Where Does Your Money Go?"

Did you ever wonder “where the heck did my money go”?
I don’t mean when you’re at the bar and you’re trying to impress some old dried-up bar-hag by buying her a $3 beer and you realize when you open your wallet that you already spent your last $2 going halves on a Zima with your out-of-a-job drinking buddy. I mean, where does your money go? If you ever wanted to know how a dollar bill travels from your pocket to the next guy’s pocket then around the country, check out www.wheresgeorge.com.

At www.wheresgeorge.com you can enter the serial number(s) of bills that you have , then log in later to see if anyone else has come across that same cash, and where they are located.. You can literally follow your money around the country. It’s cool, but obviously they need a lot of people entering a lot of serial numbers before it’s effective.

Check the website: www.wheresgeorge.com.

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