December Earnings: $274/Day

This will probably be my last monthly earnings report. Unless I am overwhelmed with reader-responses/requests, I will probably post earnings updates one or two times for the year from now on.

December 2007 Total Gross Earnings

Total earnings for December 2007 were a record-setting $8,506. Even though Adsense was at it’s lowest in months (2nd lowest month of the year), premium subscriptions at over $4,800 pushed us way over the top. Kontera performed about average, at just over $1,100.

December Earnings Breakdown

This month was a record for expenses (and tax deductions!):

I was fearful that December would be a slow month, but instead it turned out to be a record-breaker – despite the second-lowest Adsense month of the year.

Here’s to a great 2008 to all my readers.

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