My Google AdWords Failure

We have one page at the site with a pretty high paying (almost $80) affiliate. In the last month we’ve gotten 4 conversions on this affiliate from natural organic traffic. I figured that if I could drive some targeted or even semi-targeted traffic to the page I should be able to get dozens of conversions. And what better way to get targeted traffic than with Google Adwords ?

The first thing I realized was that all my keywords were expensive – in the neighborhood of $4-$5. The high price of these keywords did not matter to me though because I was confident that I would be getting conversions left and right. I set my daily budget at $80 (the cost of one conversion) and started my campaign.

Within about 2 hours, I had several clicks, and burned through my entire daily budget. My total number of conversions? ZERO .. After looking at my stats and keyword list it became apparent that a few of my keywords were too broad and were bringing untargeted traffic. There went $80 down the toilet.

Day two:
I narrowed my keywords and changed my ads a bit and unpaused my campaign. This time the campaign ran for several hours before burning the daily budget. Total number of conversions: ZERO. Another $80 gone

Day three and four:
This time I decided to look at my landing page. Maybe the page that did so well with organic traffic needed to be a little more spammy. I added a large banner at the very top and a few text links in the page copy. Total number of conversions: ZERO – Kiss goodbye another $160

Day five:
At this point I was a bit discouraged so I lowered my daily budget to $25. I fine-tuned my ads by adding a “call to action” as suggested at the DP Forums. For some reason on this day the cost per click was much lower at about $0.50 each – things were looking up! With this lower CPC I would be getting more hits than when my budget was at $80! Result: ZERO conversions

The PPC game is harder than it looks! It was suggest in the DP Forums that losing money is a necessary part of making money with PPC. TEST TEST TEST, and TEST more until you hit on what works for you. Well guys, I just can’t afford to test that much! Last month my DP Forum buddy Tom tried using PPC to sell my eBook. To read how successful Tom was, check his bl0g at

2 thoughts on “My Google AdWords Failure

  1. Google Adwords is much tougher to control than it used to be. For least risk try this:

    Opt out of content and Google’s search partner network to avoid click and distribution fraud.

    Use only phrase and exact match versions and never broad match to keep their expanded broad match function from showing your ads for unrelated searches and on keywords that are too general.

    Drop by the PPC forum at to ask questions and get free assistance in making your PPC advertising work for you.

  2. Well lucky me i saw google failure at the begining. I put in 50$ to start with. i added many targeted phrases, i saw the amount of money needed to first page and immediatly knew that this way will cost me a lot more than i would gain. pepole are using auto-bid and as a result a click can easily be from 5$-25$. 25$ a click – that’s crazy. i saw very high competion which in a few cases got the click to 75$ a click – that is even more crazy. i decided not to bid more than 50c’ a click and to bid 1$ on a very targeted phrase. i decided not to worry if i wont have many immpression as a result. i got only 500 impressions a day with only 3 clicks which there result in purchase is still unknown. my advice to advertisor is like that – dont go crazy and bid the high first page minimum – you will burn your budget in a snap and get zero result. most pepole dont realize what im telling by dont bid high – most starting advertisors do’nt need 10,000 hits a day. you should target your campain to a maximum of 1000 clicks a month at less than 50c. by biding a low amount on a high bid phrase you will get your ad in but to a narrow time – that is when the high biders burns there budget – there ads are not dislplaying and the price automaticly falls. never use contant advertising only search engine result and if you won’t uncheck that option in the begining you will get a lot of clicks- untargeted clicks- not counting fraud traffic – the owners of the content sites have an interest to produce as many clicks as they can since they profit from that. so three main things : 1 – never use auto bid. 2 – do not use contant only search engine advertising. 3 make very targeted phrases which do not have a high volume of traffic – you will get a few but high quality clicks and always make sure u r going to profit at least 100 times the click price.

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