My Cow-vertising Results

John Cow Blog Logo AdvertisementMost of you probably know that I started advertising with the Cow ( 14 days ago. I purchased two post-level 250×300 spots out of 10 that he was selling, at a cost of $150 for 30 days. Since this was my first-ever attempt at advertising the blog I was not really sure what to expect.

The first few days I was a bit disappointed with the CTR and amount of traffic I was getting from the ads, I think because I expected a sudden flood of vistors – but as I thought about it more I realized that this was not a realistic expectation. I also realized that a low CTR could also be due to my lack of ad-creation skills. But, hey, for only 5 minutes in Photoshop it’s not all that bad! Considering the fact that the traffic from these advertisements are extremely highly-targeted I would say that so far the cost of the ad-slots has been worth it. Keep in mind that I’m not selling anything – my only goal for these ads was traffic and some name-recognition so it’s difficult to accurately gauge my success.

Advertising Stats

So after 14 days those two ad-spots have yielded 185 visits to my blog, which is an average of about 13 visitors per day. If I extrapolate that over the entire 30-day period that I paid for that comes out to just under 400 visitors.

Was it worth it?

As a newcomer to the advertising/marketing world, I don’t really know if it was a success or not. What I do know is that all of these visitors are very highly targeted. Certainly more targeted to my content than something like Adsense would bring me, so maybe it’s a bargain?

How much would getting your logo in front of approx 40,000 eyeballs and getting 400 laser-targeted visitors to your blog be worth to you?

11 thoughts on “My Cow-vertising Results

  1. So far I’ve not moved into the paid advertising arena – as I haven’t seen it being any more beneficial than the free methods I’ve been using up until now. Time and natural growth has seen my main blog pulling in an average of around 300 visitors a day in the last couple of weeks, and that figure is still climbing steadily. There’s a lot to be said for doing it slow and steady as a lot of those visitors are regulars – that’s something that ads don’t easily create for you.

    Still, it must work for the higher rated sites or they wouldn’t do it. I guess having a solid product to promote helps – then its a case of speculate to accumulate – there’s still a lot of truth in that old adage!


  2. $0.37 per click. That is the same as I pay with bidvertiser. I think it is expensive though …
    Furthermore, what I see is that people click on the ad and usually leave to never come back. So my stats are as low as ever :-).

    I once had 400 people send over by Stumble upon. I submitted the story myself I must confess. And guess what: They never came back :-).

    It looks like a pattern, doesn’t it :-).

    Btw, can I ask a question here?
    What WP plugin do you use for the comment section? And for the ‘U comment, I follow’ pluging? I’d like to add those (after my switch to WP).

    Thanks a lot.
    Anyway, I need to update the content since I neglected that this week.

  3. Interesting analysis, what did you expect to gain from your advertising ? Traffic/Visits/Comments ? Have you noticed an increase in RSS subscribers or in comments posted ?

    The would be the real ROI IMHO.


  4. Hey,

    I’d say you got ripped off, 13 visits a day on average for $150 a month? I’d put this down to experience if I was you, you should be expecting much better figures then that.

    13 visits a day is pretty emebarassing, if I charged you $150 and you got 13 visits a day I would give you a refund, you should be expecting a LOT more then that!

    My advice to you is, before advertising somewhere post on some forums for feedback to see if others have done it before, if its a well known blog chances are someone would of, or failing that get the owner to guarantee you a mininum amount of clicks and put this johncow ad down to experience but you got ripped off in a big way I am afraid.

    I get more then 13 visits a day from lowish traffic link exchanges!

  5. Congrats on another link from problogger, at least this time your link was the last one, this may lead to a bit more exposure. But for the amount of money you spent with problogger and the ROI it really sux.

  6. Despite some of the negative comments, I’m still happy with the traffic & impressions i’m getting from my ads and plan on buying at least one spot again next month.
    I think that because how well-targeted his traffic is, the cost is still worth it. Even if i don’t get a huge amount clicks/traffic, my name is still getting out there in front of tens-of-thousands of eyeballs, which is exactly what I wanted.

  7. Think it’d be worth it for a blog that isnt as targeted?

    I’d considered buying an ad on his blog when my site earned enough money to manage it. I don’t run a money making blog though. I’d just thought about it because I like his blog. *L*

  8. Hey Randy,

    I ended up here. I only ended up here today, but I have read so many post on your blog. I like you blog, because you just seem like a regular guy 😉

    I’m not really new to blogging, but I’m still trying to figure it all out. I guess it just takes time.

    But have throughly enjoyed your post.


    P. S. By the way, I see stats on your site about the money you’ve made, with Adsense, Kontera, etc., but I see not many ads on your site. Where in the hell are you making this money?

  9. [quote comment=”325″]
    P. S. By the way, I see stats on your site about the money you’ve made, with Adsense, Kontera, etc., but I see not many ads on your site. Where in the hell are you making this money?[/quote]

    Thanks Ruth..
    I run that’s where you’ll find the Adsense and Kontera(unless you’re a member, then you dont see most of it), and that’s where the paid-subscription income comes from..

    My blog is ad-free, and is only here to help people learn – not to make money..

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