Video Followup: Why You Should Ignore The SEO Experts

Yesterday I made a post about how I ignored all of the SEO “expert” advice when building my newest website, and still managed to start getting 500-1,000 visitors per day after just a few weeks.

This post stirred up a lot of questions and anger (mostly from those “Experts”) so today I have created a video response to a few of those questions and issues.


You can read the original post here: Are you wasting your time listening to those SEO experts?

Video Followup: Why You Should Ignore The SEO Experts by

One thought on “Video Followup: Why You Should Ignore The SEO Experts

  1. I agree with you about those that call themselves experts, there’s a lot of SEOs that mislead people. I always say that expert is a strong claim and I don’t think any SEO should make that claim period. The world of SEO as we know it is too unpredictable to being calling yourself an expert. I’m a full-time SEO and web developer but I prefer to express my opinions and facts that are supported by real data. I too hate how other SEOs are only out to try and benefit for themselves instead of actually helping others and delivering the truth. You know now from my recent comments that I don’t believe everything I hear, I depend on my own experience and findings just like you. Maybe I’ll be back or maybe I won’t. Lol, no hard feelings.

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