How To Make Money Without Even Trying

I got a surprise in the mail today. Lumped in with the bills and other junkmail there was an envelope from Since I’ve only really used Chitika for testing/comparing in-text ads against Kontera, and not for over a year, I assumed it was just some sort of promotional materials.  Boy was I wrong. Upon opening the mystery envelope I was greeted with a check for several hundred dollars. Good thing I didn’t just toss it!

I quickly logged-in to my Chitika account and ran an earnings report, and it turns out all this effort-free cash was generated from referral links on old posts here in the blog. Those posts took probably 30 minutes of my time and effort at most to write, and now they are generating $3 – $5 PER DAY.  It seems it took a while for the publishers that signed up via my referral links to start generating income, but now that they are, it’s paying off for ME.. They make money, I make money – it’s a win-win.

This is a great reminder that that you don’t actually need to use a particular ad-network for it to generate an income for you. If the product is good (many publishers prefer Chitika over Kontera or use their standard ads), post some referral links, and earn money without even trying.


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