Make Your Kontera Links Single-Underlines

WARNING: Do not attempt this without explicit written approval from your Kontera account manager. Using this method without approval from Kontera will probably get you banned. I’m just posting it so you know about it – maybe you can beg your account manager into allowing you to do it.

Kontera in-text linksBy default, Kontera’s In-Text links produce double-underlines – this is so that the In-Text Link Ads can be differentiated from “real” links so they don’t trick or fool your visitors, which might result in poorly converting clicks for advertisors.

Here is a little trick that will change those double-underlines into single-underlines (remember, do not do this unless you have written permission from Kontera):

Add the following line to your Kontera code, just below your var DC_AdLinkColor line:

var dc_single_line = 'yes';

Be sure to add the ; at the end.  Save your changes and re-load your page and all your Kontera links will have a single underline instead of two.  Don’t forget my warning at the top of this post.

6 thoughts on “Make Your Kontera Links Single-Underlines

  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Randy! My Kontera profits haven’t been quite so good recently and I wouldn’t mind that little extra “something” to help boost clicks. I’ll definitely run it by the Kontera support team first, though, just to be on the safe side.


  2. [quote comment=”926″]YES! great tip! BTW do you know how to limit the keywords they chose?[/quote]

    Yes – this is part of the optimization process when you first sign up with kontera – setting keywords for your site..
    You can always ask your account rep to add keywords and even bump-up the link density for you.

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