I decided that instead of feeling like I was going to just lay down and let PayPal rape me that I would fight back one last time.

So based on a comment posted by Lucas explaining how he got his funds released after PayPal limited his account, I sat down and wrote this little email:

RE: Case PP-xxx-yyy-zzz

I am respectfully requesting that the hold on my funds/account be lifted. I am not necessarily requesting that my account be re-opened or allowed to continue to use the PayPal service, as I have already taken my business to your largest competitor and I am no longer in need of PayPal’s services.

I have previously requested a review/appeal of my case which was denied.  Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal I will abide by it – however because I feel that holding my funds for 180 days for a non-fraudulent violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power, I will be filing complaints with the following agencies on Wednesday morning, April 23, 2008 if I am not satisfied with PayPal’s response to this request to release my funds:

(agencies in the states that I reside or have a business presence in)

The California Office of the Attorney General

The Washington State Office of the Attorney General

The Florida Office of the Attorney General

The Arizona Office of the Attorney General

The United States Federal Reserve

(I understand that PayPal does not operate as a “bank” which is precisely why they may be interested in such complaints)

The Better Business Bureau:

All complaints will be filed “online” Wednesday morning April 23, 2008 and written copies will also be sent via certified postal mail.

I understand PayPal’s need for holding funds for credit card chargeback purposes, however a review of my account history for the last year will reveal a very low chargeback rate as well as a very high customer-satisfaction rate. I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that holding my entire balance for 180 days is excessive and my be viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power and perhaps even contrary to the laws of some states. That being said I have no problem with, and agree to leaving a balance of $500 for credit card chargeback purposes for the duration of the 180 days. I feel that this is a fair resolution while still leaving PayPal with the means to charge back any future credit card disputes to my account.

Please be aware that replying with the standard “this is part of the terms of service that you agreed to” will not satisfy my request, or deter me from filing my complaints with the agencies listed above on the morning of Wednesday April 23. It will be up to those agencies to determine if PayPal is operating within the law, abusing power, etc. I am simply seeking a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of both parties.

Thank you for your time again in looking into this matter.

Case PP-xxx-yyy-zzz

I addressed the email to the following addresses:;;;;;;;;;; and were as best as I could tell the guys in charge at PayPal, and appear to be their press people, and the others are all of the “escalation” email address that I could find – most of which I got from (see updated list of email address at the bottom of this post)

I did my best to word the email as politely as I could and basically told them that they had 48 hours to respond or I would start complaining to whoever would listen. I spell-checked it and hit the SEND button at 1:48PM California time on Sunday afternoon.

Approx 5 hours later, at just a little after 7PM California time on Sunday night my phone rang. CallerID said it was from the 402 area code and listed it simply as “Nebraska”.. Hmm.. Who could be calling me from Nebraska this late on a Sunday evening? Could it be Shoemoney calling or might it be someone from PayPal headquarters working late??

Sure enough, when I picked up the phone a very nice lady at the other end explained that she was calling from PayPal regarding the email I had sent earlier in the day. She had reviewed my account, agreed that my chargebacks had been virtually zero over the previous year, and that although PayPal would not be re-opening (or un-banning) my account, they would be transferring $5,000 of my $5,149 balance into my bank account. They would hold the remaining $149 for the balance of the 180 days at which time it would automatically be transferred into my bank account. Heck, that’s better than I had asked for in my email!

So – although having my PayPal account banned has been a huge inconvenience, being forced to switch to Google Checkout is still working to my advantage (making me more money), and now that PayPal will be releasing all but $149 of my funds, I can say that I’m pretty happy.

Now, if you’ve been banned by Paypal, before you go copying and pasting my email to try and get your funds released remember that I have had my PayPal account for a few years with virtually zero complaints and very few disputes or chargebacks. If you have been involved in fraudulent activity, been ripping people off, selling body parts, etc, you probably wont make out as well as I have (nor should you). However if your account has been in good standing and you have a low rate of disputes you may be able to get your funds released before the 180 day period that PayPal imposes by letting them know that you just wont stand for it and that you will complain to anyone that will listen.


My Funds Trasfer
Paypal has returned my money to my bank account!

Update November 2013: Thanks to A.Chip who has compiled an updated list of email addresses to send your letter to, as well as some tips that he used to get his money back when he emailed his letter:

  • Before I sent the email to Paypal, I made an email list inside my email account named “PayPal Emails” and put all the Paypal email addresses on that list. When it was time to send the email, I put the “” email address on the “To:” line, and put the list in the “Bcc:” line so no one else in the company could see who else I sent the email to. Everyone who got the email could only see that I sent it to the Appeals department. Other Paypal victims should practice this technique with their own personal emails first to make sure it works before sending their email to Paypal. People in the “Bcc:” line should not be able to see any other email addresses except the one in the “To:” line.
  • After I sent the letter to Paypal, I received an email from the Appeals department stating they investigated my case, but still ruled against me. The following day I received the email from the executive at Paypal saying he would refund the money. At Paypal, it is clear that thy left hand has no clue what thy right hand is doing. So if a victim gets a rejection email after sending their letter, keep waiting. Someone else from the executive office will most likely respond later on with a real solution

Updated list of email address for PayPal. Valid as of November 2013 – commas included, just copy and paste right into your email program!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How I Convinced PayPal To Release My Funds by
  • Rusty Campbell

    I had a similar problem with Paypal a couple of years ago. Mine was two thousand dollars, but I didn’t bother complaining beyond the original appeal,as they were paying a nice money market interest rate on the money.

    The arrogant way they handled the situation still irks me.

    • Johanna Penttilä

      Guys, I have the same problem. I am a journalist based in US and Paypal decided to restrict my account and they won’t take the docs they asked for – of course not because they want to keep my money as long as they could. Instructions told that government official letter would be a proof of address but they rejected my US Immigration office letter dated this June. So, I came up with a great story idea regarding all this, did let know I’m planning an article and now I’m very curious how or what they are going to reply if anything.

  • Quest for news

    Good for you. My account is limited too. And I am having more than $1000 locked with it. I have given up my fight and am waiting for the 180 days period to end. LOL

  • James V. Reagan

    A most excellent tactic and story. Politely worded, but clear that there were consequences to their actions. Should be a lesson to anyone attempting to “right a wrong” by an organization.

  • Funked

    Wow! Good on you buddy, it’s all about people power here. I think I better book mark this page just incase this ever happens to me. :)

    Now I need to go find the reason why your account was limited lol :)

  • Matt Ellsworth

    Congrats! Thats the best response I’ve seen from paypal ever. I have an account that was locked several years ago and they said that it was permanently locked and could never be reopened. It had a 0 dollar balance.

  • Vending Man

    I’d still be inclined to file a complaint with at least the BBB.

  • Abe Fazelpoor

    I am glad to hear you got your money back, good for you

  • Pushkar

    Nice to know things work out. And I am glad you are going Great too.

    Just to let you know, I was one of the first person who had bought your ebook at DP :)


  • Apoorv

    I also recovered my PayPal by emailing them and uploading my documents, It took a week but it was good, Thanks Rand

  • Mike

    I just recently had my account limited and the email stating it will no longer be opened. I have just over $3,000 in the account so I am giving your email a shot. Like yourself I have been with them for a while and very little dispute issues.

    Does anyone know why they do this? They never even did a thorough investigation. (no phone calls etc…) Just scummy of them.

    • http://paypal lee

      cause they are scamming b**st**ds im in the same boat and they have told me i have to wait 180 days and only then i MAY get its them who loose out in the long run they are losing customer fast and ebay are just as bad

  • Mike

    Wow, here is an update.

    One hour after sending this email, paypal contacted me and and tried to understand how the business worked. After clarify and talking about several other issues which I was able to explain the lady I spoke to (very nice) said she would speak with an account specialist and call me back. 15 minutes later, I received an email stating my account has been reinstated!

    So just wanted to say a huge thanks!

  • Rand B Wilson

    Mike said:

    Wow, here is an update.

    15 minutes later, I received an email stating my account has been reinstated!

    So just wanted to say a huge thanks!

    that is awesome! I’m glad I was able to help.

    See everybody?! Blogging CAN help change people’s lives!!

  • Ashley Poole

    I just wanted to say thanks…hopefully it will work. i emailed them earlier and will let you know the response after i know! =)

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Hey Ashley i’m glad i could help. Come back and post an update if you hear anything back from them.
    Good luck!

  • Ashley Poole

    Well, they did not reply as soon as I hoped, but IT WORKED! (they called this morning) I figured it would because it was VERY well written. I omitted some info & added a more personal note about my situation. Although they weren’t holding nearly as much money as they were with you (only about $300…lol), I have 2 toddlers to take care of and it was (MY) MONEY that I earned. =)
    I want to thank you so much for writing this!! I really appreciate it! I know you have helped a lot of people and will help so many more. Ebay & Paypal are TERRIBLE!
    The only thing now is that because of them taking the money out of my bank account UNJUSTLY, my account is overdrawn, so I still lose. I have to go to the bank and file a dispute and hope it works. Do you have any more brilliant ideas?
    Heres what happened(in short): My grandma passed away, I had to DRIVE out of state w/ 2 toddlers to make arrangements. I was in a bit of shock & did not mail items before I left, however, I did as soon as I made it back. AFTER proof of shipment AND delivery, paypal took $175 out of my bank account. So now I am overdrawn. Instead of releasing the money back into my bank, they put it in my paypal. It takes 3-4 days to post to my bank. ?????

  • Ashley Poole

    I need your help with something. I have been scammed by and would like to know how I could go about getting my money back. =((

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Ashley Poole said:

    I have been scammed by and would like to know how I could go about getting my money back. =((

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! unfortunately, i’ve never heard of them, and would not know where to begin.. I guess if you gave them any money, file a complaint/chargeback with whoever you used to pay them (credit card company/paypal, etc) ..

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Ebay User

    Just wanted you to know same story…Paypal holding $4000 for over 2 months….it was awful as I had bills to pay and etc….with no $$$$! I took your letter and tweaked it to my situation and within 8 hours all the money was released!!!!

    Thanks again and you are awesome!!!!

  • Faye Awana

    PayPal just held my money and limited my acct, I have sent all the product and delivery conformation was received and every person left positive feedback. They then asked me to provide the receipt from the supplier i did that and they called the supplier which was my brothers wholesale business. They asked if he was related and he told them yes. They then told me that it could be fraud and I explained that he sells to everyone. This is not fraud and I am at a stand still I just wrote the an email and followed your procedure. What is the best thing that I can do to prove to them this is not fraud just because my brother owns the wholesaler it does not give them the right to do that. I have given them all my information and followed all of there verification procedures and am still lost.. Please Help

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Faye Awana said:

    What is the best thing that I can do to prove to them this is not fraud just because my brother owns the wholesaler it does not give them the right to do that.

    Wow.. isnt Paypal wonderful? If you have not broken any rules, then you have to keep on them! Keep sending the emails (to EVERYONE), quote their own rules, point out your past customer satisfaction rate, and tell them you are going to complain to the applicable agencies (like i did) if they don’t respond – and dont forget to stay polite and professional.
    Keep in mind though, that if you have broken any rules, etc, you may not get the results you expect.
    Good luck – lord knows you will need it!

    • Sage N

      What was the email that PayPal responded to… ? What was the paypal email that reinstated your account. Let me know, Thanks:)

  • Frank Lamb

    Paypal locked my account nearly one month ago now, balance just over $5000.

    I have been a customer for 8 years and 6 months, over 1000 transactions and only one complaint that I can recall against me.

    I don’t know what is going on, just automated email replies from them.

    They suck!

  • BlueBird

    Hello everyone,

    I see that I am not the only one who have a similar issue with Paypal. I just started to sell on Ebay 2 months ago, and using paypal for my transactions. I had almost $8,000 revenue within 1 month. My last transaction was for $2400, the payment was an instant payment in my paypal account. I never leave any money in my paypal account and wanted to transfer the $2,400 out of my paypal account to my bank account, before shipping the item. Right after i have initiated transferring $2,400 out of my paypal account, I received a phone call from 402 area code. A nasty/mean paypal representative was on the phone and asking me where I get the supply from? She told me that she needs to see the invoices of my supplies…etc.
    With that phone call, I understood that transferring money out of my Paypal account was not a right move on my part, before shipping the item. But it was too late to even think about it. Now, Paypal were asking me private questions which I would not like to give to nobody. I told the Paypal’s nasty representative, that it is not her business to know where I get my supplies from. I always send the items, and never cheated nobody, and all of my customers are very happy with my products and services.

    She told me that she will be sending me an email, and hung the phone on my face. Right after that, I received an email with a notice of “Restriction on my paypal account”. I had $2,950 in my account. I got so upset, and went ahead and gave full refund to the customer who sent me $2,400, because I had the item in hand(did not ship the item). Account balance came to $550. I gave more refunds to one of my other customers, who paid me $530 via Google Checkout, and right now, there is only $19 in my account. I don’t care about that money, and Paypal can stick that $19 right into their A** HOLE.
    Without any other payment method set up in the past, I had to take all of my listings down on E-Bay, because I can’t receive money from my Paypal acocunt.

    Currently, I am in the process of opening my merchant account through my bank. I will never work with paypal in the future. I did not provide them any of the information that they asked.
    However, I am wondering if they can charge any money into my bank account that is linked to my Paypal account.(Note: I do not owe any money or item to nobody)
    Also, I have a good user name on E-bay, I am wondering if Paypal can communicate with E-Bay to ban my E-bay account, because I did not provide information that Paypal required to do investigation.

    Do you think, still I should go ahead and send that email to see if they lift the restriction on my Paypal account?


    • Tommy two balls

      They hold money to make interest while the person the money belongs to is fed BS, a shame Paypal resorts to this crooked banker scamming of folks.

  • Margot

    I am going through problems with PayPal right now for merchandise I didn’t receive. I am amazed how unprofessional and non-customer-oriented they are! I guarantee you, I’ve learned a tough lesson and want to warn anyone reading this: DO NOT USE PAYPAL!

  • Monica

    It worked!! I emailed paypal, with a few changes, and they released my money in a matter of 3 hours. Thank you so much!

  • akizz

    i am from mauritius and i registered with paypal with India as my country as i wanted to move to india later. Paypal doesnt allow mauritians to receive money. now my account is limited and they are asking for proof of address… i have around 500 USD and i think i will never receive this money…. what should i do.

  • Quentilla

    I am desperate, we have had paypal put a reserve on our paypal account. They are holding a reserve of $35000 and then 5% thereafter of all sales. We sell on Ebay and because of my husband getting laid off while he was looking for another job we put alot of effort into ebay so that we could get through that period. We went from having only a bronze powerseller status as of January this year to getting right up to Platinum as of yesterday officially. Paypal says we pose a great risk even though our feedback is 99.5% positive and we have had extremely few chargebacks. They feel we are a risk which I personally don’t get and with our profit only being 5-10% I don’t see how we can be expected to continue operating. I really need to know what our options are as ebay has become our sole source of income and what irks me is that Paypals reason for all this is because we went from under $5000 in sales per month to doing over $27000 in sales / month currently. I never knew that working your but off to make ends meet to put food in your families mouth and increasing revenue was a bad thing. I need to know how to proceed as I feel the only other option is to close up shop because I don’t see how I can raise my prices another 15-20% just so that I can cover the reserve. I don’t think what they are doing is legal as it is not their money and I think the least amount of time they should be allowed to hold it for is till tracking confirms delivery.

    I hope you can advise us how to get them to release this ridiculous reserve as it is basically more than one months total sales and I cannot see how they can feel that they feel they need to cover themselves for a whole months turnover. I look forward to your response and hope that there is some light at the end of this very dark tunnel

    Best Regards

  • jonathan

    I know someone that works with the attorney general and paypal is being investigated for placing limitations on accounts for unreasonable reasons and there is talk they have turned their money transferring business into a way to make even larger profits. They are holding so many accounts with high balances that it’s like they have become a small bank and have started investing the funds. Looks like the sh– is going to hit the fan soon!! I always wondered when I read these posts how they could get away with doing something like that. Of course, I get holding a customers account if they feel the need but not holding peoples money. You all should breathe easier if what I heard is true.

  • mike

    Any chance i can get you to share the actual letters you sent to the various attorney generals etc.
    thank you -

  • Rand Wilson

    @Mike; the letters to the attorney generals weren’t necessary! PayPal gave me my money back hours after my letter initial letter to them (above).

  • Jerad Waggener

    hey guys, just tried this concept, I have had my $9,000 held by paypal for 2 months, they considered my selling a risk and Ebay and paypal both suspended me, I was selling legit stuff and selling alot of it an doing quite well…I will keep you guys updated. I just got the email off and I’m going to kick back and hope they will hear and review my situation. Later.

  • Jerad Waggener

    Here is the result I got from my attempt with threatening PayPal. Didn’t go the result I had hoped for. If anybody can help me with any alternative follow-up to Paypal per their email below to me I’d appreciate the help. It is as it appears my 9k still sits in my account for a bogus reason and these chumps could care less. I could use this money too.

    Dear Jerad Waggener,

    My name is Rebecca and I work for the office of Executive Escalations. I
    want to personally thank you for contacting PayPal. Your concerns were
    recently forwarded to our office for review in the hope that we might be
    able to assist you further.

    A review of your PayPal account registered under the email address
    _____________ shows that it became limited on July 15, 2009. At
    that time, we determined additional information was necessary to
    authenticate the account information that was supplied when you
    registered with PayPal and the activity occurring in your account.

    Based on the pattern, frequency, and nature of the complaints received
    against your account, PayPal has determined that it is in our mutual
    best interests to part ways. This is not a decision we make lightly, and
    we deeply regret any inconvenience or frustration this matter may cause
    you. Unfortunately, this decision is final.

    Please understand, this decision in no way implies wrongdoing on your
    part in any way. It has simply become apparent in the course of our
    business relationship that it is in the best interests of our
    enterprises to part ways.

    Additionally, due to the risk represented to PayPal as a result of the
    transactions we have processed on your behalf, all funds in your account
    will be held for 180 days against chargebacks or other reversals. You
    may review this action within 10.2 of our Legal Agreement. Please be
    aware that should any complaint or reversals arise during the 180 days,
    the funds will be deducted available balance.

    At the end of the 180 day period, you may request, via e-mail that all
    available funds be sent to your confirmed address by paper check.

    Alternately, you may provide us with a list of customers you may wish to
    have refunded, and we will be happy to issue those refunds on your

    Again, thank you for this opportunity to address your concerns. If you
    have any additional concerns, I can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 402-952-8416.

    Executive Escalations
    PayPal, an eBay Company

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Well Jerad, now you have to carry out your threat and send your complaints to the agencies you listed in your letter. it’s not going to get your money back any sooner, but it will bring more pressure on PayPal. .and who knows, it might just be the straw that breaks the camels back.

  • Yuanshan

    I use your email and they called me verrrrrrrrrrrrry early this morning and re-open my paypal and ebay Account. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  • jin

    i sent the email, few hours later i got a call and a lady told me unfortunately they cant release my funds and i will have to wait 180 days. I explained the situation and i told her i think its unfair to hold all my money but she just wasnt listening..i told her i will have to go ahead and file the papers then and that was it. what do you suggest? should i go ahead? Thanks

  • Rand B. Wilson

    @Jin: YES – go ahead and file your complaints. Same as i told Jerad above, it may not help get your money back any sooner, but it may bring pressure on PayPal so that they think twice before seizing people’s funds for no reason.. oh, before you file those complaints, make sure you have actually done nothing wrong and not broken any of PayPal’s rules.

  • allison lewis

    Thank you! I sent your letter, with a few changes to fit my situation, and I received a phone call from Paypal within 2 hours. After discussing my issues with him, he agreed to re-open my paypal account and receive full access to my funds within 15 minutes!!

  • duong lam

    hey how did you guys get phone calls from paypal?? i tried sending my email twice to the mentioned email addresses, 1st time i got a bot answer which is helpless and 2nd time i got an unclear response which led me to nowhere either. i’m considering sending my email the 3rd time, and even write a letter to their physical address, or submit the complaint to the agencies. any suggestion?

  • Rand B. Wilson

    @duong lam – we got the phone calls by sending an email like in my example in the post. If you send a similar email and they dont respond, either they feel you have no case, or the email isnt getting to the right person. a written letter send via registered-mail probably would not hurt. if they dont respond your only choice would be to carry through with your complaints to the agencies – but that’s not going to get your money released any sooner.

  • anni

    i just sent them the email above and edited a little bit. i hope they release my funds to me since its been 180days!!!

  • jay

    I have $800+ sitting in my frozen account.

    I dont even want to use paypal ever again, I just want my damn money.
    I am using your email template and I will update when they respond.

  • Glen harrison

    Hi rand. I just had my account limited with aprox 7grand in it. Was selling stuff on ebay account hade been open since 2004 100% feed back customers got all the gear and im left with no money. i just sent that email to them as well. fingers cross i get some where. Pay pal have cost my partner and i our wedding. We was using that money to get married in january. Now its not happening. THANKS PAY PAL.

  • Cole

    Hey Rand, I used your email to hopefully get my money back, it was 300 bucks, but hey if im getting jipped I want my cash. So hopefully I get a call back. Thanks dude

  • New Jersey Movers

    Wow, this is quite a story. I’m glad to see that so many other people have had success in getting their funds released because of your advice. You’ve really made a difference to a lot of people and that’s very meaningful. Next time I think twice about posting a personal experience like this, I’ll post it anyway because maybe it’ll help someone. -Mike

  • Dan

    Just sent the email off. Fingers crossed for my funds to be released. Currently have nearly £2000 sitting in PayPal which I cannot get!! :-(

  • Ladego

    About 700€ on my account – account banned.
    Just wrote an email in the style of yours, Rand. I really hope they call me back soon because I have to pay a lot of invoices and I can’t pay it with my regular income… hope this works well…

  • MissBossLady

    Ok just sent of an email(Tailored to my situation) Hopefully all goes well) Ill keep you guys posted on the outcome, I know how all your posts gave me hope…hopefully mine will do the same:)

    $1500 at stake heres hoping!

  • saunders

    Thanks for all the wise info.. we’ll see what happens in the AM: )

  • hasin

    Any luck guys??????

    I have about £400 stuck in paypal, I feel like raping those bastards!!!!

  • http:// jamie

    Hura!!! i got my money back from paypal $$800.
    Thanks, and thanks for your email. It worked.
    they just called me this morning and my money is release 5 h later. it’s incredible.

    • Rand B. Wilson

      Awesome Jamie!
      Another success!

  • srik

    Hii rand my acc has got limited acces and i reside in singapore..I got 300$ stuck in my acc i dont know wat to do..i read all your articles about the doings of paypal..I would like to know if they will really release the funds after 180 days if the limited account access still continues( i mean can we get the money surely atleast aft tht 180 days or should i forget the money or somthg can be done)? help me with this…

  • Rand B. Wilson

    @Srik – i’ve never heard of PayPal not giving back the funds after $180 UNLESS it all got refunded to buyers. so as long as you havn’t been ripping people off, i would think that your money will be there after the 180 hold period.

  • face blog

    Wow. it is a wonderful post. I also have the same issue with paypal. Going to yry the way you used and hope I will convict them…

  • Anant0087

    Hey Rand- Thanks for your post, I have over $16,000 sitting in my “locked” Paypal account. I was a powerseller on ebay and running a legitimate business when they froze my accounts. I’ve been on ebay and paypal for almost 10 years. I just tailored your email and sent it out yesterday, but still haven’t heard back from them. Are there anymore new email addresses I could address to? I would think I should receive some response either way from them… Any advice would be great!

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Good luck Anant0087! Sorry, i’ve got no newer emails, but those listed should get some attention – they worked for me and several other paypal victims. Please come back and post what happens!

  • Fred

    I too have joined the list of PayPal victims. I have 2 businesses. I am a Powerseller on ebay, and I have a company that locates Copyright Violations. I notified several sellers that they were selling Pirated copies of books – They complained to PayPal – Paypal went through the same ‘procedure’ that I have read about where they ask for all types of identification – ie:photo ID, Bank statements, etc. I fully complied. The lifted the limitation on my account – then 2 days later FROZE ‘Both’ accounts, saying they were linked and are holding all funds for 180 days. My appeal was denied within 8 hours.

    What really sucks is the fact that I was NOT the one doing something wrong. The individual(s) that may have complained were the ones selling pirate copies of best seller books in pdf format!

    I have since switched to ProPay for my ebay sales as of April 6th. Not sure that sales will be forthcoming without using PayPal, as early results are bleak.

    As the story unfolded – Paypal limited my account 3 days before ebay was to withdraw the monthly selling fees – PayPal is holding approximately $600 and denied paying ebay fees – therefore I had to pay my ebay fees with a credit card, or possibly lose the ebay account and powerseller status.

    I will attempt you method and see what response I receive.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Steve J

    AWESOME!! Thank you so much! I thought this was a lost battle and I was going to wait out the 180 days to receive the funds. I tried calling them 3-4 times I e-mailed them a few times but within 24 hours of tweaking your e-mail to my situation I received an e-mail from that said ALL of my funds were available for immediate withdrawl! I cannot thank you enough Rand, you are a mastermind ;)

  • Rand B. Wilson

    that is awesome Steve J, i’m glad i could help!

  • louie

    Hi Rand thank you for all your info and advice. I wanted to let you all know that there is hope. I took your letter changed and added a few things that were to my own situation. They were holding $700 of mine. I got there letter ready and sent it out. Within in a hours I got a response I must admit it wasn’t great. They said the limitation was going to stand and they needed more info. By this time I had sent them all the info they requested. Copies of invoices, tracking info they wanted my suppliers which I gave the and my SS# or EIN I gave them the EIN that was not enough They still wanted my SS# which I refused. So back to the present I received from Executive office of Escalations the email that until I gave them that info the my account will not be restored and the limitation would stand but for the first time since I’ve been dealing with paypal thanks to your website I actually felt empowered and was not going to give up so I went back to me letter and actually added some more info and put it in that I will under no circumstance be giving out my SS# since my account with paypal is a Business account that my EIN is my proof and they can Authenticate who I am and sent it again to all the emails you provided and actually found much more on another website that has 110 emails of executives. I have to admit I wasn’t sure it this was going to work but new that come Monday morning I was going to do as I promised and start filing complaints. Well are midnight I receive an email for one of the Execs that received my complaint she to please give her some time she was going to look into the matter and get back to me. So I went to bed and at 4:30 am I receive an email requesting a phone number so I sent it to her within seconds I received the phone call she said she was handling this problem for me. She asked me a few questions I explained I had given paypal everything they asked for Including the EIN as per there own info is the alternative to my social I told please look at my info no complaints no chargebacks at all and great feedback there was no reason for this she was VERY NICE and said she agrees with me she said they had absolutely no reason to continue with this and that I had supplied them with more than enough info. At the time she guaranteed that may account would be restored with in 24 hrs and even gave me her personal cell number. WOW I couldn’t believe this could it be true that this has actually worked again I didn’t want to believe until the account was really restored so I went to sleep thinking we will see tomorrow well at 8:30 am I receive a phone call my a manager telling me that my account has been restored that I have provided them with all the info they will ever need so on so on and then he goes on to ask where did I get all the emails HA I don’t think so. So what I can say find as many emails and send them it only takes one person and even if you get a response telling you know keep on resend the emails. But if for whatever reason is still doesn’t work my advice is continue the battle and you have to go thru your threats of filing with the agencies. So that’s my story and thank you so much!

  • Tammy

    I have taken your advice and sent the e-mail to paypal. I have had my paypal account for years and just started selling on eBay and within a week make about $450 and at first it was fine, but then they held around $300. Locked my account and said they had to know who my supplier was, which I don’t have one!!! I just want my money released. I have had 0 negative feedbacks and 0 complaints! This is ridiculous!!!!! I will let you know what happens!!

  • Tammy

    I tried sending the e-mail and none of the e-mail addresses work and e-mail keeps coming back as undelivered. What to do?

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Wow Tammy, NONE of the email addresses worked? It’s been about 2years since I sent my email and made this post, but they all worked back then, and nobody else has commented up through last month that they didnt work. Can you confirm that NONE work? Maybe Paypal got tired of all the emails they were getting based on this post and deleted those addresses! at any rate, a bit of Googling should help you find out who’s in charge now, and what their email addresses are.

  • Tammy

    That is correct, NONE of them worked. I almost expected it though. After all the e-mails they must have been receiving you can imagine they would have changed them eventually. I will keep searching. I’m not giving up. Thanks

  • sid

    hi i feel good by reading all this solutions.. please help me if you can. .”please”. . paypal has limited my account by saying that “We have observed activity in this account that is unusual or potentially high risk.”. .. i have 100% positive feedback for over 200 transaction.. they are asking me for SS, and merchandise invoice and supplier info whick i dont want to give them.. so if i dont provide them with any of this documents would i be able to get my money back even after 180 days or not??

  • Tammy

    Sid, if you don’t provide them with the information they are asking for then more than likely they will keep the account limited and you will get your money after 180 day hold period. Good luck!

  • Claire

    Hi, i have been using the just in time method on ebay, selling goods before i buy them….then once the ebayer buys them i buy the goods and dispatch immediatly. I have been doing this for the past two months and have built up a good name on ebay. Today paypal is putting a restriction on my account for 21 days. this means that my ebay business will go up in smoke. As i wont beable to purchase the items untill 21 days after the auction had ended and the customer had paid. Has anyone got any advice on what i can do now? As i have never used another online payment method. thanks

  • David

    niceone im haveing the same toruble over 140 english pounds i might do the same thing this all stemed from a ebay user ripping me off saying he never recieved parcells twice that got sent on the same day be nice to see if this works in the uk aswell

  • Hai

    Many thanks to Rand Wilson. I had my PayPal account banned too. My situation is quite different though. I applied for Paypal Debit Card so PayPal requested from me all kinds of papers to proof my identity. I’m international student here in US so my name is not on the Credit Report system yet. That made PayPal unable to proof my Identity eventhough I’ve been using my PayPal account for year along with eBay and I’m a power seller. So they decided to banned my account and hold my money. I felt so disappointed but hopeless. I found out about this blog and gave it a try this morning. And sure enough, right now, the same day’s after noon. I saw my PayPal account reactivated with all of my money and everything is ready like it was. I didn’t receive any call though.
    Many many thanks to Rand.
    Ps. I did change a lot from the “template” to fit my situation and plus I recorded all the calling to the agencies to add to my complaint. Good luck every one.

  • T.J.

    Rand, OMG! ur a lifesaver!! I read this blog this morning, sent an email similar to your template about 8 am, and just now received a call from paypal stating that thought my account would remain limited they would allow me to withdraw my funds! I had only been on hold for 2 days, but had been told via email it would be held for up to 180 days! so to get it release today was a HUGE relief! I had almost $2k in my act. Thank god, and thank YOU Rand!! Guys, this works!!!

  • Dianne

    Just tried to send my own letter and all came back as undeliverable to all the addresses

  • Dianne

    anyone have addresses that actually reach someone????

  • Jerrod

    I just used this and it worked! paypal is sending me a check for the amount that was remaining in the account.

  • Fuck Paypal

    Gaypal just fucked me pretty good for $4k. Sent them a nasty letter. Will be reporting here if it worked. If not I’ll squawk as loud as I can to whoever will listen.

  • Dianne

    I was skeptical about this working on my funds hold but I sent the emails out (found the most current addys online by doing a google search) and gave a 48 hour notice. This was on a Saturday. Monday afternoon I received an email from PayPal saying my account hold had been lifted!! On Tuesday evening, I also got a phone call from a Rep at payPal letting me know my account hold had been lifted and she also APOLOGIZED!! Wow that was more than I expected! This DOES work!

  • Fuck Paypal

    SO I sent a modified email witht he same template. I was basically called and told to fuck off, they’ll be keeping my money for 180 days. I can do nothing but excalate and bring full heat to their business practices.

  • Rand B. Wilson

    @F-Paypal: Had you actually broken any of Paypal’s published rules/TOS? assuming not, you’ll have to carry through on your threat and report them.. Please, let us know what happens!



  • Rand B. Wilson

    @iHateMyPaypal: read all the comments above- this tactic has worked for dozens of people. Just be sure to modify the template to your situation.
    @Dianne: any chance you can post the updated email addresses or send them to me via my contact page?



  • Rand B. Wilson

    If eBay deleted your account then I am assuming you have violated some rules somewhere. If you have broken the rules (ebay or paypal) then the technique in this post will not help. If however, as with most of the people that have posted comments here, and myself, if you did not break any rules and Paypal just decided to grab your money for no apparent reason, then the email tactic has a very high chance of success.

  • Willie Lawrence

    I just sent paypal this email(modified) but the emails came back to me. Where should I send my emails?

  • Dianne

    Just google PayPal email addresses and a site called F–K You PayPal will come up in the search. They have a list of the most recent email addresses. Some have just a slight variation from the ones that Rand has posted. Good Luck!

  • Dianne

    Sorry…site is called

  • will

    it’s been about 4 hours and paypal has released my funds. thanks

  • Christopher Gunn

    Hi there just to say thank you because i did everything you said and i got my money unblocked from the account within 1 week, my account is still limited but i got the money out i now use moneybookers instead

  • Dianne

    Update: 2 days ago I also got a card from PayPal thanking me for my business and for contacting them (Executive Escalations)along with a token as their way of saying “thanks”. It came with a pair of PayPal Ink pens in a box!!!

  • Susan

    Thank You so much Rand B. Wilson! With a slightly revised version of your letter sent to the Paypal addresses, I got them to call me back asap, and they released almost all of our reserve hold! Approx $23k. On Paypal’s behalf, I have to admit that they are a great company, but they do have room for improvement on working with small businesses. In any case, your advice was a godsend… THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • Ericson Cayasan

    Sir Rand, I have also a problem in paypal. They still hold my money even though I have sent documents. They will be holding it for 180 days. I’ve earned those money since I’m working at “outsourcing” particularly online jobs. They are suspecting me if where did I get those money. Can you advice me sir? On how Paypal may listen my apeal?


  • Rand B. Wilson

    @Ericson Cayasan: assuming you have not actually broken any rules, have provided all the information that PayPal has requested and maybe even sent a letter as i did in my post above, i’m afraid I have no other advice other than to not use PayPal anymore after your 180 day hold is completed.

  • A.

    Well, I just feel victim to this today. Had no wrong doings and absolutely NO complaints on my paypal account.

    Confirmed a Bank account and then tried to withdraw my $780.00. Immediately followed up with a Notification of Cancelation Of Account Email.

    So, Immediately I got on the phone. Called. First lady was ubserdly rude. Second phone call was a east indian. Immediately told her to put me on the phone with a Manager. He started out saying that he was backing up his employee, but before he could finish, I jumped in. They wanted to hold my money, but nothing was a payment. All my monies were “Gifts”. I asked him since “Gifts” are non-returnable or even debateable, why my funds were being held. He then told me he would release the funds and hold only what “payments” I had.

    So in the end, I am getting $680 “supposedly” sent to my bank on file and then the $117 is being held for 180 days.

    So once my money clears, I will be sending a followup draft of your letter and seeing about the remaining $110.

  • Ericson Cayasan

    sir, paypal hold my $520 for 180 days, will they agree sir If I appeal to release half of the money? thanks

  • Rand B. Wilson

    @Ericson – i have no idea if Paypal will agree or not. the only way to find out is to appeal and/or send the letter (above in the post) as myself and so many others have done. Good luck!

  • Kyle

    Well, I sent my letter off this afternoon so I’m crossing my fingers for a positive outcome. Paypal has limited my account with $1,100 in it and this poor college student was counting on the money for rent. I’ll let you guys know how it goes…

  • Jon

    I sent off my email, taken from the template you sent and now I am waiting to hear back. This was all too weird. I added funds from a bank account, and bought something off ebay and also used the remaining funds to buy at Best Buy, within an hour both transactions were being reviewed and limited my account. Then I noticed that I was refunded both from ebay purchase and best buy, but my account is still limited and my appeals were denied. Hopefully since this is my money they won’t hang onto it for 180 days. After all the hassle I have no problem using a different system than Paypal.

  • Paypal Hater
  • Ricky

    Really interested to see if this would work. Problem is, I’m from the UK. Any idea what ‘agencies’ I could threaten PayPal with… i.e. what is the UK equivalent to the attorney generals, federal reserve etc.

  • Rand B. Wilson

    @Ricky – Not sure who in the UK you could complain to – the FSA maybe? But – just because you’re in the UK does not mean you cant still complain to the agencies i listed. PayPal IS a U.S. company, so i think your complaints to the U.S. agencies would still be valid… even if you are not within the country.

  • Ricky

    The FSA and financial ombudsman… gonna give them a try… and the US ones, maybe they are worth throwing in too! Let’s hope so… Paypal have got £6k of mine :(

    Really useful website by the way Rand.

    Thanks for yout help. Will let you know how I get on.

  • ppetrov

    Hey Ricky,
    Same problem with me. Did you find out which EU Institutions apply to this case, so I can add them to the email template. Hope it will work for me.

  • Ricky

    Sent my emails last week to all the above email address’s and never got one reply! Have they receieved them and do not care?

    • rukshana begum

      that is exactly what has been happening to me i sent emails and faxes and no one has replied yet to them.

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Well, that’s a first! Up until now, these letters had a reported success rate of 99%.. Now you have to carry through with your threats and report PayPal to the agencies you listed. Keep us updated!

  • John

    I have used the resources on this website over the past 2 months and have gotten nowhere. I went the BBB route. At first Paypal had not responded to the BBB. A follow-up email to the BBB resulted to them emailing Paypal again, this time with a response in which they stand behind their user agreement while being very vague. I still have no clear concise reason for the limitation, but the BBB still closed the case stating that the reason given was one that was acceptable. I do not understand how a response that just restates over and over “As per the user agreement we will be holding your funds for 180 days due to suspicious activity”. I bought ONE item, ONE. however, it was a large purchase, how does that warrant them holding $1,007.00 for 6 months???? I sent an email to the California State Atty’s office and received a general response in the mail from them stating that they will look into the matter but it is my duty to file charges if I feel necessary. I am starting to feel helpless and that I may have to wait the 6 months.

  • Tony

    I sent the emails last week and paypal apparently is used to these types of letters now. It seems that they didn’t flinch when I told them that I was considering legal action. This is the response I received:

    “I am sorry to hear you are considering legal action. Should you find it
    necessary to escalate this situation by filing a legal dispute with
    PayPal, we would encourage you to print a copy of our User Agreement for
    your attorney, specifically Section 14 – Disputes with PayPal, as our
    goal is to provide you with a neutral and cost effective means of
    resolving the dispute quickly. We will gladly respond to any inquiries
    we receive.”

    I’m glad that you could get your money from paypal Rand, but I don’t think it works anymore :( I guess I’ll just wait the 6 months.

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Hey Tony! My letter does not threaten legal action!! My letter (above) threats to REPORT PAYPAL the agencies that oversee businesses/financial institutions! I dont think they even read your letter – which means, now you must go through with the threat and report them!

  • A

    On October of 2010 I posted up them holding my $780. Just wanted to follow up on that post. I ended up getting my $680 out and just sat on the other $100 for 180 days.

    Maybe if you get payments as a “gift” you have some what of a stand towards them.

  • darren

    hi rand i tried your way and got no satisfaction from paypal could you tell me if the rules are different in the uk then it is in the states as they are not even going to take limits of for 180 days then no longer wish to do buisness i suplied them with all information they requested and still no luck.

    i am now looking into taking them to court and put a website on stateing if any other people would wish to take paypal to court and fight them all the way

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Sorry Darren but i have no clue about the differences in rules between the U.S. and the UK. before you put up a new website, have a look through and .. you will quickly see that ours are not isolated incidents.

  • Anonymous

    thsnks i have seen their websites and think if nothing is done about paypal now then they will get away with it all the time it needs to be stopped once and for all

  • darren

    so if any pearson wishing to take paypal on please let me know the more people the better

  • Rand B. Wilson

    Hey Darren – if you setup a new website about this, send me the URL or post it here and i’ll make some posts about it.

  • Tim

    Hey there and many thanks, I read your post yesterday morning and wrote my own letter asking for the funds to be released and how many problems they were causting me, loss of sleep, stress and ect….this morning I got an email telling me once the limitation was lifted they would email me and then at 1100am this morning they called, but since my Mom wasnt her because it is her account I told them to cxall back later, so Im hoping they are calling to give me good news, thanks…

  • vladimir

    Thanks for the info man. Great stuff. Paypal those jerks are holding over 8,000 of my money. I basically had my whole earning and cash in paypal. Never again after today. I’m going to put what you said to use. Hopefully it works. Thanks again

  • Hbreslin

    So basically I’m in need of help, PAYPAL IS HOLDING $23,800 OF MY MONEY!!! The have restricted my account stating that they are doing it for my safety and to validate the transaction. I have sent them my identification, but I am not willing to hand over the rest of the information they have requested such as Supplier Contact Info, and Provide Invoices. Is there any way around having to send in supplier contact info and invoices? I basically make my living and they are tying up all of my funds ,bills will need to get paid soon and I’m running out of time any help would be much appreciated.

  • Rand Wilson

    @HBreslin; that sucks! I’m afraid that the only help i can offer i have already posted (above).. Read thru the comments posted by others for more tips.. at this point I can only tell you two other things:
    1) Paypal sucks!
    2) good luck!

    ..come back and let us know the outcome..

  • Hbreslin

    I like to refer to them as PayEvil. Rand I would like to thank you for this great blog, and the light you’ve been able to help shed on this situation. I have picked through the blog and will be using the material in my case against them, I will be updating here.

  • sid

    i got the same problem, but paypal says that my item was not genuine but my ebay account has 100% positive feedbacks which customers give to me after getting item. Is i can get money after following these steps?
    and the other thing that i am living in UK, is i can email them the same agenicy sites of USA
    please help me to sort it out.

    • Rand B. Wilson

      Presumably you use something like if so, then you would probably want to find agencies in your county similar to the ones that i listed and use them either instead of, or in addition to the agencies that I listed above.

      How has PayPal arrived at the conclusion of that your items are not genuine? did someone complain? and the big question, regardless of what your feedback says – ARE YOUR ITEMS GENUINE? Because if your shit aint genuine and you are selling it as REAL, well, i would say PayPal/eBay is doing their job.

  • TJsales

    well, i had great success in using your template above for releasing finds from paypal. However, i then moved my business to moneybookers. Despite their extremely long “settlement period” for releasing funds, I’ve had no problems with them in the 6 months I’ve used them . Until today. i just received this message from them. looks like paypal all over again…
    “We thank you for choosing Moneybookers as your online payment processor.

    You have successfully been transacting with Moneybookers for a while now, it’s time to become a fully verified Moneybookers member.

    Further to this, we hereby kindly ask you to send us a copy of the following documentation and information:

    - A Copy of your Incorporation Certificate or Business Licence;
    – An explanation of your business activities;
    – Statement showing the share ownership of the company;
    – Some recent invoices from official suppliers for the brand products you sold on your auction.

    You can send the documents scanned via e-mail to or via postal mail to:

    Moneybookers USA, Inc.
    61 Broadway, New York
    NY, 10006, USA

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Once the documents mentioned above have been received, the verification of your account may take up to two business days, you will receive confirmation that your account is fully verified. Please be advised that we are legally obliged to freeze your account if it is left unverified.

    We hope you understand that Moneybookers USA, Inc. has a strict security policy aimed at protecting your account privacy.

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Moneybookers Security”

    considering i only sell on ebay every couple of months i obviously have not retained invoice copies of the last items i sold. and i dont have a business license since my sales are so sparatic. so now i’m not sure how this will turn out.

    • Rand B. Wilson

      Oh man! Send them what you can, and hope for the best, then come back here and let us know what happens.

  • PayPall Sucks Fat Fucken Dick

    … of course my account along w/ alll of urs got the “indefinite suspension” for no apparent reason… So after getting my appealed denied as well.. i decided to tweak ur letter and use that as a template. Just emailed those greedy, jewish, half-witted bastards this morning…. I had about 1.2k in there and dont wanna wait the 180 days so yeah.I will keep all of you up-to-date on the outcome. BTW thanks!

    • Meelis

      I contacted them too but still no answer after 1 week :/ … I think the 2010 list is little outdated :(

      So much for paying car insurance :S .

  • Meelis

    Oh nvm, today they emailed me and said my account will be on “permanent suspension”. So, now all i have to do is wait 180 days until i can receive my cash. If they won’t let me get cash i’m going to report complaint to my local lawyers :@ .

  • Nat

    I to had my account limited and I submitted all of the documents I could, invoices, photo ID, utility bill, supplier info. They still denied the apeal for security reasons. I don’t understand as I have 100% positive feedbacks and do not have chargebacks or complaints. This is just too wierd to me. So I’ve followed your advice and emailed them the letter this morning. So now I guess I’ll just wait and see.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed according to postmaster.

  • Jo

    Blimey! I just landed on this site by accident! I didn’t realise that I wasn’t alone in my disgust at Paypal’s general crapness! I have a site which, yes, is a begging site and will maybe make me rich (probably not). My site is aimed at getting people to donate their paypal loose change. Not only do I get a little bit more out of debt, but paypal don’t sit there collecting interest on all those accounts with £2.13 in them! Spread the word if you’re feeling generous! This site has really cheered me up! Ta guys!

  • Abz

    Hi Rand,

    Do you know if paypal will release funds automatically after the 180 day period if I don’t comply to their requirements? Basically I cannot provide the invoices for the stock I was selling. So they have locked my account with my funds! Is my money lost for good?


    • Rand B. Wilson

      I guess it depends on what payPal said. if it is just a temporary 180 day hold, then there should be no issue with them releasing your money after that time. IF it was 180 PENDING something from you, then that may be different.

      • Abz

        All I can gather is paypal has limited all my funds due to a dispute of a £30 transaction. There is no mention of them releasing my funds but simply ten steps to confirm various things most of which I provided when I opened the damn account and pending their investigation. I will refuse to talk to those imbeciles that work for that organization given the horror stories I have read and will simply be wasting my time. Just hoping that ignoring their requests will lead to an eventual release of my funds after 6 months. If not I cannot come to terms with how they can get away with behaving like this and can they really retain money that is not theirs? Worst of all I can’t even close the account and until they they have access to my bank account! Bummer but thanks for the response.

  • Rolly

    Hi, Rand, Paypal also limited my account and came with it my $479. Im a blogger, audio transcriptionist and work on several review sites and a ghost writer too. I did not receive any email although the agent said they already sent two emails. I checked my spam junk folder and all locations of my gmail account but no email received. It was my 3rd call when they informed me that my account cannot be appealed and funds will only be released after 180 days. I might try your email template above with some few revisions but this incident really made me decide not to use paypal anymore. Because of this Paypal issue, after the call I had a fight with my wife regarding were to get funds for the payables we need to settle today. Paypal sucks and ruins lives. I will include in my blog to discourage the usage of Paypal. and I as well might twit this and share this to my Facebook friends how really PayPal made my day worst. How I wish, other services can really replace Paypal, google checkout, moneybookers or alertpay perhaps an option.

  • Damian

    I was a new seller on ebay and just because I tried to transfer my funds early into my bank account to see if it would work, my account at PP got limited, needed verifications, sent that in and they still limited it and then told me the same stuff every one else got, they closed my account and I have to wait 180 days if I didn;t give them proof , which I sent in every thing they asked for except the Invoices, they wanted and another credit card number (which I thought was very odd and I couldn’t or would not give them another number) PP closed my account and denied every appeal I put in. I wish I had the email addressed that was listed earlier, even though I filed complaints with the Attorney General for Florida, Ca .

    I hate PayPal and I don’t wish any good luck to whoever owns it. They are a bunch of crooks that have ruined my life and alot of others !!

    Ebay is to blame too for making it where no one can use any other service for payments except for the ones they control !!!

  • Roxxanne

    I run a very succesful blog with over 85k followers and have a huge following on twitter over 100k.. so I decided to open a shop. I made over £36k in the first 6weeks. Paypal limited my account on the 2nd of June, they decided that they were going to hold onto 10k for chargebacks. Why? I had five chargebacks out of 1800+ orders.

    On the 27th of June they permanetly limited my account. There is over 20k in there, which I was going to use for postage and paying my printers. There said they would release the funds in 180 days. So i took the advice from this site, and wrote them a email using the emails listed above. The only email I got a response from was They agreed that my account was limited unfairly and said they will help and make sure my account is restored so I can fulfil my customers orders.

    Haha what a joke, I received another email from the head office in Luxemberg and they said they MIGHT consider releasing my money in 90 days If i dont receive any chargebacks and refunds.

    This is impossible, What a joke, My customers are already getting impatient, they have been waiting for their orders since the first limitation. I get chargebacks almost everyday now and I really dont know what to do.

    This is my only source of income until I go back to university. I study fashion and business and I’ve always dreamed on running my own with this much awareness. Now, Paypal have completely fucked me over..

    What can I do?

  • Damian

    What I don’t understand is why the News ( who is always hungry for something new to comment about) has not ever did a story on PayPal or Ebay and how they are ripping people off. I filed a class action suit with this company . Here is what they sent me :

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding PayPal. We recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of people who have had money held by PayPal without justification. I have attached a copy of that complaint for your review. I would like to get some background information from you to add you to our database:

    1) What is your address and phone number?

    2) How long and how frequent have you been using paypal as a seller?

    3) When did paypal first start holding funds?

    4) Are they still holding funds?

    5) How much money is being held?

    6) Did paypal say how long they will hold the funds for and/or why they are holding funds?

    7) Do you have any emails or messages from paypal regarding the hold on your account that you can send us?

    8) Before PayPal started holding your funds, did you have any complaints filed against you/what was your “rating” (e.g. top seller, 99% positive feedback, etc)?

    Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any additional questions.

    Vincent Francone

    Legal Assistant


    111 West Washington Street

    Suite 1331

    Chicago, IL 60602

    Toll Free: 866-779-9610

    Firm Phone: 312-220-0000

    Firm Fax: 312-220-7777

  • caelyn

    I tried to email paypal with your demand mail. and all email is “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently”

    So I faxed them. And 2 days later, they let me withdraw most of my money $900, and leave $400 in my paypal account. That’s great!

    Thank you Rand (Wilson) Brown.

  • Roxxanne

    Whats their fax number please? Im still fighting, they have over 15k in there

    • caelyn

      I faxed to 4025375755

  • J.R.

    The above emails all bounced. Anyone know some good ones?

    • Rukshana Begum

      try faxin them

  • Rukshana Begum

    I have just edited the above email and sent it to them. Few of the emails were bounced back but i managaed to send to a a few of them.

    J.R fax 2 the following numbers:

  • J.R.

    Amazing, I sent it and in 24 hours got a call. They apologized up and down and then got my money back the next day…..AMAZING!

    • Rukshana Begum

      I have been emailing them so much. Did u fax the above numbers and what did you say? Sorry, im still waiting for a reply on them been 8 days heard nothing

      • Rukshana Begum


        Could you leme know what you faxed of to them please? Im waiting for my 5k and am not having no response from them. I only emailed a few of the email addresses. Its been a week since i told them to escalate it and review my account but they have not got back. please tell me what you faxed them and could you confirm its the correct fax number above. Please
        Would really appreciate it.

  • J.R.

    send me a phone number and i will call you or give me your email

  • rukshana begum

    I have wrote the above letter in my own words, only edited it abit. But paypal have not got back to me yet its ben 4 days now i have also emailed them, I think this will only work for the US customers of paypal, as the UK advisors arent giving a damn about it. I escalated this to the executive team through an advisor of paypal and they emailed me this morning saying they will hold onto it for 180 days. So i dont think the letter will work for me either, bearing in mind they havent replied to my letter they have only replied to the escalation i put through to atleast get abit of my funds released but they said I just gotta wait till october 4th when the 180 day period will be over. Any UK paypal customers on here sent the above letter and got a reply from them? please let me know. Thank you

  • Maci

    Hey, Rand. Thank you so much for this blog. I sell page plus activations on ebay, and yesterday a woman bought an activation from me, and within just a couple of hours, she’d already filed an item not recieved claim with ebay and got a “hold” put on my paypal account. Seriously, she bought the item, and when I got home that same afternoon and signed on, I saw her purchase so I messaged her with details for the activation, and after I hit sent, I went to my selling page, and saw she’d ALREADY filed with ebay. She hadn’t emailed me or anything about the item. I refunded her money with paypal, and blocked her on ebay. I called paypal and explained the situation to them, but they said that the hold is going to stay on my account and I can’t have the money until I provide shipping information. I told them that my items are electronic deliveries and there isn’t any tracking information. She then told me, “Then you’ll have to wait for 21 days or until your ebay seller rating improves.” The paypal account is my OLD account, I have a new one and won’t be using it with ebay anymore. I closed the paypal account a few days ago, and changed it with my ebay listings, but for some reason I got an email saying that I had funds waiting so I had to reopen the account to recieve the funds. After I recieved the funds, I was going to transfer them to my new paypal and close it again. Then I noticed that it said i’d reached my spending limit of $0.00. So I called paypal, explained and they transfered the money to my new paypal account. But for some reason, the money from my ebay buyers is still going to old one, even though I’ve updated it on the listing. I told all this to the lady, But she just said that’s paypals mistake that its still going to the old email and she’s sorry but I still just have to wait 21 days. I don’t think it’s fair that they put a hold on an account I’m not even going to be using, knowing that the item not recieved was filed within hours of her purchase. I feel paypal has wronged me by holding all the payments i have recieved since the claim, and all that I’ll recieve after, because it’s not even the account that I’m using, and all I want to do is transfer my funds and close it. I sent paypal an email, I hope it works.

  • Kris

    Paypal put limitations to my account. I called them and found out that my profile information is linked to another info or account. I told them I have no clue what they are talking about. She says: it looks like your credit card is being compromised with all of these different names, and there are other accounts with your last name…
    there is other accounts with your name that are also used for the many accounts. I have no idea what she’s talking about. I tell her this.
    Next day I get an email that my paypal appeal is denied. I called 3 ppl and they said they cannot reverse the decision. I did not do anything wrong, followed their rules.
    Do I have any hope of getting it back?

    • Rand B. Wilson

      sure you have hope.. try crafting a letter as i did (above) and sending it. be sure to modify it to meet your circumstances.

      • Kris


        Paypal lifted my appeal!! Just the appeal, although still limited but that means they are willing to work with me unlike with the appeal denied.

        I modified the letter to my situation and sent it to most of your suggested email addresses. Most of them came back undeliverable except 1 or 2. I got an auto reply that they got it. (means nothing) Then the next day, they requested some information! I called them and sure enough my appeal was lifted so they WILL talk to me now. Yay! I think I found out what the problem is by their vague answers, multiple Paypal accounts were created under my name. I figured it out – identity theft. I had that problem few years back and the dates that they were created matches the dates I reported it to the police! So they want the police report. I hope this works.

        Thanks so much for your encouragement. I really didn’t think I had any hope after the appeal was denied.

  • evilpaypal

    hi rand,

    paypal put my money on temporary hold and put the case as OPEN DISPUTES CLAIMS.and i’m not even a seller.the money was sent to me by a friend as a gift and nothing more.can you tell me what should i do about this?please

    • Rand B. Wilson

      Call them and ask them WTF !

  • Jonathon

    Hey Rand,

    I was wondering if you had any way of helping me get a more updated email list. I am feeling so sick from this paypal issue. They are holding 22,000 dollars of my money and I gave them all of the proper paper work. THey think my invoice for supplies is not legitimate because the address that comes up when they google the company doesnt match that which is on the invoice. If they would call the number on th einvoice they would find out that the company has moved locations which is why the google address is off.


    Also do you know of any personal lawyers that I could call to hire as this is no joke. I need that money. I do not just want it, I NEED it.

    This is what I get for working hard and being honest?? It is so crazy!

  • mandy

    ipaypal did the same to me limited my account and said there was suspicious activity.after tearing my hair out nearly and getting angry,someone told me to contact the financial ombudsman,and let paypal know.i did this and after 90 days they released my account is still limited,but at least i got my money back.this was paypal there is hope.i wouldent ever use paypal again,and i hope to see their business go down the pan in time to come,what goes around comes around.

  • Anonymous

    I created a peitition to help get this stopped PayPal has been holding my funds for 3 months now. They have $1000.00 of my hard earned money it is now the holidays and I can’t even buy presents for my friends or family I can’t even pay my phone bill this needs to be stopped! Please sign this petiton and let everyone know what a horrible affect paypal is having on its members.
    I’ve also already filed for a class action suit.

    • Damian


      • Rand B. Wilson

        The donation begging is from the online-petition website, not the person that created the petition.

        • Damian

          Yes I should have made my comment clearer that it was not the petitioner,,,but I wouldn’t promote a online petion that would help benefit PayPal in ANYWAY !! PayPal has ruined too many lives and I wouldn’t give them more money to help them to keep doing so ! I keep asking myself WHY the news have not did or said anything about what they are doing to People???

  • David

    I have started 2 petitions. One asking the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection to investigate Paypal & Ebay’s business practices and the other asking Better Business Bureau of San Jose to lower their ratings of the two company’s from an A+ to an F. Please sign these petitions as neither agency will act without further complaints. Here is a link to the petitions.

  • Renee

    So 2 years ago my account gets “limited” for not complying with there user agreement. Fine. Whatever.I admit my wrong doing. The other day I attempted to create a new PayPal account. Using a new email, new banking info & new address. At 1st it seemed like it was open, but they wanted more info, such as my SS#. Fine…no problem.I really wasn’t trying to hide my identity from them. I figured a few years had passed and was planning on following their terms. I get an email from them to both my emails, my previous one I had used with them and then to the new one stating that my account was again “limited” and they would not be able to offer their services. I wasn’t totally surprised. However, no sooner then my husband then received the same “limited” email. Apparently they wanted to connect his account with mine! I have never used his PP account. He runs a business on eBay. Therefore really relies on PP as a payment source. Other than us being at the same address we aren’t connect to PP in anyway. So after using them since 1999 with ZERO issues, they refuse to reopen is account!! What upsets me the most is their total lack of compassion. They couldn’t care less about the misunderstanding surrounding the situation. They simply said, our “review department” reviewed the account and closed it! Period! The End!! WTF Even though I wanna tell PP to F off, he really needs them. Any suggestions?? I have a letter I spent about an hour on begging them to re-review his account. Thanks so much!

  • John

    Glad i found this blog. I have recently and unfortunately fallen into this “limited account” crap from paypal even after submitting all of information i was denied and just given the option to either refund or wait for the dreaded 180 days. I had honestly just about given up until i landed on this site. Anyway, tried the email list but to no avail all the emails failed. Tried contacting them via PayPal only to receive “auto-responses” from them. So now im trying the Fax numbers and hopefully i’ll hear something from this. Any other updates from others who tried this method and where successful? I’ll post my update if anything happens..otherwise 6 months to go.

    • john


      Just days after sending my email and faxing through the posted numbers i had received an email to what seem very promising ..the emails don’t really work and you will most likely get an automated response like i did. Mine said my account was being reviewed by an account specialist. so i had hopes my limitation might get removed if it was going to revised again.

      BOY! was i wrong about 3 days after that i got the same response i had gotten before…
      “For the safety and security of the PayPal network, we often review accounts
      for potential risks. After reviewing your account, we have decided to close
      it because of security issues.

      We are making every effort to minimize any disruption to your business.

      If your PayPal account balance is zero, and you have no unresolved buyer
      complaints or chargebacks, your account will remain limited.” BLAH BLAH BLAH CRAP!

      At this point i had given up, and decided to refund my client and had him send me a money order instead. However just yesterday i received this email from “”

      • john


        “We’re writing to let you know about a change to your PayPal account.

        Starting 12/8/2011, money from payments you receive will be placed in a pending balance for up to 21 days. By doing this, we’re making sure that there’s enough money in your account to cover potential refunds or claims.

        Even though you can’t access the money right away, please ship orders quickly and communicate with your customers. After 21 days, you can withdraw money from each payment as long as the customer hasn’t filed a dispute, chargeback, claim, return, or reversal.
        The money may be available sooner if:

        We can confirm that the item was delivered.
        Your buyer leaves positive feedback. (Applies only to eBay items)

        This change isn’t necessarily permanent. We’ll review your account every 35 days and re-evaluate if we should continue to hold your payments. If we decide to stop holding payments, we’ll email you to let you know.

        Why are my payments being held?
        We reviewed your account and determined that there’s a relatively higher than average risk of future transaction issues (such as claims, or chargebacks, or payment reversals). We understand that it may be inconvenient to have your payments temporarily held but please know that we didn’t make this decision lightly.

        Before deciding to hold payments, we consider many factors. These factors include account and transaction activity, the rate of customer disputes, the type of business a seller runs, average delivery timeframes, customer satisfaction, performance and history.

        Questions? Let us know
        We understand you’d like to have immediate access to the money you receive and we’re here to answer your questions about this change to your account.

        For more information and tips on what you can do to avoid having your future payments held, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. To speak to a Customer Service representative, log in to your PayPal account and click “Contact Us” at the bottom of any page.

        Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

        To receive email notifications in plain text instead of HTML, update your preferences.”

        Although i only got 20 dollars in that account know my paypal still says its limited but after 21 days i’ll see if i can retrieve it..still a long time to wait but it beats the 180 wait that had originally been imposed on me.

  • MO

    Wow, this just happend to me today as I was trying to use my PayPal debit card. I also have 100% positive feedback for the past 5 years on eBay. I was fine dealing with my eBay account being blocked for good. Then today I get hit with PayPal doing the same. I spoke to about 4 different people with the same response. Im hoping I can write an email as well but the post above (John) mine does not sound promising. Any recent success stories?

    • john

      I say try writing them, your results my vary..although mine aren’t great per say they at least responded with a decent agreement. a little too late for me but well see what happens.


  • Renee

    My husband emailed the original email at the beginning of this blog this afternoon to aup@paypal, got an automated response that it was received. However, as of this evening no word on whether or not his funds ($2500.00) will be released :- (( Not sure if he should try another email address. I am just worried they will simply ignore his request. So upsetting & stressful!!

  • Thomas

    Don’t know what to do they have hold over 21,000.00 for over 180 days now. On Nov 30 2011 they sent me an email letting me know funds are now available, when i log in only 4k was available and they are still holding 17,700.00. Again its been over 180 days, can they keep holding the funds? And any one else that get money hold over 180 days?

  • Rand Wilson

    I think PayPal UK is probably a different legal entity than PayPal U.S.. so you would have to modify the letter to mention UK specific institutions to file your complaints with and you would probably have to use different email addresses. Hopefully someone can help with PayPal UK email addresses.

  • Renee

    Even with the threat of filing complaints, still PP says F’ Off about releasing funds before 180 days!! Their attitude is what is the most offensive!! I CANNOT believe that they are not regulated in some ways by the government. As customers we have NO support or resources!!! Also, come to find out…. try to use an eBay Gift Card for purchases…. Haha!! Nope!! You MUST have a PP account. If you don’t you will be required to provide bank/CC info and they will create it for you!! WTF is up with that?? How is THAT legal??

  • Hector Garcia

    Really glad i found this blog. I have unfortunately fallen into this “limited account” issue from Paypal since Nov 07/11, so I contacted them by phone and they ask me to call to the “limited account” special department, I did that and they said that the reason they limited my account was due to the fact that I had opened two accounts under the same IP address and one of these accounts was in negative balance (all of that was true), so I ask them to release the balance and they said it was no possible.
    After I read the Rand blog I sent the letter suggested modifying the obvious details to the emails addresses suggested and I did receive a response after two days; in a few words they said the same they told me by phone but this time they offered me to “please contact us again in 45 days to review if some balance could be available to release at that time”;
    So I was waiting for 45 days and again I contacted the “executive office” email as they suggested me before; two days after that, no response, in the day number three they send me an email telling me, between other things, that “as a fact of good faith, my balance now could be released to my bank account” and I can tell you guys, that it was true because today I receive my 100% balance ($1,815.00 US), so guys, this REALLY WORKS !!!, thanks Rand you´re the MAN !, also for your information my business is located in Mexico, so anybody at any country can use the same strategy suggested by Rand.

  • Paul

    I tried e-mailing several of the addresses mentioned in the lists above:, and All failed. was not returned as failed. But I’ve received no response.

    But my big question is: while your accounts were “permanently limited,” did PayPal continue to charge its monthly fee? In my case that fee is $30/month. I will do whatever I can to prevent that from happening. It makes no sense to pay them the fee for a service that is not rendered. I was just wondering if the fee was charged in your cases. Thanks for your input.

  • Hector Garcia

    In my case they never charge a monthly fee, while my account was limited my balance kept 100% complete till they release my account..

  • Paul

    As a follow-up to my earlier post, a rep from the AUP people at PayPal called my home phone number and left a message that was essentially unintelligible. I then spoke to a regular customer service rep who clarified that PayPal would not be charging me the monthly fee. I later received an e-mail saying that the account was permanently limited without the possibility of reversal. I received absolutely no explanation as to how our Web site violated the AUP. I am now in the process switching over to Google Checkout and, though I remain mystified by PayPal’s stupid action, I can live with it.

  • Sue

    Rand, thank you so much for this blog/post and your letter example.

    In early December last year my paypal a/c was permanently limited because it was linked with my husbands paypal a/c, which was permanently limited at the same time because paypal had decided he sold ‘wholistic health products’ and didn’t want their name associated with such. (Shock.) No fraud was involved, no claims, no chargebacks, no complaints… Googling the situation led me here.

    I spent a few days removing all mention of paypal from my husband’s websites (his appeal to reverse the permanent limitation was politely and quickly denied via phone) then prepared my version of your letter Rand. I had not yet appealed the limitation on my account and so I included my request for release of funds with my appeal. I also gave them 5 days to respond to my request, instead of 48 hours, before I filed my complaints with relevant agencies, etc. is the official email address for review/appeals… the standard autoresponse arrived followed by, within a day, a form-letter denying my appeal. The form-letter reply did not reference my request for release of funds, my intent to file complaints, etc.

    I also emailed these accounts, which did not bounce, but nor where any replies received:

    These accounts bounced:

    I did not send any faxes.

    On the 5 day, when I was due to file complaints, I happened to be unusually busy and hence did nothing re paypal. On the 6th day, out of the blue, paypal rang me – someone from the executive office I believe – and offered to release 50% of my paypal balance, and to consider a further release in 3 months. I agreed. The person I spoke to filled in the paperwork to authorize the release and it took a couple of days for the release to actually be done by the relevant paypal staff.

  • Spanik

    I just found this blog and was amazed that there is a way to get the money or even better to reinstate the paypal account. My account just got limited several days ago after 5 years I’ve been using it with no issues .I have been wondering if this technique will work for my situation. I will appreciate your advice. Thats what I got :

    “Dear ……,

    We routinely review account activity in the PayPal system. When we reviewed
    your account, we noticed that your activity violates some of the agreements
    you have with us.

    Because of this, we’ve limited your accounts and can no longer offer our
    services to you. You’ll still be able to log in to view your transaction
    history, but you won’t be able to send or receive money.

    What’s the problem?

    We noticed one or more of the following problems:

    1. You provided information that we believe was false, inaccurate, or
    misleading; or

    2. You sent or received money that was potentially related to fraudulent
    activity; or

    3. You have more than one account with a negative balance; or

    4. You are in violation of the User Agreement, the Commercial Entity
    Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy, or another agreement you have with

    Our decision was based on terms outlined in these agreements.

    What to do next

    As allowed under the User Agreement, we’ll hold the money in your account
    for 45 days. We’ll use your balance to reimburse buyers who file claims,
    chargebacks, or any other reversals against you. Before we reimburse the
    buyer, in most cases, you’ll have a chance to respond to the claim,
    chargeback, or reversal.

    We’ll send you an email after 45 days letting you know when you can
    withdraw money from your accounts.

    If you think that we permanently limited your accounts in error, you may
    appeal this decision. Just go the Help Center and click Contact Us.

    When you contact us, we’ll need some information to process your appeal.
    Please have your drivers’ license, your Social Security or tax ID card, a
    current utility bill, your business license, your articles of
    incorporation, or other identifying documentation.


    I called paypal same day and asked lady why they limited my account and lady also didn’t know but told she will follow up my request to investigation department . Thats what I got next day :

    “Hello ………….,

    For the safety and security of the PayPal network, we often review accounts
    for potential risks. After reviewing your account, we have decided to close
    it because of security issues.

    We are making every effort to minimize any disruption to your business.

    If your PayPal account balance is zero, and you have no unresolved buyer
    complaints or chargebacks, your account will remain limited.

    Disbursement options

    Option 1. If you owe refunds to any of your buyers, you can use the money
    in your PayPal account to refund them.

    To refund your buyers:
    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click “Contact Us” at the bottom of any page.
    3. Click “Contact Customer Service.”
    4. Under “Choose a Topic,” select “Sending/Receiving Money.”
    5. Under “Choose a Subtopic,” select “Refund/Cancel a Payment.”
    6. Click “Continue” and follow the instructions to refund payments.

    Option 2. Money in your PayPal account will be held for 180 days. After 180
    days, we’ll email you information on how to receive your funds.

    We regret any inconvenience this may cause.



    And I didn’t even appeal. I just asked on the phone why it was limited. And there also two disputes was opened by PAYPAL for two of my purchases, I wasn’t even a seller in this situation.

  • santo

    thanks for u all.the first..i have a problem with paypal…n I am confused what to do .. the story begins with my win logo contest. then paid the money into my paypal, because I am too direct bahagis open paypal and there is indeed money. then i try to send to a local bank. but failed to continue. until I tried it about a few times. and it turns out I still unveryted masalhnya account. or have not been able to send electronically. understand this is the first time I have paypal. I then told to load up some files and credit cards. I do all the procedures. but there is one obstacle that is credit cards. I do not have the credit card. I also tried to explain to paypal. and the next day I got an email saying that my problem was on the pull, but I have to wait 160 days. really unfortunate luck I hope to enjoy the money from winning the contest for $ 125.75. and hope to be my main job. say also continue to send an email to paypal but the machine that answers everything. now what to do.? I was really sad … it’s the first time I win this contest … and also the first time I take the privilege of money ….. I seem to want to cry … I keep looking for answers on google. bloggers in Indonesia but could not provide any solution that does not even use the correct way (illegal) to do something for me please …. thank you for hearing my complaint …

  • Joe B.

    yeah thanks for all of this info i got my account limited for 180 days for selling herbal potpourri wich is also known as spice or synthetic canabanoids or legal weed whatever you want to call it well i was makeing amazing profits going to the shell station buying this stuff and selling it on ebay….. made like 2000 profit in the first month yeah… crazy… couldnt believe it….. well i sold tons of the stuff and after a few weeks got a message saying my account was limited. so i appealed it yadda yadda yadda had a headache for like over a month with over 1000 dollars in my account so i sent this message a lot shorter after i allready filed with the bbb still kept getting the same message you account is limited 180 day basically felt like i was bent over and took it where the sun doesnt shine you know… well a little time goes by and i had to file a rebutal however it is spelled with the bbb so i did and today i looked in my email and THEY RELEASED MY FUNDS so i was finaly able to withdraw my money!! took like 2 months but i got it i did also file with the california whatever that i told them i would like in the example letter i never had any negative feedback or chargebacks wich probably helped. well n e ways heres what happened
    Company’s Response
    Company’s Initial Response – Posted 02/23/2012
    Dear Mr. (me), Thank you for your recent correspondence to the Better Business Bureau dated February 6, 2012. Your concerns were forwarded to PayPal’s Executive Escalations office for review and response. Nature of Complaint: You complain that PayPal has limited your account and decided to no longer offer our services to you. Additionally, you complain that PayPal is holding your account balance of $1,174.47 USD and will not make it available to you for 180 days. Factual Background: On September 10, 2009, you created a PayPal account, currently registered to (“Account”), at which time you agreed to PayPal’s online user agreement (“User Agreement”). In order to prevent fraud and ensure the safety of the PayPal system, PayPal routinely reviews accounts to verify compliance with the PayPal legal agreements and policies, e.g. the User Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy. On December 23, 2011, we detected possible issues with your Account indicating you had engaged in one or more activities restricted under the User Agreement. In determining that a high level of risk existed with your account, PayPal carefully considered a number of factors that when viewed together, indicated in PayPal’s reasonable determination that such a high risk existed. The following risk factors were identified: • AUP Violation – You accepted payment for items prohibited under our Acceptable Use Policy. Upon review of these factors, we concluded that you had engaged in one or more restricted activities including conducting your business in a manner that results in or may result in complaints, disputes, claims, reversals, chargebacks and other liability to PayPal and its users. As a result, we limited your Account as permitted under the User Agreement so a PayPal agent could review the Account further. User Agreement at section 9.1 and section 10.3. On January 22, 2012, after further review, we decided to cease offering our services to you and notified you of this via email sent on that date. To protect against the risk that your buyers may initiate payment reversals like buyer complaints or chargebacks for payments already sent to you, PayPal consistent with the User Agreement, informed you that we would be holding the funds in your Account for up to 180 days. User Agreement at section 10.3. In the event a payment reversal was received, we would use the funds to reimburse your buyer. At the end of the 180 days, any remaining balance would be released to you. You will receive an email around June 20th, 2012, advising you that your funds are available for withdrawal. Findings: Based on our review, PayPal’s actions in this case were taken in good faith and were strictly compliant with the User Agreement. PayPal reasonably concluded that you were conducting your business in a manner that is or may result in reversals, chargebacks, claims, complaints or other liability to PayPal or its users, which is a violation of the User Agreement. As always, please feel free to contact PayPal’s Executive Escalations Department at if you have any questions or concerns or if we can be of further assistance. Very sincerely yours, Executive Escalations PayPal, Inc.
    Initial Response Summary
    Based on our review, PayPal’s actions in this case were taken in good faith and were strictly compliant with the User Agreement.
    Consumer’s Rebuttal
    Consumer’s Rebuttal – Posted 02/23/2012
    I am still not satisfied with their response. I still feel they are taking advantage of their power, and should not be able to hold anyones money for six months. They have made no offers to settle and are unfairly holding my money. I have not had one complaint or chargeback, and all positive feedback. They hold no liability, and yet they still hold all of my funds, and i feel they are just profiting from intrest, and are takeing advantage of me.
    Company’s Final Response
    Company’s Final Response – Posted 02/28/2012
    Dear Joseph Barker, RE: BBB Complaint #1607****&We appreciate the opportunity to further respond to your inquiry. PayPal takes violations of the Acceptable Use Policy very seriously. After further review of your account we have decided to allow you the opportunity to withdraw the balance earlier than the 180 days. We ask that you login to your PayPal account and initiate the withdrawal of your balance. We want to point out that your PayPal account is not eligible for an appeal of the limitation. As always, please feel free to contact PayPal’s Executive Escalations Department at if you have any questions or concerns or if we can be of further assistance. Very sincerely yours, Executive Escalations PayPal, Inc.
    so that is what my story is and thank you and special thanks to

    Rand B Wilson you r awesome for inspireing people to get their money out of their account

  • Mika

    Hello, I am having a problem with Paypal as well – I recently sold a watch for $1400 – buyer paid but after he received the item he filed a unauthorized transaction dispute. It took Paypal less than 48 hours to decide to reverse the transaction in favor of the buyer despite the fact that I provided all the docs that proved that the transaction was authorized (including an email from the buyer, sent form the same email associated to his paypal account, stating he was interested in the watch). They claim that because I didn’t put a signature request I am not protected, screw them! I has a tracking number that showed the item delivered, date and time included.
    Is there anything I can do based on your experience?
    Can I take them to small court although I am in NY and their stupid offices are in California??
    Please help!

    • Joe B.

      file with the better buisness beauro or however it is spelt…. i dont know what else you could do…. if i were you i would file with the bbb then i would go outside work out while writing a letter than after i was really sweaty seal the letter via nut sweat and send that shit first class. straight to paypal.. dont forget to appologize to the mail man or woman. but i wouldnt tell them why…

  • vaibhav gautam

    hello admin,

    i think lots of people has got there money back with the help of your blog. i want to tell you my case before proceeding so that you can suggest something to me.

    i have sold more than 2000 items on ebay worldwide using paypal and i was quite happy with i was earning good amount of money.

    in jan 2012 i was out of stock but even in that case i managed to send goods to my customers. but around 20 cases in the same month has been filed against me.

    i refunded every1’s money but paypal limited my account and my linked my brother’s account too. now in total my 8000 usd are blocked with them and i want my paypal accounts back too.

    please please please help me

    • Joe B.

      yeah 20 cases in one month you probably deserve it…..thats a lot of pissed off people

      • vaibhav gautam

        i refunded money myself

  • Joe B.

    rand wilson is really professor xavier from x men …. but dont tell n e one

  • http://N/A dale

    hi all, i sold a wheel chair via ebay and my laptop, and because of the amount of money which was 897 pounds they held my money and still are, based on my accont is linked to a persons with problems with them whats that got to do with me i was then asked for countless id which i sent and countless other attemts to sort this all was futile, i even provided mail tracking and emails from the guy who brought the items stating how pleased he was even this was not enough, rude custermer service, they told me to do it this way and that. now all of a sudden i am a lair and they deny ever saying anything but i had wittnesses but no all efforts futile. there thiefs, now i have to wait six months, i am going to sue. i even went as far as telling them they have left me with no wheel chair and no computer my link to the out side world because i am a army vetrian, then they was so rude as to say “dont come up with sob storys” i swear thats what i was told, by this point my blood is boiling, stay well clear of paypal freinds, if anyone has advise on how to solve or sue be most thank full i am however based in the uk, they make me sick, i had to take a loan out to get the things i need because as far as i am conserned they have stolen whats mine, the money of what i sold should of brought my chair and computer and my money yes my money they still have on hold, 60 pounds in phone calls to them and conplaints i am still at square one, please help.

  • http://N/A dale

    to follow up what i said above, can anyone help me to find a way to put the fear of god in them because in the us you have all the firms that deal with these clowns but here in the uk things are some what diffrent, any links would be great thanks

  • http://kacey! kacey11


    Hey guys my comment may be right at the bottom of the list but if any of you clever clogs manage to scroll down then this info will definitely help you! Well first of all there is hope all you need to do is write a lengthy letter to PayPal based in Ireland then using that same letter email it to all of the PayPal staff, You can write about your business and how you rely on PayPal to take payments and why they should open your account and that you would like this to be investigated give a good excuse of why it got closed in the first place and how you will overcome these measurers etc make it 2 pages long. You can get the email addresses and the Ireland address online. Be persistent and patient for a reply it can take up to 3-4 weeks until you get a response. You will firstly get an email stating they have received your letter/email and will be investigating this for you and will be touch in a couple of weeks, be patient and you will eventually get a call from PayPal themselves stating your account limitation has been removed!! it worked for me so I wanted you all to know there is hope! I am able to take my money out and continue to use PayPal. I wrote one letter to PayPal Ireland, Managing director, CEO PayPal, and 10 emails. This works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck

  • GDW

    Dear Friends,
    My country is not included in the Paypal feature of Receiving funds & only one way pay … therefor I created an Paypal Ac giving my details & a friends Address in Australia…it worked & was able to receive few $$$…

    When the Ac reached $1000 [there were no payments what so ever made from this Ac only received funds for my services ] The Ac was LIMITED and wanted me to provide proof of residential Address..and requested to submit Utility Bills/Pass Poar/ National ID card etc etc with my name on them….As I said, I was using a friends Address & therefor I have no way of proving the residency…Now after reading this Blog I wrote a letter to Paypal …, they replied that my case is under review & wanted me to POST a copy of my Pass port with attested by a Attorney at Law…

    my Q is this –
    should I Post the req. Passport Copy..?
    will they use this as a proof to sue me for giving a false Address…?

    What can be the conclusion…as I cant link a Bank Ac as they allow only AUS?USA banks & cards for AUS paypal registrations
    If they decide to close my Ac what will happen to my $ 1000 in it…?

    some one pls help

    • Rand Wilson

      Your case is different from mine (and most others here) in that you have actually violated the PayPal terms. ie; YOU are in the wrong this time, not PayPal.

      On the one-hand, I dont think they will sue you if you continue your charade.

      On the other hand, they may keep your money as I believe that is within their rights based on the agreement/terms that you agreed to.

      • GDW

        Dear Rand,
        Thanks for your quick response….Do you advice me sending the requested Certified copy of my Pass port to them…?

        Can they report me to AUS authorities & Ban me entering AUS for Life or some that short of things…?

        • Rand Wilson

          If you continue to play your charade you may be guilty of some sort of fraud.. However, paypal is a private enterprise and unless you are trying to steal money that is not actually yours, i dont think there is any risk of criminal prosecution (ie; i doubt the authorities will care about something like this)…
          However I am not a lawyer in either U.S. law or AUS law.
          My general advice in life is do not steal, do not lie, know the difference between right and wrong and always do what is right..

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for advice…This is not stolen money..its what I earned from online Logo competition web site by submitting few winning logos…actually the web site is not paying in any other mode than PAYPAL…that the reason for me to create an Ac with paypal…so when Paypal rejected accepting funds to my real Ac due to not inclusion the receiving feature in to my country I switch to create another Ac by giving a friends overseas Address…anyway I’ll mail the req Documents & will request them to either reactive my Ac or close it & deposit into my bank or to Refund the money to senders [the web site which awarded me the wining price money]…Anyway it seems like we are not capable to join millions who earn through online jobs…due to Paypal/Moneybrookers not including our countries in to their operational Regions…LOL

          • GDW

            Hi Rand,

            Thanks a lot for your valuable advice…I did mail your letter with suitable changes to all the above given addresses. few were not delivered but most were gone to correct persons….After having a great battle with PAYPAL compliance Dept of AUS. I finally received the full quota of Funds refunded…its $ 1050 and here goes a Big Thank you for the valuable info provided here….
            God Bless you Rand…!

          • GDW

            Hi Rand,Thanks a lot for your valuable advice…I did mail your letter with suitable changes to all the above given addresses. few were not delivered but most were gone to correct persons….After having a great battle with PAYPAL compliance Dept of AUS. I finally received the full quota of Funds refunded…its $ 1050 and here goes a Big Thank you for the valuable info provided here….

  • Top Rated Ebay Seller

    I’m attempting the email listed above. I’ve been a Top Rated Seller on ebay for almost 2 years, but selling on ebay for a little bit longer. My business is legit, and I do everything I possibly can to make my customers happy. About 2 months ago, I quit my job to focus on my eBay store. Apparently in that time, my sales spiked causing a review and limitations. I was averaging 10k-15k per month in gross sales, and it jumped to 25k-30k. Apparently, when my monthly average exceeded 20k is when I went under review. I supplied everything I possibly could, and was literally calling them everyday to verify they had everything and that I should be all cleared to continue business. Eventually, I was directed to a woman named Jamie Hodges in their Risk Management dept. From my understanding, she handles a lot of merchant account reviews. She explained all was essentially ok with my account, and they were going to put a 5k reserve and 5%, 90 day rolling reserve on all transactions going forward. No problem for me. About 2 weeks later(yesterday 6.26.12), she called me explaining they re-reviewed my account and decided to close it. I supplied everything I possible could, yet they’re hold my 5k, plus the additional 5k I had in the account. I’m obviously furious, as that’s the majority of the cash I have. I literally told Jamie, she was taking away my well being and that I didn’t have $100 aside from this account because I relied on it like my bank account(all of this was noted on my account and explained to her prior). She wasn’t inclined to releasing any of my funds, although she did allow me to take $1000 for my rent which is due in a few days. I will update if I receive a reply, and I am literally sending this email to every email address listed for Paypal on this page.

    Hoping for the best….

    • Another TRS

      I’m in a similar situation with reserves… any updates?

  • http://UkraineScammersUsingPaypalandWesternUnionorMoneyGram Ukraine Scammer Buster

    Ukraine Scammer uses Paypal and Western Union

    Name: Sergey Voloshin
    Address: 42-44 Shovkovychna St., Kiev, Ukraine 01601

    Job posting site:

    email address:

    He will use other person’s PP account then send you money then let you withdraw it and send it to you via Western Union. After which he will file dispute to paypal and paypal pays him refund – so he has double money! Then you will have negative balance on your Paypal.


    He has stolen credit card or hack paypal accounts to send money and use other people’s account. When the time comes the original owner finds out about the unauthorized payment, then you will have negative balance on your PP because Paypal will side on the customer and refund them.


    He has some accomplice on US who are also scammer owning Paypal account. That way, he receives the money and the accomplice receives the Paypal refund, so that turns out to be their real income the refund.


    If the real owner of the hacked the Paypal account still doesn’t know what happened and was not checking her account often, then they will be the one handling the account then and receiving the refunds. So that’s the double dirty money comes from! They get the physical money and they get the refund! When the real owner comes in and complain to paypal, well, she gets nothing because they get everything already.

    Kiss your ass scammers!

  • Fritzie

    Hi Rand,

    I am from Philippines and since my boyfriend don’t have a Facebook account. I am writing on his behalf. We sent like 3-5 emails to your customer service but they will only reply an automated one which is very frustrating.

    My boyfriend is new to PayPal, he is currently working as an oDesk freelancer. He don’t have a computer, so he’s using mine to make transactions and work. We share the same personal computer and internet.

    He withdrew his earnings worth $933 to his PayPal from his oDesk account. He then connected his Unionbank EON card and did the verification process so the limitation was remove. He did withdrew his earnings and after a minute, the money was credited again to his PayPal account and received an email that his account was limited again.

    So he did everything to resolve the issue. Changing of password, security questions and lastly submitting proof of address. He emailed the customer service because submitting the proof is a bit problem since he is currently living with his grandparents. The name appeared on the utility bill is his grandfather’s, but the address is same. So he submitted it (with a note) because they were no reply from the customer service.

    Around 7:48AM today, he received an email that PayPal denied his appeal and they are closing his account because of security issues. He did option 1 in the disbursement option but failed.

    Our question is there anything we can do so his account will be lifted and his funds will be available for withdrawal? He badly need his money since he is working and he needs to buy his own personal computer soon. He worked so hard for his money and end up with this kind of situation. We understand that you are only protecting us from scammers. But we can’t wait for 180 days so we can withdraw the funds. We know that oDesk is a verified payor of yours so I guess there’s should be no problem regarding of withdrawals.

    We will appreciate a reply from here. Thank you so much.

    • http://none lady

      Hi Fritz,

      It’s the first time I read about Odesk being questioned by Paypal. You are right, Odesk is one of the trusted source of Paypal aside from Elance.

      That’s weird. Maybe the issues of Paypal just closing accounts having big money is really true because they even Odesk transactions was affected.

      All the while I though Odesk to Paypal is never a question. Well, try to call Paypal, but mind you, they are rude. They don’t have the “caring” voice or “sympathy” we Filipinos have with our customer representatives. Just don’t let them annoy or you will forget your intention of calling them.

      You can also try sending emails to the executives – emails posted on forum. Point out that the withdraw is from Paypal.

      I am thinking also that maybe you can try to have a chat with Odesk and see if they can help you. Tell them that Paypal is questioning the money transfer that you did. Tell them that Paypal is considering Odesk trasaction as a scam. Maybe they can also help you as they want to clean their name and relationship with Paypal. Ask help from Odesk because I believe Odesk is just and Paypal is evil.

      Another thing, next time you withdraw from Odesk, try to use Local Transfer to BPI bank account. The remittance is free. You will only have to pay $0.99 and you will get your money direct to your BPI savings account. That way you don’t have to go through the hell-Paypal. BPI and Odesk has a tie up so it’s the cheapest among all other Philippine banks.

      Never waste your time on Paypal.

    • rossboss

      Have you been scammed by PayPal? Is PayPal holding your funds, which they won’t release to you? We are taking action against PayPal – We guarantee that our Legal Action will have your funds released to you and in your Bank Account before PayPal can say “what the F#*@”.

      We need your support! we will email to you two documents that need to be filled out. One document is a legal document and the other is an affidavit. The affidavit needs to state the background and how PayPal owes you money. The legal document needs to state certain information, such as your name, address, amount owing, and signed by you.

      At the moment we gathering complaints from people like you that are owed money from PayPal. We are carrying out a international class action against PayPal, and these legal documents that we receive from you, will be served on PayPal, all on the same day.

      When Paypal receive these documents, PayPal will legally have a maximum of 21 days to pay the amounts outstanding. In the event that PayPal does not pay one of your claims, they will legally be classed as insolvent after the 21 days expires; than we will seek our revenge and appoint a liquidator to put PayPal into liquidation on the 22nd day.

      Trust us – PayPal will not want to go into liquidation, so PayPal will pay the amounts outstanding for those who have filled out the legal documents that we will provide you.

      DEADLINE – At the moment we have a number of complainants, and we are planing to serve PayPal on the 06.06.2013.

      If you are wanting to get paid by PayPal, than we will need your claim sent back to us no later than the 31st of May 2013.

      Unfortunately there is a fee to process these documents and have them served on PayPal, which I am sure is very minimal compared to the amounts owed to you by PayPal. The cost for this class action against PayPal with your individual claim documents being served is AUD$22.00.

      So if you are looking for a guarantee to get your money back from PayPal, than send us an email and we will reply and email to you, the draft documents that need to be completed and sent back to us.

      My email address is

      So why are we doing this? Well Unfortunately for PayPal, they have shafted the wrong person. We are owed over $15,000, and believe me, I guarantee that I will be getting my funds back earlier than 6 months. I am a experienced business person, with background knowledge in corporate law. I am not performing any magic or wishful approach, we are able to get the money owed to us through our countries corporate law system, using certain legal documentation that Registered Companies are bound too.

      Hang on tight, this is going to be one hell of a ride for PayPal.

      On the day that our legal documents are served on PayPal, we will be asking all those who have submitted a claim against PayPal, to participate in sending a video to blogs, forum, video, and social sites; of us serving PayPal with over 1000 individual claims. So be creative and advise the world on 06.06.2013 of PayPals behavior.

      Thanks for your support. Send us a short email, and we will email you the documents.


      “Pissed Off PayPal User”

  • Fritzie

    Sorry for the word Facebook. I also sent this question to their PayPal Facebook page. A reply would be very much appreciated.

    Does this email address really works until now?

  • Rich

    I have two paypal accounts that have been limited. One is permantly limited for 180 days without any options and the other has been lilmited and asking for id. I made these accounts with false information(stealth). What are my options? Are there anyone who can make good fakes that I can send to paypal to get this lifted? I have a lot of money tied to these accounts and need your help badly.

  • Trevare

    I actually love you man! I sent your email to PayPal, and I just received a email from PayPal saying you are able to withdraw your funds.. Thanks a lot I really appreciate it

  • Deanna

    I have delt with these assholes over a period of 12 years, Paypal is and will always be a dead end. I found this blog last year around this time, changed up the letter, sent it to all the emails. Time frame was a few days before I got a reply back from them, after 45-60 days if I remember correctly was when I had sent it and the funds were released.

    Tonight the bastards got me for $4375.00, thank god I learned and do most of my business on multiple merchant accounts, as they are not much better then Paypal. This time I am going to wait 45 days to pass with no complaints, contact the BBB. also have my lawyer draft them a nice letter and shove it up each of those exec’s ass’s.

    Never stop harassing them, it works that is the key. Keep pressing on, just like with life.

  • jhon

    does this still work? The got me for 800 and ive had nothing but 100% feedback and 100% NO chargeback. They take liberties

  • james

    Has anyone got an updated (2012) list of email addresses for paypal?
    need one asap!


  • Fritzie

    Hello Lady,

    We actually called PayPal. We spent like $25 to call them from Philippines to US. My boyfriend talked to them for about 30 minutes. What sucks is that you have to be transferred for a couple of times which is really annoying for us. We are spending so much money for the call.

    So, they were asking lots of question and after 30 minutes they sent an email that we can withdraw the money. We’re good for now. :)

  • Kimberly M

    Well i was a buyer on eBay and i used PayPal to pay for the items. I was still a newbie in the eBay world; i had 9 feedbacks all 100% positive. Then when money got tight i decided to sell a iPhone 4S. The iPhone sold within FOUR minutes of posting it as “buy it now” and i then printed the labels and got it ready for shipping, and i added the signature verification so i would know it was delivered. The money for the iPhone was in my PayPal account but was pending since he had not got it yet. 3 days after shipping it out i got an email with the time, date, location, and proof of delivery (which was his signature). So i went to my PayPal account to transfer the money into my bank… well guess what? As soon as they had proof the item was delivered they limited my account. The reason why they did it is so frustrating… Well the guy received the iPhone at 10:38am (now remember he SIGNED for it) and at 11:13am he went through eBay and told them he never got the phone and it’s past the day it should have gotten there. EBay contacted me, and i sent them the record that has the day, time, location and the signature that was signed to get the phone. The signature/name that was given to the FedEx guy is the same name as the guy who ordered the phone! Then to find out PayPal is now involved. I have given them all my information and i am a verified on PayPal and i gave them all the proof i had to prove he did get the phone. 5 days later, my PayPal account is still limited, and then i was told that PayPal gave the buyer a full refund. PayPal said it was suspicious on my behalf because i have never sold anything on eBay before. So basically, he got a iPhone 4S for free. PayPal is nothing but scammers and they will take other scammers sides over a good person. Since now i can no longer use my account, they also put a limit on my boyfriend’s account because we have the same IP address. This is ridiculous. He has 8k in his account and doesn’t even use eBay or any other auction site so i don’t see what’s the point of putting a limit on his account. He gave them all the information they asked for and within 2 days they denied his appeal to lift the limit and said after 180 days he can get his money out then his account will be shut down. Well, on the 12th day I’ve had about enough letting PayPal hold my boyfriend’s money and i got on the phone and called PayPal. After being transferred to 4 different people, i finally got a nice customer service lady and after talking to her for a little over a hour – all of his money will now be available in 3 days. I am NEVER using PayPal again, same goes for eBay.

  • luelue

    Paypal limted my account with 11k in it! Their asking for proof of ssn and bank statement. Im in chex systems so my sis opened an account for me. I have a bank statement however its n her name so im sure they wont accept that and she lives in another state. I sent the letter above but still waiting for a response. Then i got an email saying my ssn was verified and i no longer had to provide it but the limitation is still there….wat should i do on top of that the bank wont reverse the transfer because it had been authorized to be transferred to paypal so im f****d!

  • luelue

    Paypal limit my account.needs proof of bank statement but account is im my sister name im in chex systems she lives out of state i have the statement but doesnt have my name on it…help

  • Heather. P.

    I just started my paypal account a few days ago, I posted a my proof of information that they “demanded” before I could add funds to my account. The messed up thing is, it says in the resolution center, that everything was “received or accepted” But I still can’t add funds to my account, its almost like their limiting me before I even get the chance to do anything. I really don’t understand what’s going on, their customer service is a “big” help *sarcasim*
    Can anyone tell me what’s up?

  • Omar

    Having an issue with them not clearing my funds from a seller whom is claiming not to have received his bullion while the Greek postal tracking site claims the delivery successful. There is a dispute because he thought delivery was to be there in 2 day’s. PayPal claims they need a signature confirmation because the value is over 250, he is a new user that is uncertified with no phone number and apparently he has taken a photo of a written letter and some how downloaded it to paypal. When I ask for paypal or eBay to provide his phone number there is none. After I uploaded my tracking number I did not receive the funds released to me because paypal does not have human beings that mediate it is run by a large computer program. Paypal claims they have seller protection, truth be told they only have there own protection! I keep getting lied to and promised confirmation emails yet never receive anything from them. They simply lie and promise false information to me, I believe that paypal workers are in on this scheme as they have no true security or guarantee. I have been with them since they have started and truly have not earned any credibility!

  • kristina

    i tried emailing them about 2 days ago regarding the hold on my funds. i tried the email addresses i found in websites like paypalsuck, but until now, no response yet!

  • kristina


    Dear Ms. M# K######## S#####,

    Thank you for your recent correspondence to PayPal dated November 10, 2012. Your concerns were forwarded to PayPal’s Executive Escalations office for review and response.

    You complain that PayPal has limited your account and is holding your account balance of P43,188.38 PHP and will not make it available to for 180 days.

    At the onset, please note that although our actions were consistent with our user agreement, to show our good faith, we released P43,188.38 PHP of the funds in your account and made them immediately available to you.

    On September 7, 2012, we determined, among other factors, that you sold high risk items which were not consistent with your selling history and limited your account which prevents you from accessing your existing balance or sending or receiving additional funds. We notified you of this via email sent on that date.

    To protect against the risk that your buyers may initiate payment reversals like buyer complaints or chargebacks for payments already sent to you, PayPal consistent with the User Agreement, informed you that we would be holding the funds in your Account for up to 180 days. In the event a payment reversal was received, we would use the funds to reimburse your buyer. At the end of the 180 days, any remaining balance would be released to you.

    To thank you for your patience and in a show of good faith, I have released the funds and made them available for withdrawal immediately.

    As always, please feel free to contact PayPal’s Executive Escalations Department at if you have any questions or concerns or if we can be of further assistance.

    Very sincerely yours,
    Executive Escalations
    PayPal, Inc.

    Original Message Follows: ————————
    RE:&####;Case Number: PP-001-981-432-341

    Good day!

    I am respectfully requesting that the hold on my funds/account be lifted. My account got limited after I had some items sold on ebay. &####;I am not necessarily requesting that my account be re-opened or allowed to continue to use the PayPal service although this will be appreciated if you will allow.

    I have submitted all documents already showing that all the transactions were legal and items were shipped to the customer after payment.&####; Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal I will abide by it &#####; however I feel that holding my funds for ### days &####;is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power. &####;I reside in the Philippines and the amount that was held on my account is more than # months worth of my salary here.

    I understand PayPal&#####;s need for holding funds for credit card chargeback purposes, however a review of my account will show I have already registered a valid credit card that you can charge in case this happens. &####;All transactions in question have also left a feedback on the resellers account already. I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that holding my entire balance for ### days is excessive and my be viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power.That being said I have no problem with, and agree to leaving a balance of PhP#,### and putting my account on limited status for credit card chargeback purposes for the duration of the ### days. I can add another credit card if necessary so you can be sure. I feel that this is a fair resolution while still leaving PayPal with the means to charge back any future credit card disputes to my account.

    I sold some of my items because I needed the cash and I was in a desperate situation. &####;I heard that paypal is a safe way to transact, and I was really surprised that your office decided to put all the proceeds of the sale on hold for no clear reason.

    Thank you for taking time to read through my request. &####;I am simply seeking a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of both parties.




    • Sam

      I’m having the exact same problem with PayPal . They wrote saying that were parting(lol) didn’t know we were in a relationship, but have withhold my money for 180 day what a fucking joke.

      • Jason

        I sent the letter,but not working,a guy sent me a letter told me they still hole my balance for 180 days. What should I do ?

  • Hazel


    @kristina – Hello, I’m from Philippines too. I am still a student and I am using Paypal for the payment for a blog advertisement. I don’t have any credit card.
    I am running my friend’s(A) paypal account, I put all my earnings there but I decided to make my own paypal account.
    While using my friend’s(A) paypal account, I transfer it to my other friend(B) which her paypal is verified so she can withdraw it and send to me the money. Meanwhile, there’s a 15USD remaining account to to my (A) friend to clear his paypal balance (since I really owned that money) and I decided to send the money to my newly made paypal account. I have received a new payment from other advertiser worth 200USD to my newly made paypal account and want to send the money to my (B) friend account so she can withdraw it too. I desperately need that money right now. :(
    After that, my account is now limited, and my (A) friend is now limited too. Paypal is conducting a review about it requesting for a credit card and utility bill. What should I do? I am still a student but I badly need that money on my newly made paypal account.
    Please help me on this!

  • kristina

    do send the documents they requested.

    • ElNestorK

      Any tip on how you solve it? I’m facing same issue here in Argentina

      • Rand Wilson

        @c1fa2658fa420e96156e2c07f2658fbe:disqus did you try a letter as outlined above, that has worked for so many others?

        • janine

          Hi Mr Rand, The above email address didn’t work. need updated paypal email address to send my complains.thanks, email me janzcarla012@gmail. need your help

      • kristina

        i sent all the docs they requested from me but in the end, they still limited my account, saying i have to wait for half a year in case of a charge back. i waited for about 2 months before i sent a letter like rand wrote and they released the funds after 1 week! i sent the email to all email address provided about but it was that responded with the good news

  • Rick

    Our company has used paypal for 6 years, 2 months ago they froze over $100,000 we had 1 charge back in 6 years that was found in our favour and are 100% legit, Now we will probably lose everything I have worked 6 years for as this was most our working capital, They have destroyed not just my life but many people who worked for us, I am so depressed and feel like killing myself to end the nightmare they have created

    • Rand Wilson

      @disqus_oHiRDYrtDE:disqus don’t dispair (yet!) – sending a letter like i did (outlined above) has helped many of us! For the amount of cash you are talking about I would consider having an attorney writing it, sending certified mail, etc.

      Please, keep us updated!!

      • J

        Rand. I had never read your letter prior to my resolution with Paypal, but had a similar experience where Paypal was holding funds. So, I sent a letter with Blind CC, letting them know that I had Blind CC’d them for legal purposes. I went on to tell them that I had been with them for several years and these practices were not only bad business practices, but criminal. I urged them to resolve my issue promptly before I took legal action. Sure enough, I got a call at 7pm from a nice rep from the head office giving me a warm apology and releasing my funds immediately. You have to stand up for your rights when dealing with Paypal and Ebay. Don’t let them push you around.

    • Matt

      Rick, I understand your feelings and way of thinking but please, don’t do anything drastic. I too feel helpless having my money frozen and it is having a huge impact on our lives and my staff but I will beat them and so can you. You will get your money back. Send this letter and see what happens from there.

      • brian

        Could someone help me

        • Rand Wilson

          @9eb97db41c68ee4f2260bbd9ba536ac6:disqus, you might try reading thru the page above, and then through all of the helpful comments posted by others.
          If, after that you still need help, if you post a specific question I’m sure you will get some help. “could someone help me” does not give us much to go on to actually help you.

    • Rosa

      PayPal is too greedy and dishonest, corrupt organization.

  • Mike

    Does anyone have an updated email list? All emails posted in OP’s post are no good.

  • James Smith

    I have used this and it works! However, I got a revelation from my friend who works in Paypal. These are facts.
    1. When youre not from the US, the more chance of having your account limited, banned permanently or question without any reason. For the reason that you will have troubling suing them in court if you dont live in America.
    2. More likely, if they release your funds, you cant use your Paypal account again.
    3. They deposit your money to the bank and earn interests. Thats why they hold it for 180 days exactly. this is their modus operandi.
    4. Making this letter does not work for everyone especially for those accounts outside the US, and most especially to those technologically modern – but still a third world country like the Philippines.
    5. If youre from outside the US, I can draft a more appropriate letter for you. Send me an email

    • kristina

      im from the Philippines but paypal released my funds after i sent them a letter like one drafted above :)

      • James Smith

        good for you. and yes, ive received reports that this letter works for a lot from the Philippines. maybe because of the close ties of the Phil and US.

        • just

          Hi, i’m also from the philippines. Can you please share me the letter you sent to the paypal. I also have problem in my limited account. Thank you and Godbless :)

      • Charlie

        hi cristina, im also from the philippines and experiencing the same problem now. where do you sent a letter like drafted above? i hope paypal release my funds by doing the same thing.

      • Ed

        Hi. Im also from the philippines. My account got limited and feels like a nightmare coz I dont have funds to manufacture my clients request and they already paid for it via paypal. please send me the letter you sent to them.



    • baba ji

      Hey.. Smith
      Can you please draft me a letter please?

    • Shafiq Ahmed

      Hi James,
      Iam in the UK – can you draft a letter for me please.

    • Jamie charlton

      Hello bit of a longshot and this thread is a couple years old but this is the only help I have found for this situation that is crippling my business would you mind sending me the draft also as I am based in the UK thanks.

  • mins

    Hi Rand,

    I was contacted by phone on the 6th November 2012 by a papal representative, regarding
    the reserve hold on my account. The reason given for the hold was that,
    products sold by myself on eBay were to be shipped out in mid-November and that
    a 45% minimum reserve would be put in place due to this matter and will be
    released once I provide at least 20 tracking numbers (I provided 20 tracking
    numbers). Once logged into my paypal account, they required more information
    regarding the business and bank account, which I had submitted. I was told now
    on the phone that it will take 14 days to review but took well over 30 days. A
    few days went by and I logged in again and noticed another reserve hold of 30%
    of every payment received in my paypal account. It was already ridiculous that:

    1. Minimum
    reserve hold of 45%

    2. Rolling
    reserve hold of 30%

    3. Did
    not review my account, until after 30 days

    At this point £6,000 GBP was held as a minimum reserve, and around £300 + was held as a rolling reserve. So these funds had been still on hold even when I submitted all
    information and documents paypal required.

    Due to all these reserves and holds, I had a BIG problem sending out the products to all our customers. I did not have the funds for postage (Postage funds were all held by paypal and was not released, even explaining the situation). I had to take a loan out of £4000+ from family and friend to provide customers with the products they purchased. I had starting
    trading in October 2012 through eBay and now already stopped trading in December 2012 due to the problem with cash flow which paypal have messed me around with. I now
    owe £5000+ to those I have loaned funds from (Paypal are holding) and have
    stopped trading altogether.

    It has nor been 80 days since the funds have been on hold as a minimum reserve.

    Has anyone had their minimum reserve release?

    I am situated in the UK and not sure if the above email address’s in the blog still work?

    Any help/information will be appreciated.

  • keygan

    if i am to wait the 180 day waiting period, am i still guaranteed that my money will be given back?
    i never knew Paypal were so sly, they limited my account after i put 3k in my account, they are basically taking my money hostage for no legitimate/reasonable reason.

    • Rand Wilson

      @6943b0c6a87760d58911e71a41a590db:disqus, i have not heard of any reports of Paypal keeping your money after the 180 day “hold”.. Apparently after 6 months they have made enough interest from your hard-earned cash and give it back before moving on to their next victim.

  • Florin


    I’ve just got limited on paypal and they want business details as I have a business account. They want invoices, business name and registration and supplier contact

    I am selling video games and get these for free and therefore I have none of these.

    My questions are:
    – do you have any idea if they will release my money in 180 days? I not yet banned but I think they will ban me

    - do you know if I am to make a PayPal standard account if I could sale on Ebay just as I was selling with a Business account

    Thanks for you kelp
    – F

  • Ashley

    Most of the emails listed above are now invalid. Im dealing with basically the same thing.

  • James

    Another success story!
    We applied for a phone card reader a few months ago and were eventually approved. However right after that, we were hit by a 20% rolling 60 day reserve. Calls and requests for reasons to PayPal customer service were futile. They said to check back in 90 days and if no chargebacks, then reserve might be lifted. 90 days past, no chargebacks (we never had a single chargeback in 7 year history). They said tough luck, reserve stays on. They kept denying the card reader triggered the reserve, and I just found it too coincidental that immediately after applying for the swiper, we were stuck with the reserve. Mind you, we were also a top-rated plus powerseller with 100% positive feedback (2000+ no negatives).

    So I sent an email to all the aforementioned emails with my own version of the letter. I estimate 75% of the emails bounced, some others sent back standard automated replies, and the others did not respond. So next step, I filed a complaint with the BBB. Nothing happened for nearly 3 weeks. Then one day as I was almost out the door from work, the phone rang. It was a gentleman who identified himself as a senior dispute executive in the escalation department. He said he reviewed my account and found the reserve to be baseless. He also confirmed it was indeed the phone card reader that set off the reserve. He commended our impeccable Ebay/Paypal record and stated the reserve would be lifted immediately and all funds (now over $4k) would be available for immediate withdrawal. I was ecstatic, this totally made my day. He was very helpful and for once, I was happy with the way things were handled. The extra cash went to pay off vendors and we are finally caught up on our bills.

    This may or may not work for you, but it’s worth a try. I’m sure it also helped that we had a flawless track record with both Ebay and PayPal. Moral of the story, DO NOT EVER APPLY FOR THE MOBILE CARD READER! It will end up placing a restriction on your account. Good luck to all!

  • Louis Rossmann

    I’m going down the same nightmare path as you, although it is over much more money. I’ve detailed my experience, what I did, and what I should have done. I’m at the point of having to ask customers to file chargebacks just to get their refunds because PayPal is holding their money hostage.

    I sincerely hope the information in my “WHAT WE SHOULD’VE DONE” section helps someone before they get to the limitation that Rand has described in this post.

    I also thank Rand for helping us prepare for the worst. Many people who get bent over by Paypal do not describe the experience because they are embarrassed that it occurred to them, or they feel they deserved it. Or perhaps they are so tired and worn out from all the firs they have to put out after $3000, $5000, or $100,000 of their money is taken away from them, they have no time left to document the experience. So, I am glad to read the comments from others that describe in detail what they did, what worked, and what didn’t work for them. Thank you very much!

  • buythiscomputer

    Do you know if anyone managed to get an account UN-banned ? Seems impossible and when opening another account with the same name they close it immediately. Suxxers !!

    • Rand Wilson

      In my post on this page an the other linked pages, you will see that I had my account unbanned..
      In the comments on this page, and in the other linked pages, you will see that many others got their accounts unbanned..
      But you will also see that it was only legitimate/honest Paypal members that got unbanned. The Paypal people that needed to be banned aren’t as successful.

  • Philip

    Hello, i also have the same problem my paypal account has been closed after they made it limited. . .Can you please help i have a small amount on my account but still thats my money and i have the rights to get my money. . .Hope you can help im from Philippines . .Thank you in advance and God bless you. . .

    • Rand Wilson

      @disqus_hjTyyjwzwc:disqus, i think the best (only) way that I can help is by making this post (the page above) for you to read. also, reading through all of the other people’s comments here on this page can be very helpful.

  • charlie

    i am experiencing the same problem with paypal. my account is banned now and they say i should wait for 180 days before i get my funds. i’ll try to mail them using the email list above but still i dont get any reply from any of those email. is there new email i can contact regard this matter. my 500$ funds is locked on my account, i am from philippines ad 600$ is big amount of money in our country.

  • tony

    I think i should post here. It’s more connected to the topic
    I got permanently limited because of the other account of my friend has been permanently limited ( i used to link with him but after we separate) because it’s violate the term and considered to have multiple accounts.
    What happen after 180 days? (i’m still waiting) SUPPOSE after Paypal transfer the money to the bank account? what happen to the Paypal account that are permanently limited? and the information in there?
    SUPPOSE they not send the money back? can i call them to ask to send it to my account? is it possible that they will send the money back if the account is violated term?

    • Rand Wilson

      After 180 days, as long as your customers have not demanded refunds, you should have your money returned to the bank account on record for your account but your account will remain “limited”..

      • Tony

        Thank. How about my information, my bank account, ID. Will they get affected or can they access to it? Cause i’m not involve in this. It just my friend’s account. i USED TO link with him and that happen to my account.
        So after 180 days i still can access to my account? and they cannot do anything about it right? can i delete the account then? or do something to protect my information? Thanks

        • Tony

          Hello, Could you answer my question above? I appreciate that. Also, is there any way that i can create my new Paypal account if i get limited? cause i really need it to buy and sell on eBay as well as other places? Please answer, gratefully yours.

          • Rand Wilson

            I dont know what you mean by “will they get affected”.
            After 180 days, you should have access to your money but the access to your account will remain ‘limited’, just as it is limited now – you are basically banned from paypal.
            I do not know what you mean by “they cannot do anything about it?”
            I think you will be able to delete your account information, but Paypal will still have a ‘memory’ of it.
            you will probably be able to create a new Paypal account as long as you dont use the same email address, any of the same bank accounts or (i think) the same IP address.

            Please remember that I do not work at paypal and I have no insight to how they work or what they do. My knowledge is based on my bad experience with paypal.

          • Tony

            Thank. at least you know more about Paypal than i am. By that, i mean can Paypal access to my bank account and ID if my account is limited? and maybe Paypal makes it look bad?
            I’ve read in Paypal community, it’s about reporting the bank account that links to Paypal has lost, so you can receive a new one. Since it’s reported lost, Paypal cannot do anything about it. Is it true?

          • Rand Wilson

            I believe that PayPal will always have access to your bank account.
            I dont know what about the rest of your question.

          • SaS

            hey i really need some help with this dealing with it now and i get a conversation on the phone tomorrow and i need to make sure i have the right things lined up

  • Laura Johnson

    Hi Rand,

    I recently decided to leave my current job as a cellphone technician to pursue other opportunities. That left me with about 30 harvested parts I needed to get rid of. I sold them on Ebay over the past couple weeks making a decent amount of profit. An ebay buyer contacted me in regards to how many I had left and how much I would be willing to sell. I sold it to them for little one $1000 dollars. This was the largest transaction I have had thus far. No more than a couple hours later Paypal puts limitations on my account asking to verify supplier, proof of identity and shipping confirmation. This I do not understand because I do my shipping through them. I called in and gave what I could, but I do not have a supplier because all of the parts were taken off of phones that I or people around me previously owned as well as parts my company had given to me. We do not have paperwork because it is considered internal information. Essentially what I am asking is, what is the best way to ensure my funds are released to me and avoid any troubles?

    • Rand Wilson

      @google-87f2ea0fa8d45c8a9e8d19442245fa5d:disqus, honestly, I do not know!
      I would try to speak with a human being at PayPal as you’ve done, give them everything that you can, explain the rest, follow up, and stay on them.. Beyond that, hope, pray, and cross your fingers that PayPal doesn’t screw you like they’ve done to so many others.

  • VB

    I wanted to comment about people asking if their funds will be held over the 180 days, YES. They will. I had a huge sale on my website in 2010 and PayPal put a hold on $10,000. I provided the necessary documents, went through all the hoops a d guess what, it’s STILL on hold. My Paypal account is still active and I have close to no disputes. They told me that the only way to get my funds is when I close my account and wait 180 days after that. There is no reason for me to close my account as instill have a business.

    3 years later and I still have a hold!

  • Red

    Don’t know if I’m too late to ask for help since the last reply was 2 months ago but I kinda need some help. Paypal froze my account Last May 20 and it has $400. $400? Meh, quite a small amount for others. But I’m a working student and $400 to us is worth 16,000. (I’m from an asian country btw) and I badly needed the money for my enrollment. If Paypal will not release my funds ASAP, I won’t be able to enroll this semester! My enrollment is on May 30, it’s already May 24.

    • Rand Wilson

      @disqus_tJn9PNx3bt:disqus the best advice I can offer is to read the page above for what worked for me, and the comments posted here by others to see what worked for them.

  • M. Miller

    Ha. Check this one out. My paypal account business contact is my assistant and pretty much her contact info.. I, however, recently updated the contact info and was in the process of changing business contact to my name because I got tired of hearing I needed her permission to access my own account (via telephone). So today I receive an email stating that my account has been limited due to “adult content” and a link to my assistant’s escort ad and them stating that 2 charges (out of the MANY) were for escort services.. Now in all honesty what she does in her spare time is her own business BUT not when it affects mine. I run a legit licensed concierge company and the actual transactions in question where for pre-sale table service bands at a local club but I’m AMAZED that they went so far as to accuse her or even my customer, for that matter, of purchasing “services”. I honestly think that the second paypal feels like a customer with a LARGE balance is going to make a substantial withdraw they review the account.. My assistant had JUST added the business bank account info and suddenly there’s an issue.. NO SURPRISE HERE.. They do NOT want hefty amounts withdrawn because they gain interest on OUR money.. Needless to say I wrote an email informing them that I am the owner and would provide I.D., Articles of Organization, and Invoice of transactions in question SIGNED by customer.. I will see how they respond to that email but if the account contact person is no longer in her name and I can prove that I am the owner and now the responsible party for the account than there should be NO reason why they won’t release the funds.. but we shall see.. Also any advice would be greatly appreciated..

    Thanks :)

  • Reza

    My $22,370.00 is being hold by these assholes for 180 days, I been with PayPal and eBay for 2 years now without a single charge back or dispute. They ask me for loads documents which I submitted and after they had no other reason to have the account limited they came up with new BS. Now they are linking my account to another account that has
    -$2000 negative balance. I was shock by this since I never actually had any other account with PayPal so I contacted them to get information about the other accounts and they told me we will not be able to tell you how is this link to you neither we can tell you whose name, what address or phone number or any other information about the other accounts! I would now have to go to court in order to Request any information.

    So I decided to send What Rand suggested and after 3 days they got back with me and now they are saying after 180days they will send my money minus what the other accounts awe. Even that I never had any other accounts.

    Im now trying to take legal action against them any idea where I should start

    I can’t take them to small claim court since the amount is limited to 10,000
    I can’t rally find any useful information about how to actually collect my money
    All the class action sues are from years ago(not sure if that makes any diffrent)

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    • mscaligirl805


  • JimmyJean

    Does anyone have updated contact info for Paypal? Emails, contact numbers, etc.

  • victor

    hello, I have a problem with paypal somewhat similar to this topic. The thing is I already transferred the payment to my bank acc but it’s been 2 months and still hasn’t cleared. I contacted paypal customer service and they were telling me they were reviewing it for “security reasons” which left me baffled because I sell on ebay, they said I was getting huge payments from different countries but isn’t that what ebay is about?! So I am wondering if this layout will work as well since I have used and revised this letter and sent to the following emails above and got nothing but auto reply about it being responded within 48-72 hours. Any help will be appreciated since I am in need of the payments.

  • Reuben


    I’m here in the Philippines. And I think Paypal is taking advantage to us outside the US. Paypal usually reasons (via email when you make a withdrawal) that there are delays on 2-4 business days based on Holidays in my country. But every time I make my withdrawal I’m making sure and I’m certain that there will be no Holidays in our country during the transfer process of my funds. But instead of a delay, Paypal keeps returning my funds, and of course charge it with return fee (which is expensive. REALLY!!! Try your funds returned 3 times in a ROW!!!!).

    • Peter


      PayPal also limited my business account for 180 days, It’s been 2 months now, emailing, calling, but no result. Never had any chargeback, I removed all the PayPal buttons from my website, and I am using a new payment gateway, I just want to close the account and get my money (850Euro) I am from outside of the USA, from Slovakia, they reviewed my account in Luxembourg, that is PayPal’s European headquarter. Should I send the above draft email to the same email list, or can you advise me how to change the email if I want to address it to the European head office? Thank you

  • Happy ebayer


    Hi guys!

    Thank you Rand for this post, it has been so helpful for me to request a removal of the limitations on my account..

    I’m an Australian ebayer working abroad from China, I had listed a few branded goods for sale that were popular and shortly after the rights owner without inspection or having any complaints, took some of my listings down as for them anything coming from China is deemed counterfeit products. Though they were legit goods that came straight from the manufacturer.. I suppose the local retailers can’t compete with parallel imports..

    Anyway, so I had a VERO dispute filed against me, ebay had sent every person who had ever purchased that item to file for a refund.. You can only imagine what happens soon after! A mass of cases, refund requests… Even got refund requests from people who had already received their item, many decided it was a good opportunity to abuse the system to claim their refund to get free stuff! It was even messier that ebay had deleted my sale history so I had no idea who purchased which items on what dates..

    So paypal decided my account was risky and they put a 11% hold for 90 days on each transaction on my account two months ago.. I thought I could live with it at the time until the reserved amount kept growing and I couldn’t take it anymore! I drafted the following letter (at the bottom of my post) to all those email addresses provided above..

    This followed with a phone call about 8 hrs later, the customer support had explained to me why they had placed a reserve on my account and that this can only be reviewed 180 after it was placed. I kept saying to them that 11% was excessive, I kept emphasising that I am an honest seller who has dealt with every refund fairly. They said they could lower the amount, but not reduce it to zero, and that the new reserve percentage would apply 180 day from today.

    They asked me what percentage I thought was fair – to which I replied zero. lol

    I explained to them the truth, that on some items I wasn’t earning much, or anything (depending on where the item is shipped to as the shipping costs vary). They mentioned that I offer free shipping, which is true, but I replied simply saying that shipping is still my expense, sometimes I would earn a little and sometimes nothing at all..

    So they completely removed the 11% reserve providing that I put in tracking numbers and be a trouble-free case-free seller for the next few months. :)

    Here’s my letter:

    Good day!

    I am respectfully requesting that the ##% hold on my funds/account be lifted. This amount is currently $ ### and keeps accumulating with each new sale.

    My account was limited after I had went through one VERO dispute filed against me by a rights owner claiming that I was abusing their trademark, and also suggesting that I was selling counterfeit goods despite not having gone through any inspection or received any complaints from customers. The items in question were: ############, ############, ############, ###########, ############. Ebay had closed those listings and automatically sent a warning email to all people who had purchased the item to immediately request a refund, that then followed with a great influx of refund requests. I had refunded all customers who had newly purchased the item. However, many customers at the time who had already received the item used this opportunity to abuse it in hopes that they would receive their purchased items for free.

    I am born Australian, and I am currently residing in China where I am running my ebay store while also being able to travel. This is my first time selling in China and I was unaware that selling branded goods are heavily scrutinised. I have learnt my lesson, edited my store inventory to prevent this from reoccurring.

    I feel that holding my funds for ## days is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power. The amount that is ##%, though it may seem small, greatly impacts on the running of my store. I am competitively priced, on most items the profit is so small that to wait ## days for ##% of my sales to come into my account is excessive and may be viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power. In this situation, the ##% holds me back and I have to keep relying on my savings to make up for my expenses to keep my store up and running while being able to offer fair prices.

    I understand PayPal’s need for holding funds for credit card chargeback purposes, however a review of my account will show that I have already registered a valid credit card that you can charge in case this happens. I have also been fair when complying with all refund cases. I had provided tracking numbers and proof of shipments for many opened cases. I also reviewed my inventory in case this scenario arises and as stated above I also only ship using fast and efficient courier services.

    I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that holding ##% of my balance for ## days is unfair. I have been a paypal user for nearly ## years with little to no problems (until the VERO dispute to which I have positively responded to by complying with all cases), and I have used it for numerous online transactions. I have treated every transaction fairly, I only hope that my situation can be reviewed and assessed. I am an honest seller and that what I have mentioned above is all true.

    Thank you for taking time to read through my request. If you need a contact number, I can be reach on #############. I can also be contacted by this email address.

  • Feri


    Can anyone help me? Paypal also froze 2 of my account and they wanted me to wait BECAUSE THE PERSON IN CHARGE IS OFF UNTIL FRIDAY. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT REASON? This is supposed to be business not a waiting game. I felt embarrassed to my suppliers because my checks bounced and Paypal is holding my money in 2 accounts…Could anyone refer me to a lawyer? Im Based in California. Thanks….

  • John

    Hi I need help I am 17 years old and they are holding £200 I need I need it because the £200 on this limited account I need to pay for an account t with a negative balance of £200 it’s complicated but how can I get them to release the £200? I
    Need the £200 to pay PayPal debt collectors it’s ironic

  • marga

    hi rand, hoping you could reply to this. see, i sent the email just like the one that you and kristina sent. i am from the philppines as well and i sent the email to the email addresses stated above. however, i kept receiving failure notices from mailer-daemon saying that my email could not be sent to those addresses. what do i do?

    • Rand Wilson

      @08d6ebd26f725f8140ae311bf1ab0d18:disqus, check the return errors closely. Are ALL of the emails failing, or only some? If it’s only some (as I suspect) then I would not worry about it. If ALL are failing is possible that since this post is over 5 years old, these people’s email addresses have changed – in which case you may need to do some research to find the names or email addresses of people that are now in those roles.
      if you do find new email addresses please post them here and I will update the post above.

      • paypalwillstealmyfund

        Hi Rand, I have experienced that those email addresses are undeliverable.

  • gotohellpaypal

    Thanks for sharing. I am glad that I have found your articles.

  • Ryan Cannaday

    Alright, I am just now trying this, I added a bit more to the e-mail and added every PayPal e-mail I could find. Let’s see how this goes!

    • Rand Wilson

      Keep us updated @ryancannaday:disqus .. also please report back on the success with the email addresses you used.

      • Ryan Cannaday

        Will do! I used your emails and some newer ones, hopefully I will have success!

  • Kaylan

    Any updates here? Please help..

  • Rand Wilson

    Thanks to A.Chip, this post has been updated with email address known to work as of the last few days (scroll up).

    • justin

      rand wilson could you contact me through my email @ please i need to ask you a few and need some help very much appreciated

  • Stu

    I didn’t send a letter. I just called them, and after they told me I was a GOLD customer (what a lump of crap) I listened to their excuses that my account was locked because of a suspicious payment and they couldn’t do anything until the ‘Buyer’ had responded. They just assumed I was an EBAY seller who had no idea who paid me but it was actually my client who I’m in touch with everyday. After the spiel I sternly told them that they had not done a thing to contact the payer, he had not heard from them in any form and they had two choices 1. that if there was not an email in his inbox by 9am the payers time in the US that I would report them to the Banking Ombudsman and Department of Fair Trading here in Australia. 2. Don’t stuff me about and reverse the payment AND the fees they took and he’ll just do a wire transfer and I’ll receive all my payments that way and Paypal loses.

    Guess what, less than 100 seconds later my account was unlocked, and now it’s empty never to have a cent through it again.

  • Messi Angulo

    I emailed them buy got a bunch of invalid emails and some cell phone numbers for paypal employees

  • Messi Angulo

    December 08, 2013

    PayPal Inc.

    2211 N First Street

    San Jose, CA, 95131

    Attention PayPal :

    The purpose of this letter is to request that the
    hold on my funds be lifted and have my account limit be removed. I have
    previously requested a review/appeal of my case which was denied. I believe
    that my account should be re-opened and I should be allowed to continue to use
    the PayPal service. I also feel that holding my funds for 180 days is quite
    excessive and perhaps an abuse of power

    As a result I
    will be submitting this complaint to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney
    General of Illinois, and the FTC listed below within 72 hours December 8, 2013
    (see complaint below). I am also going to write a negative review on
    If I am not satisfied with PayPal’s response to this request to release my
    funds and restore my account I will continue to fill out more complaints with
    the Federal Reserve, I will write my stories on your Twitter and Facebook page.
    I am also planning on writing a blog on my Facebook and on the website listed

    I am still not satisfied I will make it a goal to
    contact previous lawyers that handled the PayPal Litigation lawsuit to inform
    them about your consistent behavior from that suit. I was involved in that
    lawsuit and still have the check stub copy and their contact information. I
    will also contact the lawyers that handled the current class action lawsuit in
    Chicago. Finally I have my own corporate lawyers David Abels and Gary Annes. I
    am not taking this matter lightly. A courtesy is expected and PayPal has 48
    hours after I sent this email

    United States Federal Reserve


    The Illinois Office of the Attorney General

    The Better Business Bureau

    Facebook Page

    I will also include a weekly blog on my experience
    and invite others to post their complaints, comments, and problems that they
    have had with your company. I will discuss my experience with the PayPal
    Litigation Settlement


    I am going to write here also

    Wolf Popper

    Third Avenue

    York, NY 10022

    (212) 759-46000

    PayPal actions to hold my funds and permanently
    limit my account are a ruthless, unfair act, and shows they are a company that
    is a high risk to consumers. PayPal is earning interest by holding my funds and
    not allowing me to earn interest in my bank account with those funds. I lost a
    lot o f time and money dealing with PayPal. I had $5,000 in my account and had
    to refund several customers due to my account limitation, costing me thousands
    of dollars and customers.

    I have previously requested a review/appeal of my
    case which was denied. To remove the limitation the PayPal representative and I
    agreed to use the PayPal Shipping Label System. After uploading the tracking I
    would be able to withdraw my $2,000 dollars. I am not happy that PayPal blocked
    me from using the shipping label system 2 hours later. I went to to
    upload tracking. Even after uploading the tracking I could not withdraw my
    money. Therefore, I was scammed by PayPal from withdrawing my money even after
    I uploaded tracking.

    Second, because I can’t use the PayPal tracking it
    takes longer to upload tracking and shipping to them. First class mail is not
    sold online by USPS, only by PayPal. So I also had to pay more for USPS
    priority mail. I canceled several orders because a limited PayPal account and
    fulfilling my customer’s orders is not feasible. Every day I was asked for new
    information which I provided to PayPal. I spent 5-6 hours a day calling and
    sending faxes to PayPal. Those are hours I could have spent with my customers
    and not lose my money. I had to refund customers their money.

    To make matters worse I already had PayPal
    transactions that were completed and I was told to cancel them by PayPal.
    Refunding a buyer and then canceling an order is not easy. I had customers not
    wanting to cancel the order and wanted me to ship them the item. I could not do
    this because my account was limited or not accepting payments. I was not
    informed about this. Since I am a good seller and did not want negative
    feedback I refunded customers their money. I did not know if I would have
    access to my PayPal account money and I am spending money to send my
    merchandise to customers. I am a good and reliable customer. I have 100% feedback; PayPal has my social
    security number, credit card statement, address, bank account, and a copy of my
    paycheck stub, all of my invoices, tracking numbers, and also my receipts. I
    also have been a member for years.

    Today, December 02, 2013, I experienced another
    problem because of the pressure and lack of help from customer service. PayPal
    caused me to refund a buyer and I sent a product to them already. I am eating
    $400 dollars and the product has been sent to the buyer.

    PayPal asked me what my business model was and they
    did not allow me to respond. My business, Angulo has passed the Illinois
    Business Registration Application and was approved by the Illinois Department
    of Revenue. My account type is a Sales/Use Tax & E911 Surcharge. I also
    have a sellers permit. This is also
    known also state tax id number. I am an approved retailer. I get genuine
    products from Microsoft’s authorized distributor Micro Ingram and Asipartner. I
    also have an EIN number and am a D and B number

    ASI CORP. is a Microsoft Authorized Distributor.
    They are also an FFP distributor and an OEM distributor. There are only 7
    distributors and ASI partners is one of them. Therefore, I am allowed to resell
    Microsoft products. My sales person is Michael Breslaw. ASI partners sells other products and works
    with companies such as Lenovo. As a matter of fact since I have parted ways
    with PayPal I have been approved for other merchants. It is quite evident that
    this is not a high risk and I am authorized to sell.

    PayPal has become a utilitarian
    company in which it only cares about itself and rips the heart of its
    customers. PayPal does not care about honest people and legitimate companies
    such as Microsoft, Asi Partners, and Micro Ingram. If they did they would have
    taken the time to do more research.

    A company that is not
    a risk to its sellers would not prohibit licensed retail sellers to not sell
    authentic products. PayPal is a risk to companies in America and sellers such
    as me. I want to let Microsoft and its distributors know all of the problems
    that I encountered. I’m sorry PayPal that
    you have become a high risk company that does not allow our American economy to
    grow because you are a monopoly and a utilitarian company. This
    is significant because it shows PayPal has a history of failing to fulfill
    their duty and continues to do so.


    Robert Angulo

  • Messi Angulo

    Rick I reported them to the ftc and bbb in california and nebreska
    I also got an email from escalations I plan on posting on their facebook and reporting them to the attorney general thanks for the help

  • Mark Cahill

    I am not sure if it was a modified version of your letter or my persistence, but after being “permanently banned” and $22,000 locked for “180 days” – I got a call from Paypal stating my “Permanent Ban” was reversed and I now have full access to my account and funds.

    So its possible guys, do not give up.
    (first action was to withdraw every penny! – lol)

    • Rand Wilson

      That is awesome @f48cf46f174abfd79b1945041b61c2be:disqus! Glad I could help

      • Nicki

        They just limited my account with 16,000 dollars in it I don’t know what to do I love my customers dearly and I barley have the money to ship there items out! I really hope and pray this letter works

    • Nicki

      How long did it take?

    • Danny V

      What did you do exactly? You sent this email, then what? Thanks.

  • Nicki

    I had 16,000 locked and they released 8,000 because of your letter! I really appreciate it but is there anyway they can release the rest before 180 days??

    • Rand Wilson

      Everyone’s issue is different.. You made threats in the letter, and they partially responded.. You could write another letter and tell them you are going to carry through with the threats/complaints and/or hire an attorney i suppose.

  • Paul Slakoff

    eBay is SCUM OF THE EARTH! It’s useless trying to reason with crooks.

  • Oli Morgan

    Hi there. Just to let you know after 2 weeks of emails back and forth they have now released my funds. I initially sent them the email on this page and changed to suit UK. They still did not let me withdraw my money however i responded to them each time saying I registered complaints etc. Eventually I said unless they release my funds I would have no choice but to take this to small claims court. 4 days later my funds are available to withdraw. Thank you very much Rand Wilson – do not give up chasing them everybody, use the email above to send emails and keep responding to them!!

  • Messi Angulo

    update paypal

    Hello DBA,

    Your PayPal funds are now eligible for withdrawal.

    You may transfer the funds directly to your bank account via online bank transfer or you may request a check from PayPal. Please let us know how you would like to receive the funds by logging in to your account.
    As a reminder, access to your account will remain limited until you perform the steps required to lift the limitation.

    While access to your account is limited, you may:
    * place logos into your auction listings or on your website
    * update your account information
    * withdraw funds from your account

    You may not:
    * send or request money
    * receive payments
    * add funds to your account
    * close your account

    Thank you for using PayPal.

    The PayPal Team

  • Peter


    PayPal also limited my business account for 180 days, It’s been 2 months now, emailing, calling, but no result. Never had any chargeback, I removed all the PayPal buttons from my website, and I am using a new payment gateway, I just want to close the account and get my money (850Euro) I am from outside of the USA, from Slovakia, they reviewed my account in Luxembourg, that is PayPal’s European headquarter. Should I send the above draft email to the same email list, or can you advise me how to change the email if I want to address it to the European head office? Thank you.

  • Lauren

    Just thought I would chime in and say that I got my money! Sent them an email on Friday and already have my money in my bank account!! I sent them the exact email from the post (lol), but I changed the date and the bit about keeping some of my money for chargebacks. I received 3 emails… The first said that the email address I sent the message from wasn’t registered on my account (oops!), the second email I got said that while my restriction will not be lifted, they will allow me to withdraw my funds! The third email came just this morning saying they won’t let me withdraw my money until my 180 days are up hahahaha. Did I read a comment on here about “the right hand not knowing what the left is doing” Oh how true since that message came when the money hit my bank account this morning! Idiots….

    • chad mcelroy

      Lauren i am doing the same thing did u send to every single person on the updated 2013 list? and how long did it take to have withdraw limit removed?


  • william

    I had a very similar problem with paypal holding fund. I spoke with them by phone and was unable to resolve the problem. Being employed as an elected constable in the state of Louisiana I new what paypal was doing was not legal. I contact the Louisiana Attorney general office and filed a complaint. The complaint started an investigation by the AGs office. Paypal contact me by phone and resolved the issue immediate once they received a letter from the Attorney General Office. We’re paypal customers and at some point we’re going to have to unite. My account with paypal is over 6 years old but the business just started making money last year. After reading about the problems others are having with paypal I’ll be shopping for another payment gateway soon. Best of luck to everyone on resolving your issue with paypal.

    • GM

      William is your Paypal Account still open and active. I am also having a issue with Paypal holding my funds.

      • william

        Yes my account is still active with paypal. I have not had any problem since contacting the AGs office as mention. If you’re still having problems I suggest you contact your Attorney Generals office.

  • Danny V

    Is there a way to word this email to not only have the funds released, but have the account limitation lifted? I’ve had my account for 2 years now and have had only 1 dispute which was cancelled by the buyer shortly after they submitted the dispute. I recently did $30k in sales in Decemeber which was my biggest month with PayPal thus far. If this email is to only have the funds released, no problem, I was just curious. Thanks

  • Danny V

    After sending this email I received a phone call from them in under 6 hours. I wasn’t available when they called, but I did receive an email about an hour later. They are wanting me to provide my social security number. I do not feel comfortable doing this. I’ve had the account for two years this April and I’ve had one dispute. One dispute. I mentioned this in the email but when they emailed me the guy said this:
    “PayPal reserves the right to request additional information from its customers, should it be deemed necessary, in order to minimize any possible risk and reduce the likelihood of buyer complaints, chargebacks or other forms of reversal against your account.”
    This doesn’t make sense to me because of my track record with them. What’s my next step if there is one?

    • Danny V

      Suggestions anyone?

      • Leonard

        Really sucks, I’d say contact your state attorney general to investigate.

  • Andina Dwifatma

    Hello guys, just thought that I could share my experience with PayPal here. On January 2014, PayPal closed my husband’s PayPal account because he received money more than AUD 2,000. The money is part of his scholarship fund in Melbourne Uni. After a month of despair (PayPal held the money for 180 days, and the deadline of enrolling this semester is on February) we found the email address So on February 13, we sent them email, telling the whole stories (using kind sentences) and attaching the letter from Melbourne Uni to prove what we said was true. February 14, they replied the email saying that they are now reviewing my husband’s account. And this morning, February 15, we received an-email from PayPal, saying that “Our review is complete and we have restored your account.” Previously, we have tried to send many emails and even called customer relations, but you guys are right, emails were answered by machines and customer relations have no power. Now the money is back, and we immediately withdraw them.

  • Dávid Szél

    Randy is the best! I successfully got my money back from my limited account! It was 680 USD. Thank you so much.

    I used the email above with some modifications. The twist is that I am from the EU and I needed to change the agencies, but it worked!

    I can confirm what A.Chip said, it is clear that thy left hand has no clue what thy right hand is doing.
    I received a response from PayPal that my funds will not be released and must be held for 180 days, and just 4 hours later I got an email again but from another person at PayPal that they would release my funds.

    Again, thanks for all the valuable information!

    • Eni

      Hello, please can you send me the email of the person who answered you?

    • Kristine Bridal

      Hi @Guest, can you please leave me a replay of the agencies you mentioned in your email? I am from Europe too and I desperately need to contact them , they have limited my account too.

  • Chelsey

    Got my money back!!! Thanks so much! They had 10,000 USD funds held from my business. I sent an email like yours and got a response 24 hours later and money released

  • NYOB

    Whether we’re talking $100,000 or $50, PayPal has NO RIGHT to abuse power the way they do. In my case, the $50 they held on to was money that I needed to GET HOME. Because of PayPal’s incompetence, I was left stranded-a single, disabled female, several hours from home. Money that was RIGHTFULLY MINE, was held when it shouldn’t have been. My account was in good standing, etc., PayPal just abuses their power.

  • Eni

    Hi, I have the same issue with paypal. I called them and read most of the template, but the rep was still saying we cant do anything you have to wait 180 days to withdraw your funds.
    My balance is 37 usd right now but I am waiting a refund of 350 gbp from ebay money back guarantee since the seller didn’t have money to refund.
    What will happen with this amount? Will this be refunded to my credit card ore suspended from paypal?
    I have used paypal as a buyer only. The limited my account because I had many reversed payments. All the items have been refunded from sellers or eBay decided on my favour after reviewing the cases. Haven’t lied any one and haven’t scammed.

    Why are they holding my moneys for 180 days since I don’t have anyone to refund?
    Please I would appreciate your help

  • stephen

    I sadly recently got my Paypal account banned due to ignorance though Paypal was a bit excessive. I current am living in Hong Kong but my Paypal was created several years ago in California when I lived there. I originally bought some stuff from Japan and resold it on eBay without any business license. I sold 4 items (and didnt even make a profit before my Paypal account was banned) I believe this was the main reason my account was banned.

    I currently have USD930 in my account and all the buyers gave me positive feedback for the items I sold recently. I had a history of ZERO chargebacks, ZERO negative feedback, and ZERO complaints from buyers in all my years owning a Paypal account.

    Can someone please give me advice on what I can do? Should I copy and past a similar letter with international agencies?

    my email is if you can kindly give advice or how I should go about this.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Rose Marylove

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  • carr

    I have same problem. Ppal limited my account, so I wrote and edit some parts of the letter on May 27, 2014 and. I got replied from executive escalation the same day in the evening said they won’t release the funds until 180 days. So I guess I will report Ppal to the authority. Lets see what happen.

  • lolo

    any updated email addresses? from the nov 2013 list I got about 30 undeliverable. thanks

  • Lolo

    Randy, thanks to your website I have resolved my problem with paypal! I had an entirely different problem and had sought other means to correct it for a mont. I stumbled upon your website, was motivated by you, and sent a similar letter which ended up being 4 pages, to all the email addresses plus other ones I found. It ended up being an email to the CEO of eBay that had paypal call me within 24 hours and resolve the situation, plus other small problems they had caused like unfair buyer chargebacks, all in a 10 minute conversation. They were very helpful, understanding, and polite, nothing at all like the horrible paypal customer assistance we usually have to succumb to.

    Thank you for your website and the help you have given me.

  • Dija

    May anybody upload new Pay Pal email adresses taht I could contact them with appeal to my limited account. I had used all from this list, and lot of them was declined as failured. I’m interested in UK email adresses. Cheers xxx

  • Ero Lovespell

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  • Virginia Solomon

    I just sent this yesterday to Paypal. Tons of them bounced back and I got several ones telling me some BS about the hold being on my account because of X,Y,Z standard scam BS and that they could not release the money, blah blah blah. You have to IGNORE these. I now believe they are automated possibly. Then I got at least 4 emails saying the funds were released TODAY and indeed they were! I got my money out of there so quick!

    So in less than 24 hours of sending this email, they released funds they weren’t planning to give me until September (almost $1K). It works and it works fast! So no more despair just send the email and if you get no response, follow through with the reports.

  • TreasureTips

    It can be rough. I created a quick guide on how to get your money faster.

  • Mona Ali
  • Jason

    1 weeks Days ago 30 2014, I had a friend of mine wanting to sent me a big transaction ($249.67) for my birthday gift. After that, Paypal look at my account and limit until i give them the the information they want.. Though so i don’t want to. I was so worry that my money is going to be there forever. So i take a quick look through google searching how to get your fund release. I come across this link —>

    I try to do that option and it work! Paypal took a look at my email and reply back in 1 weeks. Here what i wrote. You have to edit something out, just don’t copy it and email to them. [SIZE=”5″]EMAIL : PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS THE OTHER PERSON GIVE YOU, JUST EMAIL TO THEM. OTHER EMAIL MIGHT BE SCAMMER THAT TRYING TO TAKE YOUR INFO AND CASE.

    Case: PP And PP

    I am respectfully requesting that the hold on my funds/account be lifted. I am not necessarily requesting that my account be re-opened or allowed to continue to use the PayPal service, as I have already decided to move to your largest competitor and am no longer in need of PayPal’s services.

    I have previously email paypal that my account is not at risk and those transactions has made by me. Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my email I will abide by it – however because I feel that limiting my account for a non-fraudulent violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power, I will be filing complaints with the following agencies on Wednesday morning, July 3 2014, if I am not satisfied with PayPal’s response to this request to lift limitation and to my account:

    (agencies in the states that I reside or have a business presence in)

    The California Office of the Attorney General

    Consumer Complaint Against A Business/Company | State of California – Department of Justice – Kamala D. Harris Attorney General

    The Washington State Office of the Attorney General…laintForm.aspx

    The Florida Office of the Attorney General

    Florida Attorney General – Citizen Services Contact Form

    The Arizona Office of the Attorney General

    Florida Attorney General – Citizen Services Contact Form


    The United States Federal Reserve

    What do I need to know before I file a complaint? | Federal Reserve Consumer Help

    I understand that PayPal does not operate as a “bank” which is precisely why they may be interested in such complaints

    The Better Business Bureau:

    All complaints will be filed “online” Thursday morning July 3, 2014 and written copies will also be sent via certified postal mail.

    I understand PayPal’s need to hold those account for security purpose; however a review of my account history for the last month will reveal that I didn’t break your rules or terms of services. I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that limiting my account is excessive and maybe viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power and perhaps even contrary to the laws of some states. That being said I have no problem with. I just need you to let me withdraw my funds to a bank Account and then close my account, I feel that this is a fair resolution while still leaving PayPal with the means to limit my account again in any future.

    Please be aware that replying with the standard “this is part of the terms of service that you agreed to” will not satisfy my request, or deter me from filing my complaints with the agencies listed above on the morning of Thursday Jul. 3. It will be up to those agencies to determine if PayPal is operating within the law, abusing power, etc. I am simply seeking a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of both parties.Thank you for your time again in looking into this matter.

    Case: PP And PP


    Here what i got back :

    Dear Mr. Carter,

    Thank you for your recent correspondence to PayPal dated June 30, 2014. Your concerns were forwarded to PayPal’s Executive Escalations office for review and response.

    Nature of Complaint:

    You complain that PayPal has limited your account and requested documentation that you feel that you should not be required to provide. Additionally, you complain that PayPal is holding your account balance of $249.67 and will not make it available to you for 180 days.

    At the outset, please note that although our actions were consistent with our user agreement, to show our good faith, we released the funds in your account and made them immediately available to you for withdrawal to a bank account or by requesting a check.

    Factual Background:

    On December 16, 2012, you created a PayPal account, currently registered to (“Account”), at which time you agreed to PayPal’s online user agreement (“User Agreement”).

    In order to prevent fraud and ensure the safety of the PayPal system, PayPal routinely reviews accounts to verify compliance with the PayPal legal agreements and policies, e.g. the User Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy.

    On June 20, 2014, PayPal detected possible issues with your Account.

    As a result, we limited your Account as permitted under the User Agreement so a PayPal agent could review the Account further. User Agreement at section 9.1 and section 10.3. A review of the Account revealed the need to further verify the business or identity of the account holder. On June 20, 2014, PayPal requested you upload or add the following information to your PayPal Account for review:

    · SSN

    · A copy of Driver’s License or Passport

    · Proof of address

    As of July 7, 2014, we have yet to receive the following:

    · SSN

    · A copy of Driver’s License or Passport

    · Proof of address


    We have nonetheless released the funds in your account and made them immediately available to you for withdrawal to a bank account or by requesting a check.

    As always, please feel free to contact PayPal’s Executive Escalations Department at if we can be of further assistance.

    Very sincerely yours,

    Executive Escalations

    PayPal, Inc.

    I reply back to them that i want the money sent to the email i want too.. I didn’t got reply yet. Ill notify when i get them.


  • Linda McLinda

    You’re awesome! Thank you.

  • jessica c

    So i sent this email and within ONE MINUTE they released my funds!! wow!! thanks!

    • Ludo

      can you send me this email content and which email address did you send to ?

    • hugo

      Hi , can you send me the email PLEASE !! and the contact of th person who reply to you on paypal .

  • Asd

    Thanks for mentioning your way of releasing money

    PayPal also froze my balance for 180 days, I’ve sent them some sentences from your email and they replied that they decreased the hold period to 45 days, now I’m asking them again to release my money before that 45 days as most of my transactions have passed the 45 days period already and I’m waiting their reply at this moment.

  • Duddioman

    Why hasn’t some enterprising lawyer started a class-action lawsuit against Paypal for all the interest they are robbing people of?

  • Lizzy Patrick

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    Mrs L. Patricks

  • Saima

    Yesterday my paypal account was limited permanently and i had $8000 in my account. I felt completely helpless, depressed didn’t know what to do who to go for help i called paypal and they said the ban is permanent and my account can not be restored and i will be able to withdraw fund after 180 days (six months). Then i stumble on this website and sent the letter to the emails listed on the 2013 list a lots of them got bounced back got two or three auto response stating the same things that account can’t be restored then i reply to those emails from the email that one of the user has posted on the comment section which also followed with few calls to paypal saying that account can not be restored. Than after few hours today i got an email from paypal that my account has been restored. Lesson learned never leave too much money on paypal. In situation like these take aggressive measures even if you think your account can’t be restored. I also filed a complain with Better business Bearu yesterday.

    • Hebreb

      what is the website to the 2013 list?

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  • Jan Whitebear

    I just want to know HOW they get away with continuing this practice even years later! And it’s not exactly like we sellers on eBay have much of a choice! EBay now requires you to use PayPal! The only alternatives “they allow on eBay” are more expensive than PayPal! Anything that would be to our benefit, like Google Pay, is absolutely NOT ALLOWED on eBay! They are so evil!

    I pulled all 55 of my auctions last night because I found out that all of a sudden, for no reason other than I had taken the summer off from selling on eBay, they are having PayPal hold any funds from my little fridge magnet business I have there until I have sold again for three months straight!

    • Ben

      They are a joke, I have funds being held despite being with them for nearly 10 years. They know exactly what they are doing. They ask for information to resolve a limitation but when you fill everything in they move the goalposts and ask for even more information. It’s all probably to earn interest on your money really. They just want a reason to hang on to your money, they must love it when people choose to wait the 180 days. I totally hate them now!

  • Ben

    Does this method work with people who have a UK PayPal account?

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  • Kristine Bridal

    I cannot read anywhere the reasons why the accounts have been limited or restricted. I am somehow in the same boat with some of you as I have a limited account at this moment and I have very few days left to resolve the problem – uploading photo ID and proof of address. I have only $150 in this account, but this is not the reason I am concearned. My problem is I run an Etsy business ( which is my main venue source) and for my country PayPal is the only payment method accepted by Etsy. So my Etsy business would be OVER if I stop using PayPal. PayPal says they request this info to comply with European Union anti -money loundry Regulations, but I just can´t bite this. I feel this is a violation of my rights. How can they fight money loundry if they have my photo – even if I would be that kind of person… excuse me , but I think this is b******t. I don´t feel confortable at all my personal info being all over the place. Does anyone here had this issue before and know how to solve it? I really, really need a PayPal account, but I am not confortable with the idea of them having copies of my ID and other info. Thank you in advance!

    • London

      I sympathise with you. I 100% agree that requesting personal information is a violation of our rights. I was in shock reading that due to EU regulations/anti money laundering BS. I am also not comfortable providing this information. I will be speaking with them and won’t be providing anything, I am owed money though. Good luck I hope you get your situation resolved.

      • Kristine Bridal

        They are starting the process of controlling us all, and we should not keep our hands crossed and do nothing. Unfortunately, I sent them what they wanted cause I was in a stressful situation. On the other hand, they ( big powers) are on the way of implementing human cip, and if we are not doing anything soon enough this is going to be the reality to deal with in no time. I think we should gather in a group on Facebook and /or Twitter and really DO something about this, I don´t know exactly what, but we should figure something out. Anyone interested can find me on facebook as Kristine Bridal or Twitter here :

  • London

    I am shocked by PayPal. I have a personal account just set up to sell of items no longer needed, my last payment of 325.00 has been held and a request from PayPal for my personal information. I do want to provide any of my documents as I believe this is my personal information. I don’t need the PayPal account now but I want my money! I have received 100% positive feedback from all of my transactions there is no problem! I will speak to them but I will not be providing my private information and happy for them to close my account because quite frankly, I do not wish to be a customer of such a scam company.





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  • Emma Bryant

    There have been numerous people who have been limited with huge amounts of money in their account. One small chargeback or dispute and Paypal goes haywire. Currently it is harder than ever to even have a lasting account.

  • barry

    e-bay has gotten too big for its own good…

    they r ripping the buyers off…

    A seller agreed to a return, then ebay said they don’t have to go through with it… the item was sent back…. now i’m out the vest and $160 bucks….

    E-BAY I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glen

    My account has also been limited, but with somewhat different circumstances. I don’t want to make this too long, but I want to give details as I hope to gain some knowledgeable advice.
    My account is more than 10 years old and has always been in good standing, but it’s not a business account that large sums of money have been exchanged through. Its just a personal account that I let my kids buy from eBay and other online stores from. At the moment it has like 300 bucks in it.
    When I opened the account over 10 years ago, I didn’t have a bank acct to link to it, so with her permission, I used my mother’s bank acct and opened the PayPal acct in her name, not knowing that was against any kind of rules and not knowing that I didn’t even have to put her name on the PP acct in the first place.
    As the years passed and my eBay and PayPal accts became more established and trustworthy (vs a new acct), I eventually got my own bank acct, so I disassociated my mother’s bank info with the PP acct and added my own, leaving only her name tied to the acct. My email address was used to open the PP acct and is associated with it, as are my telephone number, mailing and shipping addresses, my eBay acct that is registered to me, as well as my own bank acct info as of several years now.Every transaction that has went through this PayPal acct since day one have been mine. Every deposit into that acct, save for adding money from a Green Dot moneypak a few times, have came from items sold on eBay through the eBay acct registered to me and linked to this PP acct.
    My problem started when I noticed a hold on funds in my acct. The hold was in the amount of just under $40.As I was using the PP app on my phone, which has very limited details, and didn’t have immediate access to the actual website, I chose to call PayPal about the hold.
    When I got someone on the phone, they stated that they couldn’t give me information on the account, but had to speak with the account holder.I tried to explain that I was, in fact, the account holder.The lady insisted she speak with the person whose name is on the account(my mother).
    When I was able to get on the actual website a few hours later, I found my account limited, not able to send funds, make purchases, withdrawals etc.
    As it turns out, the hold was for an eBay item a customer wasn’t satisfied with, which, when all was said and done, the buyer didn’t return the item and the hold on the $40 was lifted, but now it’s ALL on hold.Big help there, PayPal.
    I didn’t want this to be so long, but needed it clear and concise as to hopefully get some advice.
    I’ve read over the above letter, but as my situation is somewhat different, I don’t know if I should send one in the form of the example above, or word it totally different, explaining as I have here. I’ve got a draft going, describing my unique situation and asking for the release of my funds, but I’ve not yet sent anything.
    Very sorry for the length of this and any responses are very welcome and appreciated.

  • SonyAli6

    Good evening Rick. I can surely understand what you are depress of. I been there did that. Spent countless hours to gain the trust of customers and in the end had to start over again from the point “0”. If you are married then just simply change the credentials of your ebay account on your wife name and its alright if paypal account will be even one day old. Cheers.

  • ld

    really really happy with this post – i tried it yesterday sent it to about 20 e-mails got three back two automated and one with a contact number rang them up.. baring in my we have 80% rolling reserve on 100% of payments we receive and a minimum reserve of £2,000 on the account permanently – i rang the number supplied info like last 4 numbers on any card attached to account e-mail address and my name.. literally within 20 seconds i told the lady once the minimum reserve has built up i was told the 2k would be released i kid you not within 20 seconds she said yep ok no problem sir and moved it into available! considering they placed the minimum reserve on 4th november 2014.. now its the 11th feb 15 and pretty much every other day ive been on the phone they told me there wasn’t nothing i could do about it and it would be released when the account is closed!! considering we already have a 80% rolling reserve for 60 days on 100% of everything our account receives. i was amazed at how quickly she released the money.. i sent a revised letter and mentioned i would report the situation and said i am aware it is not legal in some areas and i did not state and companies that i would report it to.. because i didn’t know any as i am in the UK and do not know the relevant people only solicitors – who in this situation are pretty useless as i have accepted the terms etc… and it worked. the e-mail has to be sent off the account you are talking about with the case reference number.. i currently have 7 open charge back cases open and the woman did not even mention them – the reason so high is because we do 10’s of over the phone card payments a day. as we are dealing with the public not b2b inevitably some open charge backs once they receive what they want… unfortunately this is just how it is and we win the majority. but this wasn’t even taken into consideration the money was just moved from reserve to available. unfortunately we still have thousands in rolling reserve and we only get 20% available from every payment but at the moment thats just how it is.

    thanks so much for the template of the e-mail it did the trick!

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  • Peter Gupta

    Good to see that some of you manage to get the money back from Paypal. I was not aware of this possibility when it happened to me, and similarly as the author, I did not NEED the money at that moments, so I just decided to wait. Now the time has passed, I have the money and the account is closed. I am using alternative payment service and I do not remember why I went for Paypal in the first place. I feel sorry for those, who have Paypal as their only option and have to continue dealing with them. My suggestion would be just to look for an alternative options.

  • cris cruz

    My account with Paypal recently put on hold and was advise the my funds will be on hold for 180 days. This really got in to my head and I’ve been reading a lot on what steps I should do for them to release my money. I even sent the a similar email like this I even told them I will have it published to news if they won’t release my money. I am really frustrated now and my head is aching thinking of what are the other option I can do to make paypal release my money. Why they were doing that? It’s not there money and yet they were already deducting you with some fees…

  • Sab

    So my daughter had access to my account and paid money to a scam artist online for shoes, I called paypal and told them the scenario, they disputed and got my money back, but then they limited my account because “a minor took control” and won’t let me take out the funds for 180 days, and also said I have to give proof of my identity, which I was hesitant to do, but still did, I gave a picture of my passport picture, bank statement, and drivers license eventually because they weren’t approving it. They still haven’t taken off the limitations after all the info provided. I sent this e-mail above, I got some emails bounced back, but not too many replies either. It’s been a day, Am I suppose to wait ?