Disqus – Hello? Is this thing even on?

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m not that guy that jumps into every new online service and social networking website that pops up daily. I tend to sit back and let the chaff shake out before investing any energy into it.  Some call this lazy, I call it letting everyone else do the beta testing for me.

One of those fancy new services I have avoided is Disqus. I’ve avoided adding Disqus to any of my websites or blog, and only created a Disqus account a few weeks ago when being forced to do so in order to make a comment on a blog to point out how stupid someone was. Since then I think I’ve only used it three or four times.

Today after posting a Disqus based comment over in my new Google Plus friend Mike Allton’s Blog I started to see the value of using Disqus and decided to give it a try. Installation was quick and easy, and I am hoping that all of my existing comments (now vanished from my blog) will reappear after Disqus complete’s it’s import process. My Disqus page reassures me that “Your import has been successfully uploaded and queued. We’ll email you when your import has completed” .. Yah.. I sure as F*ck hope so.

Disqus is not right for every website or blog. I would never even consider using it on any of my websites because the type of visitors that my websites target would never consider using it – most have probably never even heard of Disqus. But for here in the blog which is targeted at webmasters and bloggers, it is a perfect fit.  I’ve been careful to configure it so that it’s not required to create a Disqus account in order to leave a comment.  I hate being forced to sign up for anything (except when I really needed to post that comment about how stupid that guy was) and I try to making commenting as easy as possible with the least amount of roadblocks.  Please consider that if you use or are thinking about using Disqus or any other commenting system.

Do you use Disqus in your blog or website? Leave a comment and let me know and help me make sure this thing is working!

Disqus - Hello? Is this thing even on? by

15 thoughts on “Disqus – Hello? Is this thing even on?

  1. Haha. Awesome! I, too, was reluctant to even allow comments on my blog, but others convinced me that encouraging a healthy online community is good for most blogs, so I began to allow comments and then found Disqus. It’s definitely been fantastic for me, so I wish you much luck with it! And thanks for the shout out!

  2. I’ve used Disqus on several sites I maintain, usually at the request of the owner and because they want an additional potential revenue stream. So far I think Disqus is in a market that needs what they offer, but aside from the simplest use-cases it is a rather terrible product.

    If you ever need to do anything like porting comments between threads, purging duplicates or fixing configuration errors then the tools offered by Disqus are atrocious. They offer an API but it is at best a half-baked mess of their old version and a shoddy new version with the worst documentation I have ever come across for a company as big as they are. And they don’t offer very good support unless you are paying $1000/month. Of the last 10 tickets I opened with them 2 were answered within 48 hours and the other 8 went unnoticed until 30 days later when I was asked to resubmit them.

    It is highly unlikely I will recommend Disqus in future projects (and I have told them as much).

  3. Hi Rand, This post is therapeutic to read. I am also conflicted about Disqus.

    I just imported my old Blogger comments into Disqus and then installed it on my blog. It didn’t install the URLs or images of the old comments! I can’t find any literature (searching for such literature, I found this post!) on why this happened or if it’s supposed to happen. Also, I strongly dislike that the OpenId option in Disqus is gone. I support a sign in to comment for security reasons, but this current format is is likely inconvenient for my potential commenters, many of whom don’t have FB, Twitter, G+, nor want to sign up for Disqus. For these reasons, I removed Disqus from my site and my old comments (generated by my platform, Blogger) returned. (Phew!)

    I will sign in to Disqus to comment on sites that have it enabled, though. It’s worth the community and link juice, plus I really like Disqus features. I use my Disqus account to post my blog URL for most sites and the Twitter Disqus sign in to post on social media themed posts, as my Twitter illustrates my social media skills more than my blog, which is about social health issues and the arts. And Twitter is great for networking.

    1. @ashleyashbee:disqus, Disqus has the option to not require any sign-in for posts. That is how i have it setup here on my blog. I try to make it as easy as possible for people to leave comments – and forcing them to sign up for an account is not easy!
      Even with no sign-in, I do not have any issue with spam, which is a big concern.

  4. I use Disqus grudgingly only because so many sites are now switching to it. But I truly hate it and I am far less likely to comment on a blog that is using it. The thing I hate most is that is allows everyone to see every other blog I’ve posted on. Maybe I don’t want that, maybe I would like to have some division between my comments on business blog and those on video game blogs, ya know?

    So yeah, I really hate Disqus.

    1. i agree @jonathantimar:disqus..that’s why on my blog I allow anonymous/non-Disqus members to post.. I make it as easy as possible and try not to put up (many) roadblocks to anyone that wants to comment..

  5. Thanks for the article and especially the comments. I’m testing Disqus on one small part of a website (because I want to encourage easy feedback) but I’m struggling to understand it and hesitant to go very far with it until I feel confident I can “control” it .

  6. Add me to the club of folks who dislike Disqus. I hate jumping through hoops so that I can comment on a post and I worry about security. I especially don’t like logging in using my social media accounts.

    I’ve been using Postmatic on my blog as an alternative for comments – http://wordpress.org/plugins/postmatic. Folks seem to be responding well to the ability to respond to posts via Email.

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