GrownUp Geek breaks 10,000 visitors per day

It was bound to happen. For the last few weeks the Google Analytics have been showing our amount of daily visitors at The Grown Up Geek site hovering just under 10,000, but never actually breaking that magical 10k mark. The closest we had gotten was 9,970 a week or so ago.

Now we’re in the 10k club!
Last night it looked like it was going to be another one of those ‘almost’ days, but this morning it was official: January 18, 2007 Grown Up had 10,483 unique visitors (not counting my own IP) and those 10,483 visitors generated 30,098 pageviews. Not too bad for being online for only 11 months an 27 days! It was only about 4 months ago that we began to regularly break 5,000 visitors per day, so our next milestone will be 15,000 visitors per day. – let’s see if we can do that by March…

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