Google Plus New User Translation Guide

You are probably getting tired of all the Google Plus posts lately, but if you are a blogger or a webmaster you really need to consider how Authorship and Author Rank are going to become more important to your SEO in the very near future.   And to implement Authorship, you have to use Google Plus.

Image of Google Plus translation
The Official Google Plus Translation Guide!

So if you have started using Google Plus and are having trouble with some of the ‘jargon’ that all of the Plussers use, have a quick read through the Official Google Plus Translation Guide.

One of the problems I had when I started using Google Plus (last month) was figuring out what all of the synonyms and abbreviations meant.  To help spare others from the shame of having to ask things like “What does HIRL mean?” I have put together the Official Google Plus Translation Guide.  If you convince one of your Facebook friends to cross-over, this should be the first thing that you share with them!

You can read the entire Translation Guide here:  Google Plus Translation Guide

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