The Advertising That Keeps On Giving

Billy Gibby AKA Billy The Billboard, now legally known as “” was on the TV Show The Doctors today.  
Watch closely at the 38 second mark:


Billy was also on ABC’s 20/20 in October, but they had the nerve to skip over our tattoo and they blurred-out most of the others:

Get On The First Human Billboard In Australia

Steven Gaunt of Perth Australia has set his sights on becoming the very first human-billboard in Australia.  Steven and his boyhood dream of being a human billboard has already been featured in a West Australian newspaper (with circulation/readership of 500,000) and the newspaper plans to publish photos of the big event when it happens.  Whatever website or business is the first to get tattooed on Steven’s dot-com-virgin skin is sure to get a lot of exposure.

If you are interested in getting your website or company permanently (that means forever, Steven!) tattooed all over Steven, you can contact him directly to discuss pricing and body-part availability.

Steven’s email address is:  gauntsteven -at –

Tell him Rand sent you.

Our Human Billboard Gets More Press

You may remember a while back we had our second human-billboard tattoo for created on the back of our good friend Billy Gibby.  Not long after that AOLNews posted a story about our Tattoo advertisement which brought in a short-lived gush of traffic which was fun and all, but today has made a post which explains that not only is our friend once named Billy Gibby still looking for corporate sponsored tattoos, he has also changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom!


For a nominal fee, he [Billy Gibby] will permanently plaster a company’s logo on his skin. Gibby’s website featured the going rates for tattoo placement. (A six-inch by one-inch forehead logo goes for a mere $20,000.) Among the companies he currently advertises: Golden Palace, Liberty Tax Service, and Grown Up Geek.
Though the sponsorship seems extremely crass, he uses the money to fund his boxing career and the rather noble effort of promoting organ donation.
But tattoos apparently weren’t paying the bills — or enough of them, at least — because Gibby is no longer Gibby anymore. His new name is Hostgator Dotcom.

..Traffic is already picking up.  Thanks Billy.. i mean, Hostgator Dotcom!