10,000 Members And Still Growing

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time, and watching the member-odometer slowly go up since noon. Finally, tonight at 8:14PM we did it, we broke the 10,000 member barrier. It’s been a slow road, but compared to many other community sites 10,000 members in only a year and a half is extraordinary. Out of these 10,000 members approx 1 out of 10, or just over 1,500 are also currently PAID members – meaning they either donated $25 or more, or subscribed for $5.99, and then $1.99 more each month.

Here are screenshots of the big moment:

7:50PM8:14PM after we joined the 10k club

How I Did It:
I think the biggest reason we’ve been so popular and able to gain so many members is because we fill a niche – we offer a place for newcomers to come and feel comfortable. We maintain a family-like atmosphere where members help each other with very little flaming or drama, zero spam, and no advertisements (after they join). I guess you’d say, we’re not your average website – and perhaps this is the key.For more info on how I built the site, have a look at my free eBook.

Note that because I use the Drupal Inactive User module to delete inactive accounts, all 10,000 of these members are actually active or at least semi-active members. If it weren’t for deleting accounts inactive for over 90 days, we’d have almost 20,000 members..

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