Why is this bl0g so schizophrenic ?

..and speaking of email..
I’ve gotten a total of 3 emails asking me: what is this bl0g about?
So, I look back over my postings over the few months, and this is what I see:
Posts about skinny women with large artificial breasts
Posts about the ongoing holy-war that is PC vs. Mac
Posts about Bird Flu
Posts about a great deal on a particular digital camera, or some such gadget
Posts about boyfriends cheating, hacking myspace, Windows Vista, OSX on a PC, Leo Laporte, surfing the internet secretly, Disneyland, Mumps, and several others not worth mentioning.

So.. What’s so confusing?

Ok.. I can see how the average person stumbling across the Grown Up Geek Bl0g might be slightly bewildered by the wild and varying posts – so let me take this opportunity to explain myself.

(I actually had to stop and think a minute before I could begin)

This bl0g is The Grown Up Geek’s (MY) personal little web-log. Obviously it is affiliated with the main Grown Up Geek.com website – so I have to post about our new features, new pages, and other tech-related items. But in addition to all that boring stuff, I also use my little piece of the internet to post what interests (or irritates) me. And recently, what’s irritated me most, is how the media is very stupid, or very smart – I haven’t decided which yet. You know what I mean. You’re watching Scrubs on TV, and at the end of the commercial break, but before Scrubs begins again, the local news “professional” chimes in with something like: “..how to avoid catching the Bird-Flu.. Tune in at eleven and we’ll tell you..“. Well, who in their right mind would miss THAT? So, like all other TV-brainwashed idiots, I tune in, staying up way past my bed time to find out. Of course we have to sit through all the stupid and boring stuff like the ongoing conflict in Iraq, hurricane Katrina clean-up, FBI raids on senator’s homes, blah, blah, until they get to the GOOD stuff we all want to hear: How to avoid bird-flu (or, whatever the highly important subject du’jour was). The secret to not catching bird flu? Don’t live in Asia, don’t handle chickens that are infected with bird-flu and duh, don’t eat infected fowl that isn’t fully cooked. WTF?!

My point? Well, I’m not really sure.. But I think it has something to do with how irritating the media has gotten – constantly going after the lowest common denominator, creating near panic in the average-Joe-TV-viewer, and not caring about the consequences.

So, as long as I’m irritated by the news media you’ll continue to see posts on widely varying subjects – but as is the norm with me, I will soon get irritated by something entirely different, and start posting about that instead. Now if you’ll forgive me, I’ve got to tune in to the local news to learn how not to get ripped-off by traveling hot-dog vendors.

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