The Worst Adsense Ad Ever ?

I came across this Adwords ad today and decided it must be, by far, the worst Adwords/Adsense ad I’ve ever seen.Adwords
I don’t use Adwords much because i prefer free traffic, but on those times that I did use it, I always at least proof-read the damn thing. Let this be a lesson to us all on how NOT to create an Adwords campaign.

Would you click on a tard-looking ad like this?

5 thoughts on “The Worst Adsense Ad Ever ?

  1. Hi. I’m browsing over from your comment on the blogrush blog.

    We just launched & I’ve been worrying at what kinds of things google adsense is going to deliver us… so I’ve been browsing around at other sites that use adsense & check out what I found at britney spears site…. an ad for constipation! Screenshot at

    So, we are avoiding the words & doing tower ads, but I still worry.

  2. It sounds bad, doesn’t it, but you must admit it attracted your attention and that’s what this ad was supposed to do 😉

  3. I would definitely click it :-). I would love to see what is behind such an ad. But I doubt that if the site is as bad as the ad, I would stay very long.

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