Kontera surpasses Adsense earnings

Make money with KonteraSince I started using Kontera back in April of this year I’ve been pretty happy with the results. Earnings have been up and down, but as I posted back in June, Kontera was earning roughly 50%-75% of what my Adsense for Content was earning, and has been ever since.

Well, while checking my stats for yesterday I was surprised to see that Kontera actually out-performed my Adsense for Content by about 10% (i didn’t use my calculator, that’s just off the top of my head). This is the first time that Kontera actually earned more than Adsense.

Kontera Earnings (click for larger view):

kontera earnings

Adsense Earnings (click for larger view):adsense earningsNote that this is Adsense for Content only and does not include Referral earnings.

Kontera does well for us because of our high number of user-generated forum post/pages. Adsense tends to not perform well on this kind of pages and this was one of the reasons I decided to try Kontera in the first place. I expect that as the number of forum post/pages increase so will our earnings from Kontera.I’m not trying to persuade anyone to use Kontera instead of Adsense, but rather I’m just re-emphasizing that Kontera is a great way to add to your overall website earnings in addition to Adsense. This is particularly true if you have a content-heavy site or a forum.

2 thoughts on “Kontera surpasses Adsense earnings

  1. Hi,
    Well done on the Kontera earnings. I was signed up with Kontera but have just removed it. For someone outside the US I’m not sure if it is worth it. First, like Google you have to get to the magic $100 before getting paid. Second, unlike Google, they send you a check in US dollars. Google have the option of direct transfer into your bank account. The problem with a US check is that here in the UK at least there will be bank charges involved, which can sometimes account for 10-15% of the actual check! Plus there is the annoyance of the Kontera ads. some people find them intrusive and also if people have clicked on a Kontera ad they might be less inclined to click on the Adsense ads. Just my three cents worth 🙂

  2. Hey, Kontera can do direct transfer to your bank too, that’s how i get paid! Just send an email to your account manager or Kontera support and they’ll send you a form to fill out.
    As for the annoyance in-text ads.. some people don’t like them, some people don’t mind. I personally don’t mind them, but I disable Kontera (and most other ads) for members that register at our site..

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