October Earnings: $238 Per Day

Website Earnings This month I’m posting my earnings the way that I watch them all month: Averages. I’ve become bored with the way all those other “how to make money online” blogs post their monthly earnings the same way every month, so I thought I would (once again) be different from all the other guys.

I watch my average earnings daily – looking for ups or downs that might indicate a problem. Even though I’ve posted at the DP Forums many times that webmasters should not watch Adsense earnings on a day-to-day basis because of the normal fluctuations, watching total website earnings is not usually so bad. Besides, counting pennies every day helps to feed my obsession.

Daily Earning Averages For October 2007:

  • Adsense: $103/day
  • Affiliate Sales: $10/day
  • Kontera: $36/day (way down)
  • PayPal Subscriptions & Donations: $89/day
  • Overall Earnings: $238/Day

As I was writing this post my wife looked over my shoulder and asked “why are you posting that? isn’t bragging like that rude?” I tired to explain to her that in order to have any credibility in this corner of the blogosphere you gotta brag when you can so that everyone can see that you know what you’re talking about. What do you think about bloggers & webmasters publicly posting their earnings? Is it rude, or do you find it useful/interesting?

October Earnings: $238 Per Day by

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  1. Congrats on the numbers, but to give daily averages that mean something, you need to earn lot. I earned $15 last month, up by 200%!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think I give stats on a quarterly basis ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I think it depends on the way the earnings are presented, but for the most part, I find it extremely helpful. Not only does it let me know where people are making the most money, but it gives me encouragement to keep pressing on.

    To make it more helpful – a recap of “this time last year I made x amount of dollars” or “2 years into blogging I’m making y dollars” that way we can look at earnings relative to the age of the blog.

    Great job!

  3. [quote comment=”391″]Randy
    Great post! If you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take before you saw monetary results?[/quote]

    My site was generating about $1,000/month after about 4 months. i wrote about this extensively in my eBook, which you can now read for free here in the blog: My online eBook

  4. Congratulations! There should be a sequel to “20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online” ebook and you should be one of the contributors. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posting your earnings on a consistent basis might look like you’re bragging.


    Posting your earnings once in a blue moon will refresh other people’s belief system that making money online is possibly for ordinary people.

    Don’t worry about what others are saying.

  5. It’s all in the presentation really. You don’t come off as rude at all. In your case I think it becomes more of an incentive for the rest of us to keep on going.


  6. Last month I earned a little shy of $50 and it was a huge increase than I’ve ever made. It was a shock to see. I honestly thought it was an error, but it wasn’t. Thank you for sharing your stats, not sure about everybody else but it inspires me. I love to read about the average Joe or Jill earning money. Oh and I’m headed over now to read that ebook. (I didn’t think all ebookers were scammers, just those that wanted LOTS of money for them) SMILE.

  7. [quote comment=”398″]Okay had one question. How are you making money with google adsense when there are no ads on the site?[/quote]

    My income is generated at my website, GrownUpGeek.com, not here at the blog.

  8. [quote comment=”403″]what sort of number of visitors per day are you getting? Those numbers are very good. Thanks![/quote]

    traffic has been pretty steady for the last few months at ~10,000 unique visitors per day and about 30,000 page-views/day ..

  9. I agree with dayjobnuker. I take with a grain of salt anything anyone says on the net. Especially when it comes to how much they say they are making. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to quickly look over a blog or site to see if they are full of s*#t. I personally would never list how much I make (I’m also way to honest ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  10. Wow! congratulations. it feels good actually seeing people making money online. just make my desire to achieve those figures myself even stronger. just need to do the necessary things and consistently take action. and the money will follow then.

  11. Congrats. Interesting way to display your earnings. You’re right it is different, and I agree that it gets rather old reading “Earnings Reports” that all look the same except for the numbers. The only advantage that other “Earning Reports” have over this one, is that readers can see the exact amount of money earned via which avenues. Averages are a bit more average than exact, but they still get the point across. I guess it just boils down to your personal opinion on how you want to post it!

  12. Nice income. $103/day is awesome.

    I just have one question. Usually a site that caters to other webmasters or somewhat knowledgeable in Adsense would have lower earnings. How’d you get that kind of income?

  13. [quote comment=”426″]Nice income. $103/day is awesome.

    I just have one question. Usually a site that caters to other webmasters or somewhat knowledgeable in Adsense would have lower earnings. How’d you get that kind of income?[/quote]

    I dont earn any money here in my blog because it has no advertising. all of these earnings from from my website.

  14. WoW! That’s an amazing figure.. that means you are earning like close to 7k a month.. In Malaysia where I come from, that’s like 20k a month..

    I’m making 1/5 of what you are making.. I guess you have tons of traffic huh?

    I find this info VERY useful.. Thanks for sharing..

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