How Many Blogs Do You Subscribe To ?

RSS IconAs I was sitting and doing some “reading” this morning I got to thinking about how many blogs there are out here in the blogosphere. This led me to start thinking about how many different people on the internet read these blogs – which got me to thinking about how some of the really big blogs have tens of thousands if not more RSS subscribers. My thoughts then quickly changed to how ridiculously small the squares of toilet-paper are in the restrooms where I work.. I’ll save that subject for another post.

After doing a little math in my head, I figured that there must be many people out there on the internetz that subscribe to dozens of RSS feeds or more, which got me to wondering if someone with that many subscriptions actually reads them all or if they’re just trying to prove something – or maybe don’t have anything better to do.

I have exactly seven RSS subscriptions in my iGoogle homepage:

Even with this small, hand-picked list of blogs in my iGoogle RSS reader, I still read 5 to 10 more blogs every day, usually finding them by BlogRush surfing. If I come across a particularly good blog I might subscribe to the feed but usually only after removing someone else off my list.

So now I’m curious: How many blogs are in your RSS subscription list, and which are your favorites? Please post a link to your top 2 or 3 ..

8 thoughts on “How Many Blogs Do You Subscribe To ?

  1. I am subscribed to 60+ blogs on various topics. I like the google reader for this because it lets you organize them in categories.
    But I must admit that with so many posts a day, I only skim through them and very often just do not look at them at all.

  2. I also use the bookmark feature. I have a bookmarked folder called checked daily and any sites I like I add to it. Obviously Grown Up Geek is in there 😀

    Since I have a page about free samples I have about 20 RSS feeds for other free sample sites that I have on my google reader.

  3. I’m a bookmarker too. I’ve subscribed to about 5 feeds. Out of those 2 of them are my blogs so I can make sure the feed is working. Under my Blogging bookmark folder, I have about 15 other folders to organize the types of blogs I read.

    I’d rather go to the site than read a feed.

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