The website about nothing

A few weeks ago we mentioned LinkeWinkie and what it was – or wasn’t.

Well, we’ve given Linkie Winkie a little more thought, and I think we kinda have an idea. I think it can be summed-up as the Internet version of the Seinfeld show – Linkie Winkie is The Website About Nothing.

Don’t get us wrong, calling a website about nothing is not a bad thing. Heck, the Seinfeld show was one of, if not the best, highest rated, most successful TV shows in history, so to call THE Website About Nothing is actually quite a compliment.

So what is Linkie Winkie?
We don’t know, and don’t pretend to know what the guys (or gals?) at Linkie Winkie are all about. But here is what we think we’ve learned about Linkie Winkie by doing endless hours of web-research on Google:

  • Linkie Winkie is vain – it loves to be talked about
  • Linkie Winkie is simple – no frills (the website about nothing, remember?!)
  • Linkie Winkie is popular – Well yeah – everybody is trying to figure out what it is!
  • Linkie Winkie is mysterious – I think that’s part of the allure
  • LinkieWinkie is addictive – Once you start trying to figure it out, it’s like internet-crack. You can’t get enough, and before you know it your teeth are falling out and you have that Internet crack-whore hair-cut
  • Linkie Winkie is nosy – It crawls the web looking to see who’s talking about it
  • Linkie Winkie is the subject of our dreams and our nightmares – (ok, I ran out of things to write, so I made up that one)

If you found your way to this website trying to figure out what LinkeWinkie is all about, then you know that Linkie Winkie is addictive, alluring, seductive, and.. about nothing.

If you have anything to add about Linkie Winkie, please post a comment.. I need it man.. i need it.. I’m hurting for a LinkieWinkie fix!

4 thoughts on “ The website about nothing

  1. i found your site amoung the top hits covering the linkie winkie mystery. i too have succumbed to this social experiment and have added a post about the site. let’s see what happens…

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