Microsoft AdCenter PUBLISHER (PubCenter) Goes OPEN Beta

It’s official!  Microsoft’s answer to Google Adsense is going into public beta!

Up until now Microsoft has been testing PubCenter (Adcenter for publishers) in a very small, closed beta – but beginning April 22 Microsoft will be expanding their PPC advertising product to an open beta.  My sources tell me that Microsoft’s product manager for the pubCenter beta will be talking more about pubCenter and the open beta at AdTech San Fransisco tomorrow (April 22). Microsoft will also be opening the pubCenter Blog to the public tomorrow morning, so check it out to learn more about pubCenter as it matures (remember, you heard about it here first!)

I’ve been using PubCenter for several months now and it has some great features for publishers such as fully customizable ad-layouts (backgrounds, gradients, font size, font colors, etc) powerful reporting features and (so far) great support. As the product matures and the beta expands and eventually goes fully public, I expect it to go head-to-head with Adsense (eCPM, earnings, etc) and give Google a run for it’s money.

If you have a quality website and are interested in joining the Microsoft pubCenter open beta program, you can sign up here: Microsoft pubCenter Beta application

If you have questions about Microsoft’s new Adcenter for Publishers (pubCenter) PPC product, feel free to post them here and I’ll do my best to answer or get an answer for you.

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft AdCenter PUBLISHER (PubCenter) Goes OPEN Beta

  1. Hi,
    It’s a great news and I hope they will be good at this.
    I know lots of publisher likes adsense and I know lots of people also hates adsense.
    Microsoft must starts the part where people hates adsense.For example,ban people without reason!!!(These people will jump to Microsoft now)
    And of course they must develop a system where the same IP can’t click an ad more than 3 times in a some period(or don’t count the clicks BUT tell this to publisher too). This is something easy but Google really doesn’t want to do this for years because they can not have a real defence than when they ban some accounts

  2. prasad said:

    i need to know that Microsoft AdCenter allowed indian peoples?

    Of course they allow indian people.. however they only allow US-Based publishers (even if they are Indian)..

  3. Will see how well it fares. I’ve been with YPN since the beginning, and while they had a strong start, they began petering out. Hopefully MS Publisher program will have more sticktoitivness :-).

  4. 47 said:

    What kinds of things did you need support for ..

    pubCenter is still in beta, so things don’t always work right.. as problems or even questions come up, there has always been a fast and good response from first-line support as well as the pubCenter system engineers.

  5. mike said:

    I wonder what ad sizes they will have and how many advertisers.

    They have all the “standard” sizes – they are also far mor customizable (fonts, backgrounds, gradients, etc) than Yahoo or Adsense.. I’ve been testing the pubCenter ads off and on (rotating between adsense, pubcenter, ypn) at so you can take a look and get a feel for the advertiser inventory

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