eBook Series: Building the website

Now that I had the site up and running it was time to start customizing it to make it look the way i wanted. I spent a few days getting the site to look the way I envisioned and I still tweak/change the site to this day.

I made the site simple and easy to navigate:
To me it was important that the website be uncluttered, easy to read, and simple to navigate. I hate the look of those websites that are jammed with advertisements, are hard to find your way around, hard to find anything useful, and have text so tiny you need a magnifying glass to read and it was important that my new site not be like this. I think this strategy has worked because I have received many comments and feedback from visitors that they love the simple, clean and ‘plain’ layout of the site. Although the site does have a slightly ‘amateur’ look because of it’s simplicity, I believe it’s simplicity and ease of use/navigation is partially why it is successful.

I LOOKED at the entire site every day for months:
Every day, I went through the entire site tweaking it, making it look the way I wanted, customizing it, making sure everything worked, etc. Even after a year I was still constantly checking the look and layout of the site, making changes as I saw fit and even adding new features. I think it is very important to LOOK at your site and ensure that everything looks and works the way you want. If you don’t pay close attention, it’s very easy to miss something and have a stupid-looking website, broken links, etc. Watch out for mistakes (I make them all the time).

I created as much unique, new content as I could:
The plan was to add at LEAST one new page per day, for a year – this can be difficult, especially if you aren’t a great writer, like me. I tried to keep my pages short and focused on one particular subject. This was to help the contextually-based ad-targeting in Adsense and it was also easier for me to write pages this way. I was able to write approximately 100 pages in about a month – that was about the best I could do. This is where my next step came into play:

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  1. Randy,

    Great tips for building a website and monetizing it. I’ve watched your progress with this website and am still amazed at how successful it has become. Look forward to your continued website success!

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