Speed up your AdSense Updates

Adsense Update
For obsessive users of Google AdSense stats, one of the most frustrating things can be Updation Delaytion. Updation Delaytion occurs when Google’s AdSense statistics pipes get backed up and the AdSense stats page doesn’t update for extended amounts of time. During this time your AdSense stats become irregularly bloated and backed-up. Usually a large Click-dump comes at the end of updation delaytion resulting in a huge, sudden update of your stats. The sense of satisfaction after a large click-dump is almost indescribable, however because of the pain and discomfort that most users experience during updation-delaytion, most users seek immediate relief at the first sign of and stat back-up or slow-down.

Thankfully the GooglePlex now offers Plex-Lax for gentle, effective relief of Updation Delaytion.

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