What Is YOUR SEO “Score” ?

While I was checking my domain registration info at domaintools.com I noticed a few new features that weren’t there when I checked last year. One of those features being the “SEO Score“. This tool attempts to look at your domain the way that Google sees it and rank it based on several factors.

For fun I decided to compare my SEO score to a few of the “experts” and other big websites and list them here for entertainment purposes:

Another new feature which is still in beta, is their SEO Text Browser. This tool looks at your site the way Google sees it but it makes suggestions to correct common errors and mistakes that might hurt your Google SEO ranking. If you’re new to SEO it might be worth the 2 minutes that it takes to play with this tool. To learn how to use the SEO Text Browser tool, go to the SEO Text Browser Instruction page.

If any of you have a higher SEO rank than me (96%) or problogger.net (97%), post a comment and brag about it!

35 thoughts on “What Is YOUR SEO “Score” ?

  1. Flawed? Perhaps. Considering my blog has no specific niche and an SEO score of 86%. I do pay attention to SEO, but not that much.

  2. SEO score can drop dramatically just by refreshing the score page, without even making any or their recommended changes. How is that possible? Because it is terribly flawed or worse, rigged.

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