Finally Made The Move To WordPress !

Wow, what a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon!

As you might have noticed, I finally moved from to my own, selfhosted WordPress blog. If you’re coming in via RSS, the new URL is:

For months I’ve been putting-off the move from Blogger but now that I’ve officially started advertising I thought it was time to get off my ass and get it over with. Now that I’ve completed the move I see that it wasn’t all that difficult and I don’t know why I kept putting it off for so long. I’ve imported most posts from the previous blog and since I’ve been using Feedburner, RSS subscribers should not even notice the change. As with my previous blog, the new blog is still “ugly” and of course it’s still free of any advertising.

I ran into a couple of snags getting everything setup though. My first problem was that I could not get WP to connect to the database. After some hair-pulling I realized that PhPMyAdmin appended the database name to the user-name I created – so instead of “WPAccount” it was “database_WPAccoun” (it also truncated it).. After that I spend at least an hour finding the right theme. I had to find one with the right balance of “plain” yet functional. I finally decided on Evanescense. I made a few minor changes to footer.php, but other than that it’s pretty much off-the-shelf. My next problem came when I tried to import all my previous posts & comments from WordPress kept giving an error that it was not able to log-in after I authorized access. After some Google’ing, I discovered that there is an error in the blogger.php file. By changing the line that reads “Host:” to “Host:” it logged right in and sucked in all my old posts in about 10 seconds. I also used this opportunity to remove a lot of the more “lame” posts that I had made in the past. To enjoy those you’ll have to browse thru the old blog at Blogger.

I’ll miss some of the nice things about Blogger – mostly not having to worry about security or backups – but now that I’ve hit “the big time”, I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and blog like the big boys..

Anyway, welcome to the new blog!

Finally Made The Move To WordPress ! by

6 thoughts on “Finally Made The Move To WordPress !

  1. Importing the blogspot posts was very easy. This new version of WordPress has an Import function built-in. Basically, you click “import”, select “blogger”, then sign-in to your blogger account to authorize access to your blogger account from your new WordPress blog.

    The only problem was the little bug in WordPress that was causing an error when it tried to connect to Blogspot. To fix that error I had to remove the “2” from “” in the WordPress BLOGGER.PHP file – a very simple fix that took about 10 seconds.

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