New AdSense Case Study Published

One night back in September of this year I received an email from someone claiming to be from Google Adsense’s marketing team asking if I would like to be interviewed for possible inclusion as an Adsense case study. My first thought was that this was some kind of cruel joke, or a the newest twist on Nigerian email scams. After checking the IP in the email headers and doing a reverse-411 lookup on the phone number he gave, I was beginning to think he might be for real. As a final check, I dialed his phone number and got his voicemail, then hit “0” and asked the operator what company I had reached. “You have reached the offices of Google sir, how may I direct your call?” – Wow, Google really had contacted me! I emailed back “Mr. X” and told him I would be happy to participate.

The telephone interview went well.. “Mr. X” was very nice and down to earth. He asked a lot of questions about the site, how we got started, why we use Adsense, how we use Referrals, what other sources of income the site has, etc. He also asked for my feedback on the Adsense system, ways I thought it could be improved – and he gave me some insight (not secrets) on how the Adsense team does things. We had a particularly lengthy discussion on “bannings” also. The entire interview was about 45 minutes long and at the end Mr. X told me that he would contact me if they decided to publish as a Case Study.

After not hearing back from Mr. X for a few months I figured our site did not make the cut. I mean, how many thousands if not millions of other publishers are there in the world with better/more successful sites than ours? Heck, we’re n00bs – would we deserve such an honor?!

About ten days ago as I was going through my daily Google-Alerts to see what new scraper-sites had stolen our content, I came across one entry with the Google name & URL in it. I was shocked when I saw that Google DID indeed publish as the newest Adsense Case Study!

I don’t think that being published as an Adsense Case study is going to generate any traffic for us, increase or PR, or change our SERPs, but to me it is one of the most flattering things that’s ever happened – validating that at least I’m doing something right. I’ve tried to descretly brag about it over at the DP Forums, but I’ve mostly kept it quiet. I guess this is the best place to toot my own horn.

14 thoughts on “New AdSense Case Study Published

  1. Way to go Randy! I came here via DP and you certainly arent bragging about it :p

    Btw, why dont you change the link to directly point to your case study.

  2. @Shypy —
    I point my DP link here instead of directly to the case-study so everyone know’s that it’s actually ME/My site..

  3. Hey Randy , Congrats bro and you deserve it. i remember the meetings and WEMUG days. haven’t talk to you in a while so hit me up when you can. cant wait to hear the story on everything going on.

  4. I can’t see your site on that page, I assume it’s been changed?

    Well done anyway, I’d certainly be proud if Google put any of my sites anywhere on theirs (apart from the search obviously).

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