WidgetBucks Does Not Make The Cut

WidgetBucks WidgetLike everyone else on the internet, last week a I gave the highly-hyped WidgetBucks a try at the site. I was a bit skeptical about how well it would perform because I know that in general visitors to my site aren’t interested ‘flashy’ looking ads. Image ads or anything other than plain text-ads generally perform very poorly.

I created a few different widgets and placed them in various areas throughout the site. On most pages I manually selected categories that related to the content of page I placed the widgets on. On a few pages I choose “MerchSense” to allow the WidgetBucks bot to crawl my site and choose a category based on the content of the page. It appears that the MerchSense-bot is either retarded, broken or very slow because all it ever displayed were the standard Digital camera listings.

After a few days my results were less than impressive: Approximately 10,000 impressions and 3 clicks with a grand-total in earnings of…. drumroll…. $0.20

I’m not saying that WidgetBucks is a bad system – As a matter of fact, if your niche is shopping, ‘gadgets’, or anything like that I’m sure that WidgetBucks would perform great. The key is that I like to try everything at the site to learn what does or does not work. Most new things do not work, but every once in a while I’ll get a nice surprise like I did with Kontera and paid-subscriptions.

8 thoughts on “WidgetBucks Does Not Make The Cut

  1. Hi, why don’t you have Kontera anymore on your blog?

    Thanks for the heads up on WidgetBucks, I even haven’t heard of its release. I don’t have shopping based websites though.

  2. You make some good points. I think WidgetBucks will do very well on shopping and gadget sites. A good way of giving people a link to the product(s) that you are talking about.

  3. As many others I have used this and I must say I have a very nice amount I just hope that they stick to it and pay me up when it’s time. I have a very very hight traffic site with 8k uniques a day, and once I moved servers from Mediatemple to hostgator site was featured on digg the first 3 hours the DNS resolved hostgator couldn’t keep up and well shut down every site on the server. Moved back to media temple again, last 5 days have made 500+ and a very nice amount of referrals so far I am good with it, as long as they pay me I won’t have any problems with them.

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