Google PR Bitch-Slap

Google Page RankAfter months of waiting for the big PR export, tonight it happened. Did I finally get that PR-6 that I was expecting? After all, with thousands of good back links and ever-increasing SERPS, I deserve it right?

Apparently not.

Google PageRank 4Tonight Google rewarded by dropping it from a PR5, to a PR4.

Since I don’t sell links on the site and because traffic, Adsense and Kontera earnings are all on the increase I guess a lower PageRank only affects my ego.

Is PageRank dead? Please post a comment and let us know how important you think PageRank is or is not..

12 thoughts on “Google PR Bitch-Slap

  1. “This one goes to eleven.”

    Sorry, couldn’t help it.

    From all the crap that’s been happening lately I’m pretty sure they’re retooling how PR is calculated. A lot of sites that don’t sell links were affected just like you.

    As for it’s importance…

    It’s not. The only reason it could be important is advertising. Using PR as a way of saying hey, look how important I am. Even then it only works if you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know how the web works.

    SERPs are important, PR is a distraction.

  2. [quote comment=”371″]That is strange. I’m not seeing a PR4, but a PR2. Maybe the update is not done yet.[/quote]

    The PR2 is for the blog (what you’re reading now) – which just showed up in the last few hours. and considering this blog is hardly 30 days old in this location PR2 is pretty good!

    The PR5 that dropped to PR4 is for my main website, ..

  3. PR will never die. In my opinion, it is a lot easier to get a PR4 than it use to be. (My site went from 0 to 4, and almost all of the inner pages are 2-4 as well). I assumed this would happen, but the blog also got a PR4 when I had zero external links or SEO done to it. I have spent hours optimizing previous websites only to result in a PR2-3, and I spend zero time optimizing a blog and it gets a PR4.

    Google is random, but I don’t sell links either, so as long as the serps stay, I am happy.

  4. PR is worthless except for selling links. Plain and simple. If someone asks me what my PR is and they want to buy a link, it’s just a matter of them offering $500/mo for a PR8 and $40/mo for a PR4.

    It’s a dying thing IMO.

  5. PR is very seldom used for anything other than an ego boost. I have never seen it being utilized for anything useful. I believe a better Alexa ranking is 1000% better.

    PR was Google’s way of giving some competition to Alexa rankings back in the day. But Google forgot to promote it and everyone else forgot.

  6. i don’t think google slap on your PR give you the impression you are doing anything wrong in the eyes of google. IMO google are clearing up some of their resources in calculating PR. and they also want to make PR good reference point to evaluate and compare pages on the net. i don’t think blog under 5 years old should have the same PR with a site which are known by the majorities of people online such as yahoo, amazon, ebay. these are authority site. so PR6 above could be an authority site but if you already got that high PR in less that 2 years what is going to be your PR in 5 years. i think this is major update from google with new algorithm that would last for a long term before new major changes are needed.

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