Sometimes Being A Webmaster Sucks Ass!

For the most part, since I opened the website in 2006 it has been smooth sailing… On a Sometimes I want to stick a fork in my eyenational radio show after being online for only a month, featured as an Adsense Success Story after less than a year, generating over $1,000/mo after the first four months and $9,000/mo. after only two years – so yeah, it’s been all wine and roses here .. Up until about the last month when it started to feel like the wheels were falling off and the shit was hitting the fan. So for all of you who love to watch “the big guys” squirm (if I even count as a ‘big guy’) this post is for you.

In my blog charter, I promised no personal rants, so instead this post will be more of an outline of what my next several posts will be about – Each one of these posts will be under the subject of Sometimes Being A Webmaster Sucks!

  • Banned from PayPal! Yep – I got a notice from PayPal that my account was permanently “limited” and if I’m lucky they’ll give me the $5,100 in the account sometime in the next six months. In this post I will go over how I went from being suicidal over the loss of this source of $6,000/month, to earning more per day and paying lower transaction fees by being forced to find something better than PayPal.
  • Adsense Earnings at an all-time low! Since December 2007, Adsense has been earning approximately 1/4 or less than in all of 2006 and 2007 even though traffic continues to rise
  • One Week With Zero Firefox Referral Earnings! I’ve already made this post, but an entire week without Firefox Referral Earnings has significantly impacted this month’s earnings.
  • My $10,000 Tax Bill Is Due: I guess April sucks for a lot of people, but on top of 2007’s tax bill, it’s time to pay my quarterly estimated taxes also
  • I Fucked Up: Read about my biggest mistake so far at the website
  • Continued Drama At The Website: Read about how member’s egos and other problems at the website have spiraled to nearly totally out of control
  • Out Of The Blue Bandwidth Charges: Read about how this month’s server bill is nearly three times higher than usual due to some surprise bandwidth charges

Maybe May will be a better month..

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Being A Webmaster Sucks Ass!

  1. I understand how it feels Randy because I work full time from home like you too.

    My sites are under the same predicament, with Adsense income in free fall since Dec.

    However, I believe this is actually a blessing in disguise. It shifts the way you think about making money online.

    We can depend on Google anymore. We got to depend on ourself – our own product. Where we can control the amount of money we get per sale.

    No more ambiguity, no more unwanted surprises, no more income fluctuation.

    I think time like this opens up our eyes even more.

    Emerson said, “Nature, when she adds difficulties, adds brains.”

  2. I’ve been singing the Adsense blues since December and it only seems like it’s getting worse. Today I had 54 clicks on one site for a measley $1.04 🙁 No that really sucks !!!

    Fortunately I found PepperJam Network and I’ve been doing very well with their CPA program, already breaking $100 in my first two weeks.

  3. It is true that adsense rates are going down.. I wonder why that is… is it just for certain keywords that are fluctuating or generally everything is dropping?

    – KG

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