50 Adsense Questions Answered

A few weeks ago a post was made at the Digital Point forums that asked 50 Adsense questions. I thought I would give my answers to these questions here in my blog so they could live in infamy, instead of floating to the bottom of the Digital Point forum-post pile.

All answers are my opinion, based on what I’ve learned in the last 20 months, so take them with a bag of salt..

1.) What’s the best adsense revenue profiting process…

A.) Creating a blog empire from blogger.com (Writing articles per day)
B.) Creating major websites, promoting it in full free advertisements
C.) Creating basic websites with articles

Answer: B – I think that creating ONE quality website and investing all your time and effort into it is more likely to result in long-term success. That is how I did it.

2.) If i were to choose A, what’s the best option???

A.) Creating 1 blog a day (with adsense in it) with an very-optimized, original article
B.) Creating 20 or multiple blogs a day (with adsense in each of it) from copied articles in the internet. – still i will put a source and author’s name

Answer: Neither -“A” is a bad choice

3.) If i were to choose B, what’s the best option???
A.) Creating 1 optimized-major website in a year
B.) Creating 3 major websites in a year
C.) Creating 5 major websites in a year

Answer: A – In my experience, focusing your (limited) time, energy and creativity on one quality site is the best formula for success.

4.) If i were to choose C, what’s the best option???
A.) Build basic, original article websites once a month
B.) Build basic, original article websites once a week (but no that good)

Answer: I already told you, C is a bad option

5.) Is copying articles from wikipedia ok to put into your
bunch of blogs??

Answer: No – Although the Wikipeida license may allow it, it’s still a bad idea. Copying and pasting (aka stealing) content from somewhere is not what Google considers original content.

6.) Does copying articles from ezine.com and goarticles.com is ok
to put into your bunch of blogs??? (I will just put the author’s name)

Answer: NO – see #5 .. Seems you have a lot to learn about original content

7.) Is having a copied article with a bunch of ads an MFA???

Answer: Maybe.. Probably. It depends on how you define MFA. In general I think most people (and Google) consider a piece of shit website with nothing but Adsense and a bunch of copied-and-pasted content MFA.

8.) If a user clicks ALL the google ads in my site, is it foul?

Answer: If it’s a real user, clicking legitimately, then it’s not foul. However, if you’re talking about one user clicking thousands, hundreds or even dozens of ads, it will begin to have a foul-smell, and Google will surely smell it.

9.) Any good sites with free tutorial on how to obtain good-free traffics?
(I know there are a lot of sites and e-books about this… but i want to know the really good ones)

Answer: The best source to learn about how to build traffic is HERE, of course the Digital Point Forums are a good place also.

10.) This is a sample of my blog article site… How is it??

Answer: Page Not Found

11.) Based from my personal stats above, If you really dedicated yourself in adsense, how long can you achieve a rate rank of $1,000 a month??

Answer: I can tell you it took me about 4 months to reach $1,000/month. Although for most webmasters it can take much, much longer to reach that goal – if they ever reach it at all.

12.) Is Joel Comm’s 2005 edition of “Google Adsense Secrets” is still reliable these days??? (Because Google is getting smart and updates their adsense algorithm code from time to time)

Answer: I dont know for sure because I’ve never read it, but since Google has changed many things since 2005, I would guess you could spend your money better somewhere else. You can also probably learn everything (eventually) at the Digital Point forums or from reading quality blogs – like mine.

13.) Is Joel Comm’s books the best adsense techniques tutorials???

Answer: Again, I havn’t read it myself, so I will refrain from answering.

14.) Can you share your starting experience with me if you dont mind???

Answer: Of course! I shared all of my starting experience in an ebook that sold almost 1,000 copies (at $10 each).. I’m now making that eBook free here in the blog. Click HERE to start reading it.

15.) This [Digital Point Forums] is the best adsense forum ive seen, how long can i finish readingall the adsense topics here if i spend in my computer 12 hours a day???

Answer: It depends on how fast you read.. Fast or slow, it’s going to take you a while.

16.) Do you think adsense, or other ppc advertising, will lasts forever???
(You know, the governments may ban it because of market imbalance… or maybe it will create chaos in the world wide web… or it will make a negative impact in the economy… blablabla)

Answer: Currently Adsense is Google’s bread & butter so you can be sure they will fight tooth and nail to keep it going. I think we’re safe for at least the near-term future.

17.) How long it will take before i can read all the adsense tutorials, guides, techniques in the internet??? (Based from my personal stats above)

Answer: It might be a while.. Stop posting and start reading!

18.) How long it will take before i can master all the techniques in adsense??? (Based from my personal stats above)

Answer: A while

19.) Can you paste here your site for me so i can get good adsense samples??? Or maybe give here sites for good adsense samples…?

Answer: http://grownupgeek.com

20.) How much earnings you will get from a site with 500-1,000 visits a day??

Answer: Anywhere from $0.00/day to $500. It depends on ad placement, niche/topic, and about 100 other things

21.) If i have three adsense contents in a page, can i still post adsense referral and adsense search in that page??? If yes, how many is allowed??

Answer: YES; I rarely put more than 2 Adsense ad-unites on a page and I dont think I’ve ever put more than one referral on a page.. I dont want my site to look like a spam-farm, and neither should you.

21.) Any adsense placement tips to work with ad-blinded peoples???
(Peoples who have long been in the internet, and naturally their mind ignores the ads and stuff)

Answer: There is no cure for Ad-Blindness.. It’s a tragic affliction.

22.) For payments, Is Express delivery really recommended??? Philippine mail stations are corrupt these days.

Answer: I would opt for EFT if it’s available. Otherwise, insured/express delivery might be a good idea if you live in a corrupt place.

23.) Can an adsense newbie earn 10$ a day??? Is it possible???

Answer: Of course it’s possible – if you have enough traffic.. Earning money with Adsense is the easy part.. Getting traffic is the hard part.

24.) Ive read a topic here, that you must have multiple adsense accounts named on different corporate entities, to avoid your whole network of websites being caught up if something happens. How can i do that based from my personal stats above??? Do i have to register a business name in my country??

Answer: If you follow the rules you really should not have to worry about this.

25.) You have already share your starting experience, how about your
sucess stories??? Care to share me here??

Answer: Well, first check my free eBook HERE, then check my Adsense Success Story published by Google, then check how my website was used as an example in the Adsense Help Pages, then see what Google wrote about my site in the Adsense Blog.. Of course don’t forget Kontera quoting me in their most recent Press Release. I could go on, but I don’t like to brag 🙂

26.) Gaining money is not a game, therefore, gaining in adsense is not a game, do i have to be really serious in this field??? (Quit studying, and just create a bunch of websites??)

Answer: You have to be serious, dedicated, and willing to spend significant amounts of time and effort to be successful. There is no easy way.

27.) Do blogging really earn??? A simple yes or no would do. ^_^

Answer: Yes

28.) In the google tos.. it says “No Deceptive or manipulative content or construction to improve your site’s search engine ranking, e.g., your site’s PageRank” —> What does it mean by deceptive or manipulative content??? Does constructing an article to improve your pagerank illegal???

Answer: NO – Don’t do anything “Blackhat” and follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

29.) What does smart pricing really mean???

Answer: It means ruining your day and making you look for your wobbly-stool and some rope

30.) Is it true that if your other sites are not profiting well, it will affect your whole network of adsense websites???

Answer: YES – Smartpricing affects your entire account

31.) Some say copying articles from wikipedia is legal, just add a “GNU License bla bla bla” Statement in your blog. Is it true???

Answer: Yes, that’s true.. But hardly what I would call unique content. Stop looking for a fast/easy way out.

32.) Can you rely on google adsense as your lifelong business?? (Earning $1,000 in the Philippines is like the earnings of your US Company CEO’s)

Answer: I would not rely on any single income source. You should diversify your earnings.

33.) What are the very dangerous loopholes that adsense publishers always ignores??

Answer: Not reading and understanding the Adsense TOS /policies and looking for a fast/easy way to make money.

34.) If your adsense account has been banned, is it possible to retrieve it back??

Answer: Maybe. Adsense has an appeal process. If they deny your appeal, you’re screwed. That’s what diversification is important.

35.) If i add a high-keyword article in my websites (say, mesothelioma), will google really study my site instantly??? Do i put my account in dangerzone??

Answer: This is a classic example of MFA.. That is unless you’re a Mesothelioma expert or lawyer. Again, stop looking for the easy/quick way to make a buck – you are a banning waiting to happen.

36.) Do you think google adsense websites will be massive in the next few years???

Answer: They are already massive. As Adsense begins to crack-down on MFA’s, MFA arbitragers and cheaters hopefully it will slow down a little.

37.) If yes in #36, do you think we will earn less because its too massive???

Answer: Most webmasters are already earning less because of this.

38.) If Google send the check to me, can i get the cash in any bank
in my country?? What are the requirements??

Answer: you should probably ask your bank that question.

39.) Im planning to get this hosting plan from godaddy:

Premium Plan
1 mo:$14.99/mo
• FREE! SSL Certificate,
$19.99 value!
• 200 GB Space
• 2,000 GB Transfer
• 2,000 Email Accounts
• Unlimited Web sites
• FREE! Software
• 50 MySQL Databases
• Unlimited Email Forwards
• Forums, Blogging, Photos
• Metropolis Hosting Community
• $25 Google® AdWords® Credit1
• $50 Microsoft® adCenter Credit†

– Is this enough for my adsense website empire??? (This plan can host multiple domains sharing the same diskspace and GB Transfer)

Answer: I started with way less than that

40.) In blogger.com/bloghost.com, Do my subdomain blog get the same high page rank as the main site???

Answer: PR does not matter if it’s a subdomain or not.

41.) If #40 is no, where can i get a blogging site/website where i can put a site w/ adsense ads, but that subdomain shares the same alexa/page rank as the main site???

Answer: N/A

42.) Does google bot often crawl blogger.com/bloghost.com??

Answer: Yes

43.) Do i have to submit my subdomain blog at blogger.com/bloghost.com
in the google search engine???

Answer: No – Google owns blogger.com and knows how to find your pages

44.) In continuation of #43, How long before my blog in blogger.com/bloghost.com gets into the google search engine???

Answer: It depends – but it’s probably pretty quick.. When my blog was still at blogger.com, new posts were crawled and fully indexed usually in minutes.

45.) Do entries in blogger.com/bloghost.com gets recognized easily by

Answer: Huh ?

46.) Do we have to choose if we will earn in either iimpressions or clicks???
Or are we automatically earning in both??

Answer: Advertisers choose if they want to CPM-target your site

47.) What google products referrals do you suggest for me???

Answer: Well, since I’m the Firefox Referral King, i’m partial to the Firefox with Google Toolbar referral because it’s made me thousands of dollars.. But it really depends on the niche of your site and the kind of people that visit.

48.) There’s a rule in the policy… “*May not direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks *May not place misleading images alongside individual ads”. Is this topic using graphical gimmicks??? forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=17104
(Because i would really like to do this in my sites)

Answer: That post is over two years old and the method described is now officially against the adsense TOS

49.) Do website blog adsense templates really exists???

Answer: Sadly, yes. They are partially responsible for the downfall of the internet.

50.) Am i really that desperate?? Any more tips, suggestions, comments for me???

Answer: YES – you really are.. Spend more time reading all that you can at the Digital Point Forums and Webmaster World, as well as quality blogs about using Adsense and earning money online.

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  1. [quote comment=”244″] Why did you select his particular post and spend so much time producing the answer? Also, what is MFA?[/quote]

    If my blog caters to anyone, it’s new bloggers/website owners. I think some of his questions are probably questions that other new bloggers/webmasters might also be asking.

    MFA is ‘Made for Adsense’ – usually synonymous with ‘spam’ or a totally worthless website showing nothing but Adsense advertising..

  2. my youtube channel all total video pageviews counting is showing 1500 and my adsense account page views showing 5000 how its possible whats going on my adsense account?

    1. It’s hard to know without knowing how/where you are getting your stats and what the relationship is between your pageviews and your video – basically you have given us 0 information so I can’t really help.

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