November Earnings: $242 /Day

It’s that time of the month again – when all the “how to make money online” guru’s post about how well they did the previous month – so here’s my entry into the mix:

Total Earnings for November 2007

Total earnings came in at $7,264 which is down by about $100 from October, but since there are only 30 days in November the daily average of $242 means that performance-wise November was actually a better month. Note that earnings are more than double November of 2006.

November 2007 Earnings Breakdown

Adsense was slightly down from October, probably due to the holiday. The last two days of this month also did horribly. Affiliate sales were up by about $80 over last month. This is probably because my best selling item was discontinued from Comission Junction and I switched to a similar product at This same product pays a $5 higher commission per sale. Kontera is back on the upswing and looking better each month.

PayPal Subscription Earnings

Subscriptions and donations were up again and were the largest income source for the month. I have been concentrating more on increasing my subscriptions and this is going to be my focus for the foreseeable future – so expect to see more posts about how I generate income from PayPal subscriptions.

I’ve seen a few posts in some of the webmaster forums accusing me of (probably) having to spend thousands on advertising to generate these kinds of earnings, so this month I’m posting my total expenditures:

  • Server Hosting: $175
  • Direct Advertising Campaigns: $0
  • PPC Advertising: $0
  • Link Purchases: $0
  • Marketing Efforts: $0

I did purchase a link for the blog for $30, but I did not include it because the blog does not generate any income. Also, for those reading my blog for the first time, 98% 99.9% of these earnings were generated from my main website, I have only one other website that I’ve been working on, but it only generates a few $ a month (it’s a “work of love”). I think this is what sets me apart from most of the “make money online” gurus. I’m not here to explain how to setup 100 websites and how to market & advertise them to turn a profit. I’m just here telling you the things I’ve done and continue to do, to grow a single, successful website/community.

So despite the holiday and even with the recent changes in the Adsense “click area”, November was a great month for us. So.. How was your November?

18 thoughts on “November Earnings: $242 /Day

  1. My November was pretty good. I generated $1k. My expense was $223. I’m sure this month will be a lot higher, after all; I just started using Kontera.

    Great job Randy! πŸ™‚

  2. These are some awesome figures. Over $1000 a month. Needless to say this is your full time job. So you would have to have first rank in some major keywords right?

    This inspires me and other adsense users. Congrats, i wish you future success and hopefully some for me to.

  3. Those are some extraordinary results, Randy! Earning as much as $242 per day is certainly a very impressive feat. You’ve worked hard for it and deserve all the success in the world. I can’t wait to see next month’s results. πŸ˜‰


  4. Wow, that’s impressive figure. If only my mother-in-law can read this post, I would show it to her and said, I can make money in the Internet like this guy here!

  5. I started problogging 3 months ago and I earned $360 on the first two months but mostly from reviews. Am doing good?
    It seems your income were all ‘passive’ and ma not getting any from that. what am I missing?

  6. Congratulations on another successful month!

    It amazes me that you earn so much more from AdSense than from affiliate sales. That’s exactly the opposite of almost everyone else I see.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day πŸ™‚


  7. [quote comment=”775″]Okay, so how many hours a month do you put in for these earnings?[/quote]

    The first year, I was pretty much working on the website during all my free time..
    For the last year, the site pretty much runs itself, but I am still constantly hovering over it.. i am required to do a minimum of about 30 minutes per day to take care of premimum membership issues, and deal with other problems, ect..

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