Beware O’ The Jeffrey Lant Scam

There are lots of ways to make money online. Building a quality user-content based site like a well-made content site, SEM marking, or running a tech-blog like TechAeris. The one thing that all of these ways of earning money online have in common is that they all require hard work, time, and effort.

Jeffry LantSadly though, anytime there is money to be made online or in the real-world, you will find scammers and ripoff artists trying to prey on people’s dreams (and greed). My friend Gary Conn ran into one such person, who’s name happens to be Jeffrey Lant. I won’t go into the whole story, because Garry spells it out in his blog better than I ever could.

For all of you that might be new to trying to make money in the online world, take this advice:

  • There is no fast, easy way to make money online
  • You can learn virtually everything you need to know by reading the right blogs, a few FREE ebooks, and reading webmaster forums like Digital Point and Webmaster World
  • Anyone that promises to make you quick or easy money for a fee is lying to you
  • There is no substitute for good old-fashioned hard work and patience

If you haven’t already, go read about what Garry calls the “Jeffrey Lant Scam” in his blog – and if you hate scammers that try to take advantage of those that are the most vulnerable as much as I do, make a post in your blog about Garry’s run-in with Jeffry Lant.

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14 thoughts on “Beware O’ The Jeffrey Lant Scam

  1. Randy, I couldn’t agree with you more that making money online is a lot of hard work and that so many scammers prey on inexperienced people with “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

    This whole Jeffrey Lant thing sounds like yet another pyramid or ponzi scheme. The concept is almost as lame as that Ty Coughlin “Reverse Funnel System” ponzi scheme that you see pimped all over the place (LOL, three ads on alone).

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about this scammer. It is so sickening. I left a comment on Gary’s blog. I may write up something on this on one of mine 2.


  3. Starting to get another surge of traffic again on this… LOL!!! The Google ranking is amazing. I am now ranked #3 for the search term Jeffrey Lant. LOL!!!

    Thanks for your help man. 🙂

  4. you guys claim lant is a scammer. conn’s blog claims are extremely vague, and yours refer everyone to conn. what gives? exactly what is lant doing wrong? conn claims lant solicits $1200 from people, but exactly how is that a scam? exactly what does he claim to be selling for $1200, and does or does he not deliver on what he offers. conn’s references to lant’s troll-dom or the fact that he wears glasses are not evidence of a scam. lant offers to make people a quick profit for a fee, which defies comon sense, but so far you de-bunkers have
    merely repeated the accusation of “scammer ” with no facts. where’s the beef?
    i am considering doing business with land in another matter. ( hell… id never give him $1200 for an unspecified “gift” or some meoneymaking advice to begin with.)

  5. I just came off the so called live webcast and Jeffrey’s personality is horrible. He tried to

    insult me by saying:
    ‘You hear to pick up the crumbs’ when i mentioned the 50000 free hits.
    This got me angry and i wrote on the webcast message:

    You are an arrogant, egocentric B******, Jeffrey, T***! and then logged out. I felt good. I

    searched on google and found many sites screaming scam including yours.
    I then received an email from Lance Sumner encouraging me to join. I wrote back with the

    Your emails are very deceptive. You entice people by promising them 50 000 free hits by
    attending the live webcast. When i do attend (3 times) you encourage them to buy your
    overpriced membership package which costs hundreds of dollars.
    There is no mention of the free hits AT ALL.
    You get directed to Jeffrey’s pre recorded video on promoting his products and then turn
    around and say ‘No, only for people who attended the live webcast before. Then when i mention

    this to Jeffrey he says in his ‘patronising tone: ‘You here to pick up the crumbs’.

    i find his personality very impatient and arrogant. Just because he filled his bank by other

    people’s money, it has got to his head.
    I just did a search on google about him and i am correct about his horrible personality

    better by giving him a piece of my mind. There are plenty of resources on the internet to

    boost my site instead of paying into Jeffrey’s pocket.

    All over the internet Jeffrey’s name is screaming SCAM. This was no surprise to me.

  6. I was a World Profit paid Silver member for two years. It is a scam in this way: many lies, many false promises. “Join today, earn tomorrow.” $99-$200 monthly. Jeff Lant mind is so focused upon himself, he can’t see any further than his mirror and your wallet. Doubt what I’m saying, go to their Live Business Center when he’s there and see how you get treated. Not like customer, instead like a dog, or at least stupid, if you don’t join.

  7. the “center” is his apartment in cambridge. he has one windows computer. if you gave him any money you need professional help.

  8. It’s sad to hear greed has corrupted Jeffrey. Back in the 90’s (before he launched World Profit), I purchased several of his books on copy writing and marketing. They were loaded with lots of good information.

  9. I gave him a bunch of my money like an idiot. Save your money. It’s the type of rare organization that enjoys insulting the people being scammed. It’s like a spider-web of phoney dreams and promises and many people are made to feel too stupid to be successful. It’s a crazy den of con artists.

  10. Jeff Kant also uses a minister of who knows what named Annette Lacey to also con people. One of their biggest lies is that they have 700,000 members. A friend of mine knows people who are active members and most of them are not making any money, because the newly scammed people drop out in one month when they see the writing on the wall. There’s an Apollo test pilot named Wallace Johnson who’s been in there for 4 years or more, and he’s not making any money either. He admitted it. Some of the older members just do it for companionship and to feel needed. Jeff Lant, and George Kosch and Sandi Hunter really dreamed one up when they made World Profit Internet scam. Save your money, you’ll thank those of us who tried to warn you. I was one of the dumb saps who bought in. Shame on me, shame on them. Where’s Georhe W Bush when you need him?

  11. what the heck does bush have to do with this? his administration pushed consistently for corporate deregulation and free passes for scofflaws. he was probably a personal frend of lant. i alo must repeat., that if you gave any money to lant’s non-existent “center” the problem is YOU.

  12. Im at the minute being insulted by this total *sshole, How anyone would ever think that this insulting egotisic moron could make money them is beyond me. I would rather set alight to my money than pass it on to this scam.

  13. As dealer and monitor with Worldprofit, allow me to put the record straight
    Worldprofit is Not “Get Rich Quick” system and has Never advertised as such and Not a Scam!

    Worldprofit is aTraining centre website, with all the tools and sofware you need in one place, George Kosch teaches us how to Run a Business

    No a Biz -op
    As to Dr Lant being a ” insulting egotisic moron” he can come accros that way – until you get to know him personally

    He takes over montor duty when there is nobody else available – he up early online early every day

    He continues to write articles and pubishes ebook and allowes dealers to re-brand them

    Here’s a link to more facts about him

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