Whats been freaking me out, this using credit / debit cards for everything. Now its not that Im opposed to it , its just what the people Im handing it to are doing with MY card.

Like the other day, I walk in to a local store and Im getting some food. I hand my card to the nice girl and she swipes it in the device and holds in her hand. Time is ticking and I see her flipping my card around in her hands, rubbing her wart ravaged digits around my card. Her fingers look like a cobra has mauled them. Or some kind of rouge flesh eating bacteria has infested them.

Then BEEP! I get my card back.

I wanted to test it for a “staph infection” before I put it back with the Other cards in my wallet but fu&k it, right? Im sure she washes her hands. Besides I’m hungry and have better things to do then entertain my hypochondria.

So later on the day Im at the park walking my dog and some dust blows in my eye and I swiftly rub my eye. I remember how you should always wash your hands like I hoped the nice girl with the sand blasted lobster claws for hands did, but I said, F*ck it

My dog starts barking at some ducks and as i scan around the area to see what is going on. I see an old man using pastels to draw a picture of the ducks. How sweet.

Then what do I see? The lovely girl from the store changing a diaper on a park bench and I notice some infant feces gets on her pockmarked and gnarled hands.

What say you?


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