Warning: It’s That Time Of The Month Again

Yep, it’s that time of the month again. And I don’t mean that your wife or girlfriend is going to be grouchy and moody – I am referring to something far more irritating: The time of the month when all of the “make money online” blogs start posting about how much money they earned last month.

For many, that time of the month is a fun and joyous occasion. Prancing from blog to blog, reading the stats and numbers in awe, thinking to themselves “one day.. one day“. But of all of those “guru’s”, how many do you really trust? How many seem honest? How many of them have you even heard of? (how many were published as Adsense Success Stories 🙂 ? ) How do you know that those stats and numbers are real?

Many times bloggers will post screen-shots to prove their earnings. I’m sure that when you look at those screenshots you look for obvious signs of photochopping, and if you don’t see any obvious copy&paste marks you assume it’s real… right? Well guess what boys and girls, there is an easier better way to fake your stats that I’ve seen posted in a few blogs and on WickedFire in the last few weeks that makes it virtually impossible to spot a fake!

I’m not going to give a tutorial on how to fake your stats, but I will tell you that all you need is Firefox, a free Firefox plug-in, a calculator and about 45 seconds of free time on your hands. To show you how real and undetectable these fake stats can be, take a look at my Yahoo earnings (I dont use YPN anymore, so the stats are low):

My Real, unretouched Yahoo Earnings

Now here are those same stats 2 minutes later, after some creative alteration. Would you be able to tell that these stats are not real? Note, I did not use a calculator, so the numbers don’t add-up. Double-checking math is about the only way to spot a fake made this way:

Fake Yahoo Earnings

Zoom in all you like, you will not find any evidence of Photochopping because the changes are actually made in the HTML. About the only way to spot one of these fakes is if the numbers do not add up, or if there is some other mistake like a missing % (as in my example).

I know you’re asking yourself “Rand, please, tell me, how can I prevent being hoaxed like this?“. And here’s my answer: Take every post about how much money someone has earned with a bag of salt. Do you know this blogger? Do you know how/where his or her earnings come from, or is the source of their earnings some big nebulous secret? Does this blogger have advertisements plastered all over his or her blog? Is this person motivated to trick you into thinking they are bigger or better than they really are in the hope that you’ll click on their ads or sign up for something under one of their affiliate links – or are there no advertisements in the blog at all, meaning this blogger is just trying to help others?

It all boils down to trust. After following a particular blogger for a few months you usually get a feel for what he or she is about, where their earnings come from, and whether or not you can trust them.

So with all that being said, who are some of the bloggers that you trust?

7 thoughts on “Warning: It’s That Time Of The Month Again

  1. This is an eye opening, and clever post. I never knew!

    I definitely don’t trust everyone, but man, I wish it were true…at least one month to get a 5 figure income from blogging…just one month and I would be set for a long time.

  2. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for this post. I never considered the fact that these Adsense gurus were possibly doctoring their earnings documents. I guess I’m naive. So maybe Joel Comm isn’t really making $20,000 a month.

    I also have a question for you because you seem to be pretty successful (I saw your checks over at Shoemoney!). What web host did you go with for this site? I want to get started with wordpress but I’m wondering how hard or how easy it is to get started.

  3. [quote comment=”577″]
    I also have a question for you because you seem to be pretty successful (I saw your checks over at Shoemoney!). What web host did you go with for this site? I want to get started with wordpress but I’m wondering how hard or how easy it is to get started.[/quote]

    I started the site on a $7.77/month plan with PowWeb.com. But after 8 months or so when I had 4,000 or 5,000 members and was getting 6,000 – 7,000 unique visitors per day, i moved to where I am now, on a dedicated server with Surpasshosting.com.

  4. As a recent subscriber I thought I would leave a comment. It is a shame that many people feel the need to fake it to make it. I would much rather see a success story through from start to end.

    As for bloggers I don’t think fake it.

    John Chow?

  5. Great piece of advice, it’s true that it is extremely easy to steal one’s stat and create a whole new one.

    Get to know the person behind the stats before you make any decision.

  6. [quote comment=”585″]As for bloggers I don’t think fake it.

    John Chow?[/quote]

    I don’t think that any of the “big” bloggers (Shoemoney, John Chow, Darren Rowse, John Reese) ‘fake it’ – they dont have any reason to. it’s the smaller guy you gotta watch out for..

  7. hmm interesting I couldn’t even tell the difference between those 2 images. I think your assumptions are correct and most of these people lie 100%

    I also had the theory of my own and it’s kind of lame but I’ll share it. The theory focus’s on the Add Company not the Publisher. I think they want us to have their ads in order to generate sales for their selves and the companies inside the ads. I mean I see ads on my sites that are more geared to me specifically rather then the users of the specific website I own. I’m a publisher and this is my opinion on what I notice.

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