The Importance of Proof Reading and Spell Checking

As a website owner I know of the importance of the spell-check button. I also know how important it is to proof read a page as a sanity-check just in case the spell-checker does some creative corrections. As a blogger spell checking and proof reading are less important because of the informal nature of blogging. In fact, some bloggers even brag or flaunt the fact that can’t spell or properly form a sentence and yet their blog still makes 6-figures.

But big companies are different… Right?
I always imagined legions of designers, engineers, proof-readers and spell-checkers at any large manufacturing company – so you can imagine my surprise when the wife says to me, “.. is that how they spell P O W E R in Europe?” – while pointing at the new Euro-Pro Toaster Oven I got her for Christmas. “Huh?” I ask.. What do you mean? I was looking right at it and I still missed what she was talking about until she starts poking her glitter-painted fingernail at the toaster and tapping right where the “power” indicator should be. It was then that I realized just how stupid you (or your toaster manufacturing company) can look when you don’t properly proof-read things.

(Click the picture to view a high-res version)

UPDATE: January 2013, just over 5 years after getting this toaster oven for my wife, it’s still working and burning perfectly good toast and frozen pizza.


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