How I Convinced PayPal To Release My Funds

This is a follow up to my post “Banned by PayPal

When I was informed that my PayPal account was “permanently limited” (aka: banned) and that PayPal would be holding my balance of $5,149 for six-months, I thought there was not much I could do. I appealed the decision to limit (ban) my account and PayPal denied it. Since I did not need the balance of $5,149 that PayPal was going to hold for 6 months I figured I would just wait it out (note that I say did not NEED it.. I want it, but I did not NEED it).

But after seeing some of the comments that readers posted on my original “my PayPal account was limited” post I started to feel a bit victimized and angry, and a bit like PayPal was pushing me around and doing whatever they wanted with my balance. I decided that instead of feeling like I was going to just lay down and let PayPal rape me that I would fight back one last time.

So based on a comment posted by Lucas explaining how he got his funds released after PayPal limited his account, I sat down and wrote this little email:

RE: Case PP-xxx-yyy-zzz

I am respectfully requesting that the hold on my funds/account be lifted. I am not necessarily requesting that my account be re-opened or allowed to continue to use the PayPal service, as I have already taken my business to your largest competitor and I am no longer in need of PayPal’s services.

I have previously requested a review/appeal of my case which was denied.  Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal I will abide by it – however because I feel that holding my funds for 180 days for a non-fraudulent violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power, I will be filing complaints with the following agencies on Wednesday morning, April 23, 2008 if I am not satisfied with PayPal’s response to this request to release my funds:

(agencies in the states that I reside or have a business presence in)

The California Office of the Attorney General

The Washington State Office of the Attorney General

The Florida Office of the Attorney General

The Arizona Office of the Attorney General

The United States Federal Reserve
(I understand that PayPal does not operate as a “bank” which is precisely why they may be interested in such complaints)

The Better Business Bureau:

All complaints will be filed “online” Wednesday morning April 23, 2008 and written copies will also be sent via certified postal mail.

I understand PayPal’s need for holding funds for credit card chargeback purposes, however a review of my account history for the last year will reveal a very low chargeback rate as well as a very high customer-satisfaction rate. I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that holding my entire balance for 180 days is excessive and my be viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power and perhaps even contrary to the laws of some states. That being said I have no problem with, and agree to leaving a balance of $500 for credit card chargeback purposes for the duration of the 180 days. I feel that this is a fair resolution while still leaving PayPal with the means to charge back any future credit card disputes to my account.

Please be aware that replying with the standard “this is part of the terms of service that you agreed to” will not satisfy my request, or deter me from filing my complaints with the agencies listed above on the morning of Wednesday April 23. It will be up to those agencies to determine if PayPal is operating within the law, abusing power, etc. I am simply seeking a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of both parties.

Thank you for your time again in looking into this matter.

Case PP-xxx-yyy-zzz

I addressed the email to the following addresses:;;;;;;;;;;

UPDATE September 2017 – See the bottom of this post for an updated list of PayPal email address and were as best as I could tell the guys in charge at PayPal, and appear to be their press people, and the others are all of the “escalation” email address that I could find – most of which I got from (see updated list of email address at the bottom of this post)

I did my best to word the email as politely as I could and basically told them that they had 48 hours to respond or I would start complaining to whoever would listen. I spell-checked it and hit the SEND button at 1:48PM California time on Sunday afternoon.

Approx 5 hours later, at just a little after 7PM California time on Sunday night my phone rang. CallerID said it was from the 402 area code and listed it simply as “Nebraska”.. Hmm.. Who could be calling me from Nebraska this late on a Sunday evening? Could it be Shoemoney calling or might it be someone from PayPal headquarters working late??

Sure enough, when I picked up the phone a very nice lady at the other end explained that she was calling from PayPal regarding the email I had sent earlier in the day. She had reviewed my account, agreed that my chargebacks had been virtually zero over the previous year, and that although PayPal would not be re-opening (or un-banning) my account, they would be transferring $5,000 of my $5,149 balance into my bank account. They would hold the remaining $149 for the balance of the 180 days at which time it would automatically be transferred into my bank account. Heck, that’s better than I had asked for in my email!

So – although having my PayPal account banned has been a huge inconvenience, being forced to switch to Google Checkout is still working to my advantage (making me more money), and now that PayPal will be releasing all but $149 of my funds, I can say that I’m pretty happy.

Now, if you’ve been banned by Paypal, before you go copying and pasting my email to try and get your funds released remember that I have had my PayPal account for a few years with virtually zero complaints and very few disputes or chargebacks. If you have been involved in fraudulent activity, been ripping people off, selling body parts, etc, you probably wont make out as well as I have (nor should you). However if your account has been in good standing and you have a low rate of disputes you may be able to get your funds released before the 180 day period that PayPal imposes by letting them know that you just wont stand for it and that you will complain to anyone that will listen.


My Funds Trasfer
Paypal has returned my money to my bank account!

Update November 2013: Thanks to A.Chip who has compiled some tips that he used to get his money back when he emailed his letter:

  • Before I sent the email to Paypal, I made an email list inside my email account named “PayPal Emails” and put all the Paypal email addresses on that list. When it was time to send the email, I put the “” email address on the “To:” line, and put the list in the “Bcc:” line so no one else in the company could see who else I sent the email to. Everyone who got the email could only see that I sent it to the Appeals department. Other Paypal victims should practice this technique with their own personal emails first to make sure it works before sending their email to Paypal. People in the “Bcc:” line should not be able to see any other email addresses except the one in the “To:” line.
  • After I sent the letter to Paypal, I received an email from the Appeals department stating they investigated my case, but still ruled against me. The following day I received the email from the executive at Paypal saying he would refund the money. At Paypal, it is clear that thy left hand has no clue what thy right hand is doing. So if a victim gets a rejection email after sending their letter, keep waiting. Someone else from the executive office will most likely respond later on with a real solution.


Update September 2017: New list of email addresses provided by readers:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. Good evening Rick. I can surely understand what you are depress of. I been there did that. Spent countless hours to gain the trust of customers and in the end had to start over again from the point “0”. If you are married then just simply change the credentials of your ebay account on your wife name and its alright if paypal account will be even one day old. Cheers.

  2. really really happy with this post – i tried it yesterday sent it to about 20 e-mails got three back two automated and one with a contact number rang them up.. baring in my we have 80% rolling reserve on 100% of payments we receive and a minimum reserve of £2,000 on the account permanently – i rang the number supplied info like last 4 numbers on any card attached to account e-mail address and my name.. literally within 20 seconds i told the lady once the minimum reserve has built up i was told the 2k would be released i kid you not within 20 seconds she said yep ok no problem sir and moved it into available! considering they placed the minimum reserve on 4th november 2014.. now its the 11th feb 15 and pretty much every other day ive been on the phone they told me there wasn’t nothing i could do about it and it would be released when the account is closed!! considering we already have a 80% rolling reserve for 60 days on 100% of everything our account receives. i was amazed at how quickly she released the money.. i sent a revised letter and mentioned i would report the situation and said i am aware it is not legal in some areas and i did not state and companies that i would report it to.. because i didn’t know any as i am in the UK and do not know the relevant people only solicitors – who in this situation are pretty useless as i have accepted the terms etc… and it worked. the e-mail has to be sent off the account you are talking about with the case reference number.. i currently have 7 open charge back cases open and the woman did not even mention them – the reason so high is because we do 10’s of over the phone card payments a day. as we are dealing with the public not b2b inevitably some open charge backs once they receive what they want… unfortunately this is just how it is and we win the majority. but this wasn’t even taken into consideration the money was just moved from reserve to available. unfortunately we still have thousands in rolling reserve and we only get 20% available from every payment but at the moment thats just how it is.

    thanks so much for the template of the e-mail it did the trick!

    1. Hi, Thank you all for sharing your posts and advice.

      What is the up to date list of contact emails to send to for the UK?

      Thank you

    2. Hello, Thank you all for sharing your posts and advice.

      What is the up to date list of contact emails to send to for the UK?

      Thank you

    3. I am really trying my hardest to understand this all. Paypal just recently limited my account and then in one day told me that I will have to close my account because of many transactions. My account has a balance of $29k and was told that I have to wait 180 days to get my money back or I can issue refunds to customers I owe. Problem being is I don’t own anyone! I really need to know how to retrieve my money. 180 days will totally kill my business.

      1. Welcome to the “Paypal fucked me” club!
        You can try writing a letter, like the one this blog-post is about but based on recent comments here, the email address dont work/paypal is now hiding their email addresses from the public.
        Paypal has screwed you, just like they screw hundreds of other innocent people every day. Your choice is to hire an attorney or sit back and let them continue to rape you for another 179 days.

        1. Did you get this resolved? It’s two years later and we now have $21,000 being held and zero communication from PayPal except account is locked and they will hold money for 6 months.

    4. hey sorry to bother you but I just joined the club PayPal screwed me with the 180 day hold. what emails should I send this to?

    5. Thanks So Much They Had 224 of my money as of September 1 2018 i tried this yesterday January 28 2019 change the date in your letter and sent it to every email address for PayPal i could find!… next afternoon 1pm January 29 2019 i got a email saying I could withdraw my funds to my bank account!!… FUCK YEAH

      1. On April the 8th pay pal had sent me another pay pal card and when I went to account the card that’s when I find out that pay pal has a limitation on my account and they didn’t tell me puls pay pal had credit my account for$ 65 that they put it in someone else’s account the card was link to my PayPal account and then take the $65 back out of my account and put it back in the another person pal owe me a $ 111. Plus$65.00 that they take out of my account and pay pal told me that I got to wait 180 days before I can get my money I don’t have money like that please help me get my money back from PayPal they just tell people lies and when you asked for a supervisor they tell you that they do not have one

      2. Where can we send a letter? I’ve e-mailed everyone on that list as provided above (2017 list) and they bounce back. The only notification we’ve received is an e-mail stating our account is locked and we’ve been kicked out. Called and they have frozen $21,000 sitting in account for 6 months. Don’t care about PayPal, just want our money. Legit and not fraudulent. Any ideas on where to MAIL (Snail Mail) a certified letter?

  3. Good to see that some of you manage to get the money back from Paypal. I was not aware of this possibility when it happened to me, and similarly as the author, I did not NEED the money at that moments, so I just decided to wait. Now the time has passed, I have the money and the account is closed. I am using alternative payment service and I do not remember why I went for Paypal in the first place. I feel sorry for those, who have Paypal as their only option and have to continue dealing with them. My suggestion would be just to look for an alternative options.

    1. Hello Peter,

      it happens to me this week, I neither need money, hopefully my balance was not a high one, but I still don’t understand why Paypal is going to hold my money fro 180 days.
      But what is most important for me is how I continue, with out Paypal? What an alternative payment service are you using, I must say I’m located in Buenos Aires, but I have US based account and Paypal caught 2 of them, so I will appreciatte very much your help

      1. Hola Adriana,
        Encontré tu caso y, siendo el mismo que el mío y también estando yo en Buenos Aires, decidí escribirte. Si no es molestia, te pido me escribas a mi mail para ver qué se puede hacer al respecto. Gracias de antemano!

        1. Hola Gabriel, Mi nombre es Eloina y justo estoy en medio de ese tema ahora, pudieras comentarme tu experiencia a ver qué pudiera funcionarme a mi? Mil gracias.

    2. hi, im in the same situation, what alternative payment service are you using please…i have an ebay account, and i don’t know if any other would be compatible with them… please help!!!

  4. My account with Paypal recently put on hold and was advise the my funds will be on hold for 180 days. This really got in to my head and I’ve been reading a lot on what steps I should do for them to release my money. I even sent the a similar email like this I even told them I will have it published to news if they won’t release my money. I am really frustrated now and my head is aching thinking of what are the other option I can do to make paypal release my money. Why they were doing that? It’s not there money and yet they were already deducting you with some fees…

  5. So my daughter had access to my account and paid money to a scam artist online for shoes, I called paypal and told them the scenario, they disputed and got my money back, but then they limited my account because “a minor took control” and won’t let me take out the funds for 180 days, and also said I have to give proof of my identity, which I was hesitant to do, but still did, I gave a picture of my passport picture, bank statement, and drivers license eventually because they weren’t approving it. They still haven’t taken off the limitations after all the info provided. I sent this e-mail above, I got some emails bounced back, but not too many replies either. It’s been a day, Am I suppose to wait ?

  6. I got a notification that Paypal had permanently limited my account. It had over 12k in it. I was devastated but I sent several emails and called several in the AUP dept. This morning I noticed it still said I was permanently limited but there was new text asking a TOS affidavit. I typed I agree and the account was restored! Man I was stressing balls but it works, just keep trying and don’t freak out. I am also in Canada so it is possible to get international accounts restored. Just keep bugging them. If you look, there is also some numbers in the AUP dept you can call. I was told, not even the limitations department can contact them. I called limitations and she said she would add a note for them to call me and that she couldn’t even. She was very nice and it may have helped my situation

    1. Hi..i have my Canadian account limited too. Appeal has been denied.
      Have called them and they said they’ll review. It has been around 5 days, account has same status and no update from PayPal as yet, should I call them again? Email? or just wait?

  7. I need the most updated list of email addresses to whom i should send this email to so i can get my (legal) funds un-restricted from paypal. Please email it to me ASAP, most of the email addresses I just sent came back “not delivered”!

    1. Please give me the updated e mail address of the higher people on pay pal because my money is on hold, every time i call them they’re just doing me a run around it’s not their money why are they holding it, i do have a few refunds, but i took care of it, i have one more refund request and I would like the money withdrawn from my pay pal account, since they are holding my money, there is nothing i can do about it, this is only my source of income right now, i can’t take care of my business if pay pal will not release my money..

  8. Regarding witholding funds (paypal). Have you watched “the wolf of wall street”, well this is how paypal senior shareholders and top executives view the masses that use the service. Dont be under any illusion that the system is automated, decision makers review each complaint and and accounts logistics teams get bonuses for withholding funds. To them you are nothing more than a cash cow to be milked. When you want to hit them for withholding funds hit them where it really hurts – reputation, threaten public exposure and invitation for legal intervention based on public exposure, state the detailed damage to your mental state, family funds and ultimately your trust in financial institutions as a result of paypal funds pending, withheld etc. Hit them hard as possible, its the only language they really understand, they are intoxicated under the the influence of lots of other people money and the sense of power they derive from this. This type of behavior demands strong smelling salts in the form of public exposure which loses them millions daily ans loss of confidence in the product ie banking system and they know others are waiting in the wings to start up alternative ventures to rival them based on dissatisfaction. Whatever happens dont let them get to you if its not a matter of losing your home or eating, keep the chin up as when you kick them hard enough you will find there is puny little organ grinder behind the curtain.

    1. Not that I don’t agree with you, but, do you have any information or evidence that supports the claim that the PayPal crooks “ each complaint and and accounts logistics teams get bonuses for withholding funds“?
      It does seem that this is happening, but I would love to see some actual evidence that this is how they work.

  9. so, Last time my employer send me payment on the same day I withdraw it through card,paypal said that I cannot withdraw because of intermittent communication problem. I tried to withdraw again for 3 times, then I also tried to withdraw through bank transfer. Then I checked my bank account, paypal transferred money on my account 3 times. but then I didn’t withdraw those money because it is not mine. i went to the bank and told them what happened. then I think paypal freeze all those money, its not a problem anymore. the problem is.. All my personal money was held by paypal. what can i do get my money. I cannot withdraw not a single bill.

    please send me help

  10. Success!!

    Randy, thanks for posting the updated PayPal email addresses. I had been banned from PayPal for a number of years because I had joined two programs that PayPal said were MLM. Fortunately, I didn’t have any money in the account at the time I got banned because my practice was to always withdraw my funds to my bank every few days.

    I emailed the email addresses that you posted and I got a response from several PayPal employees. Finally, I got two calls from members of the Executive Escalations office ( Much to my surprise, I was told that my account had been reviewed and that my account was being fully restored, dependent upon my signing an updated terms of usage agreement. I signed the agreement right away and now my account is fully restored. All of the staff at PayPal were very polite and were able to find details on my account as I was missing some key information since it had been so long. I was told that PayPal has relaxed some of its restrictions relating to its MLM policy. So, folks, don’t give up, PayPal sometimes reverses its decision. Good luck to all of you.

    1. Hi-I just had my p/pal acct. permanently limited due to receiving a pmt. from a client of mine that had sold some 100% authentic Coach sandals on ebay. I’ve had my same p/pal acct. for 11 years with NO problems & also buy & sell on ebay for the same amt. of time. PLEASE confirm the list of p/pal emails that i may send emails to since i was turned down twice in an appeal. Thanks so much!

    2. You didn’t have any money in there, they have to wait until you have something in there to put on the 180 days hold lol.

  11. Paypal are scamers or just reall dumb.
    I had charge back from creditcards from a customer it was still paypal issue. it was a mistake but it was 5 chargebacks so he canceled them 4 i got and 1 vanished in thin air. i call them over 1 month now about 20 times and they told me every time that the money was at the creditcard company or something else very time. just received my money what was over $1000 the biggest chargeback.

    i think there is a team of scammers try to skim money from people and wait it out look if they give up and if you do they have your money. believe me money does not dissapear like that.

    1. Did you ever get a list of updated e mails? I’m also looking if u get them will u pls send them my way? Thank u so much!

  12. Usually I don’t learn post on blogs, but I wish to say that this
    write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so!
    Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you,
    very nice post.

  13. I have had my paypal account limited on the 18/Nov/2018

    My balance is £2702.04

    I am begging some one / any one whom can assist me.

  14. Could someone please provided the most currently updated list of email address? Paypal has limited my account and is holding my funds for 180 days and cannot afford.

  15. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could share with me, updated news on how to get my ($1800) out of Paypal. I was with ebay and paypal for over 12 years and the moment I make a larger sale than usual they say I’m not who I am and froze my account for NO REASON!!

  16. Can someone email me the updated paypal emails? Paypal limited my account with over 5K for no reason. No one is getting back to me from paypal. Thanks

  17. I am having the same problem as you are. I live in China and sent money to my bank account in US and they froze my account and won’t get back with me. I only sent $1300.00 and it is urgent that I get my money into my account. I need to buy a plane ticket. I just wrote to
    Any other suggestions of who I should write to?

  18. Well I have a story shared with so many. I did write to all those emails but still no answer. however, we all must divulge our stories and contribute so some authorities do something about it. This company can’t stay without punishment once all what they do is punish us paying customers, and like me a small business start-up that will end before the first anniversary. if PayPal does not release funds as they must will lose my only income.
    I am sure the government does not want people that do all correct to support themselves and families get into benefits because of paypal? I never have been in benefits before but at this point that paypal holds all my money to pay bills and put food on the table of my daughter that is all what crosses my mind. I do not want it as I am proud of what I have achieved but there is no way I can survive with almost £9.000 they have in captive and with no possibility of doing business once the 20% rolling reserve they have for each transaction is more than my gross profit in each sale.
    Will paste my story bellow and if someone can help take these unscrupulous businesses down I am definitely for it.
    “I have a 20 % rolling reserve on my paypal account that is going to put me out of business (paypal Holds £9.000 of my money)
    I had an huge increase of sales in November that did triger the situation.
    However I cannot survive without that money that are my ebay fees and a small part my profit.
    I am a single mum and ebay is my only income. At the moment I have no money to pay ebay or my rent. Paypal is holding it for me.
    They say it is a 45 day release reserve ( so from January on they will release on a daily basis but it will be for one year and that means that they will keep doing it fo a whole year.
    It is unsustainable for me to have that amount of money as it will even go within what I have to pay to my suppliers.
    Said that I am out of business at the moment and no way to support me and my daughte and have no idea where to look for in this situation
    If i can help to detain Paypal with my real story I will. They abuse of power needs to be stopped”

    Please lets look at solutions for ourselves but also to stop this kind of businesses hurt those that work hard to make an honest living and end up in Paypal No mercy’s hands

    Please email me on if you have any solution or if there is where to go to open investigations on this matters

  19. This technique does not work. I tried and they only responded with baloney and template answers. So I filled to Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Paypal released the funds in 30 days. So dont waste time. File Complaint and get the money

    1. July 2019 – For anyone still having difficulties, I feel that this is by far and away THE BEST answer/solution in this thread. I have just successfully filed my complaint. The best part is that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can make public your complaint, PERFECT! Now THAT is language companies like PayPal can definitely understand. This is how ‘the rich get richer’, with cruel misuse of power. PayPal do not need my $1000! I am sure however, that they have found a great way to hold funds for no reason like this and profit off it. It’s a cruel abuse of power and unnecessary for a company worth billions. Good luck everyone, in resolving your cases.

  20. So since it didn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for anybody, ever, anywhere? That’s a pretty bold (and stupid) statement!
    Over 20 people have posted on this page alone that it worked great plus the guy that wrote it.

  21. So PayPal is holding what was going to be my rent money and I really need it. I sell Kratom online on my website this plants medical value has drawn attention unfortunately it also has a bit of recreation value. While totally legal PayPal must feel above they are going to make there own laws and asked me to remove the PayPal option from my site 3 months ago. I did but created another account and added it, everything was going fine till an eBay sale today- now they are holding my entire sales for the month! Over 1000$…lesson learned no more PayPal on my site but in the meantime HELP!? Anyone think these emails will work? I’ve never had a complaint from a customer and it seems like they shouldn’t have the right to hold MY Money..It’s not there’s…

  22. Paypal made my account limited as soon as I receive the money and it cannot be appealed. They won’t even let me withdraw it since I don’t have a bank account in it and I only receive the money from my cousin.

  23. I have 16.000 euro in my account and PayPal has a fixed amount kept as minimum reserve and around 4000 for variable reserves.
    When I asked them after the 180 days to review this I was denied!!!! Although I only have had one chargeback in the whole year.
    As business is not as good because of recent things happening in Paris, we have had a business drop down of more then 60% So it creates a cashflow issue.
    These account re-viewers just decide to make a call and whether I like it or not they have my money.
    What can I do

  24. Paypal just Limited my Account for Lifetime – and Holding my money for 180 days.

    I just had a great December month, without any notice or anything they limited / banned my account.

    This is ridiculous – luckily I had just paid my bills but still have $2000 tied up for 180 days. I am going to try these emails.

  25. I have tried the emails, filed complaint with FTC, BBB and CFPB. I even sent lets to the senators of both Georgia and Florida. They limited my account because I am a authorized user for a account that is negative. Is it my account no, can I make changes to said account again no, all I am is a back contact yet they determined since I am associated with that account that I also must be out to rip them off so they place a hold on my money for 180 days. Well PayPal if your reading I will see you in court if my funds aren’t released. Every call I made I got a different answer as to how long my limitation was and when I finally ask for a manager they ban me for not complying with first csr who picked up. Well let’s see what a judge has to say if my money is not released.

    1. I am ready too mine isnt a large amount but I am a senior and I NEED MY money. Paypal needs to be sued. This practice is so ILLEGAL.

  26. I have in excess of 50,000 USD withheld by Paypal, I have emailed their CEO and upper management for the release of my funds, they refused and directed me to Debbie their executive escalation support staff who told me they can’t take money from my bank so they decided to set reserve, 1 month later they withdrew money from my bank (Chase) directly. This is in direct violation to their User Service Agreement. I have filed complaints against them with Better Business Bureau, BBB cannot do anything about this case, suggested I reach out to Attorney General in my state which is not the same as CA, I will do so next. Also I have file complaint with Financial service of New York who grants the money transmitter license Paypal, so far I haven’t heard back from them. I want to know if anybody has dealt with business malpractice lawyer if so please contact me at

  27. This helped so much I cant even tell you how greatful I am that I stumbled on this post. It helped me lift my limitation on my account.

  28. For some, Paypal holding your money can be a big loss to your business, potentially putting your whole business at risk!! In my case they put a hold on $7200, this was 75% of my total business funds. I’m a wholesaler and retailer i’m a small business, when this happened it really took a hit in my business because the way i make money is buy investing 70 to 100% of my funds and getting paid within one or two business days, I buy and sell very quickly, margins are small but, buy and turning around inventory as many times as possible is the way i can make a living!! When this happened my wholesale business completely stopped. I had to take a car title loan to survive, I have lost thousands of dollars because of this hold and because i’m paying a very high interest loan that i would have not gotten if this didn’t happened. I called paypal about 10 times maybe more regarding the situation, i also submitted various paper work they requested to see if something can be done to no avail, i have 100% satisfied customers on ebay and been with paypal about 15 years and they still didn’t care. Paypal just cares about them, about making money of all the fees they collect, they don’t care that your business can potentially be closed because of this, they don’t care you have bills to pay, they don’t care you have vendors to pay, they don’t care about anything or any losses you may suffer do to them holding your funds!! Now i’m working with clover and bank of american for C.C. processing and they certainly do not hold funds for 180 days. The paypal hold started when a new wholesale customer bought merchandise from me($5600), everything went through find at the beginning; however a few days after receiving the product he complaint that the merchandise was not as describe, broken, missing parts etc. Now this was for brand-new products. i had sent all sealed in their original packaging. Obviously this customer was trying to scam me for $5600 worth of product!! I explained to paypal i had video surveillance of when i package his order, where you can see clearly that everything that was sent, was as describe. what other proof would they need in this case?? Now the hold wasn’t even for that payment or transaction, it was for another transaction that i got paid for in the amount of $7200, in which paypal said they would all the funds available in case i get more charge backs which didn’t make any sense since the transaction in question was only for $5600 dollars!! I Would not recommend paypal at all if you don’t want your money to be held for 180days, specially if at any giving time more than 50% of your total business funds are in stake!! This experience has been very stressful and put me in the edge of loosing my business. SORRY FOR MY GRAMMAR, English is my second language….any comments please go ahead thanks!!

    1. Dear Jay,

      I would like to ask you how you go on accepting credit cards, that will be very helpful for me, a sell on Ebay and now I don’t know how to continue!.
      Thanks for relying.
      English is not my first launguage

  29. The money of my mother are locked in paypal for almost 1 year. She can’t speak anymore and is immobilized, hence cannot call them. There is no working mechanism to get the money back. Paypal is a scam! They tap and steal money occasionally here and there from users.

    1. Why don’t you try what I did? Just edit the mail write what are you’re experience and complaints why did they do that just send them mail as if you are the account. Just try who know it will work for you too:)) good luck..

  30. Wow thank you Mr.Wilson…

    It just work for me… I just edit the whole paragraph and did not change those to whom you can file a case… And send it to all email address copy paste.. I just did it last Friday night… And boom they restore my limited account without any questions and auto mail response. My account is intact with just 1000euros in it. Tomorrow I’m gonna withdraw everything;)) thank you again Mr.genius;))

  31. I want to ask what if i was permanently banned by paypal and i want my account to be used again is it possible? they checked that i have multiple accounts and the other accounts are the one that i made last 2012 and don’t have any access of it but i can’t close it due to the limitation and they detect all my account and limit it temporarily and now i want to lift my banned to paypal cause its the only way for me to purchase on some sites that i want to order some stuffs.

    Can you please help me? i already called them from their landline and i am in Asia and it’s a long distance call and they just held my call for about 10mins or more and they told me that they can’t lift my banned cause its permanent? T_T is it still possible to reaccess paypal?

  32. This works. My account was locked two days ago for 180 days and the decision was “unappealable.” After two days of emails similar to this suggested one, the funds were released.

  33. Today is March 25, 2016. I own 2 merchant accounts with Paypal. One for nearly 3 years and the other for 1 year. Less than 10 days ago Paypal sent me their template they want to part ways and froze my assets for 6 months and disabled my 180 clients monthly recurring charges. I then found this website and used its ideas. I also faxed paypal corporate the same letter I emailed. Here is Paypal Corporate address. Paypal USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
    2211 North First Street
    San Jose, CA 95131
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-935-2258
    Fax Number: 1-650-251-1101
    Email I was pretty happy and defending paypal for the last 3 years until now when all of a sudden they got arrogant, locked everything up, and I already had a reserve close to 12% from paypal to cover chargebacks for 6 months but then if I ever did have a chargeback they didn’t use that reserve, they still just pulled from my active funds anyway. So, right now I have a very bitter taste in my mouth about paypal. between my paypal merchant accounts they have frozen close to 30k for 180 days. I gave them a deadline of next week before I escalate as this site suggested and how. I’m hopeful that paypal will settle this proper before this gets ugly. Also, it makes things 6x worse when you figure in the recurring billing and they aren’t willing to give me back the sensitive data so I can have another company process . My advice at the moment,…don’t sign up for paypal merchanting and don’t sign up for paypal recurring services either. It’s haunting me now. I will post an update next week letting you all know if paypal made things right or not.

  34. can anybody please let us know which email they got response coz when i sent email to above list i didn’t receive any response from any email address back.?
    Thank for your help in advance

  35. i am based in africa. i received payment from my customer and they just limited me and i can not withdraw funds. please guide me on how to go about it in this . am damn broke and i need that cash. how should i go about it..i feel they are just but scam. please assist.

  36. Being an artist, I setup a PayPal account to have funds sent to me by clients – it was convenient. At first PayPal was placing a hold on payments because they wanted to make sure that the “sale” was completed successfully. After receiving a number of transactions from clients PayPal decided to “lift” any holds on payments. I was excited = no more pending payments, so I thought…..

    After receiving a payment of $200 for a product label design, and after successfully receiving multiple payments, PayPal decided to place a permanent limitation on my account. Reason being = PayPal “suspects” that my account is linked to another which has a negative balance.

    I immediately called PayPal once I received notice of the limitation. A PayPal Representative from the “limitations” department told me that the negative account linked to mine was using the same Social Security #. I quickly told the representative that I did not have any other account nor authorize any individual to use my social security number. I told PayPal that I linked my bank account, sent a NYS Photo ID and took the appropriate steps to ensure that my PayPal was verified.

    The negative account in question was not verified, the user did not upload a state issued identification card, or have a bank account linked. PayPal pushed the case into investigation under Identity Theft. – Here’s where it gets a little more interesting…

    PayPal notified me stating that it wasn’t a case of identity theft and that my account was in fact linked to another with a negative balance. So I call PayPal AGAIN…..the PayPal representative told me that there were two pieces of information that would validate that account being linked to mine – which was my social security number and my home address.

    PayPal told me that during the years of 2009-2015 that I lived at the specific address which was linked to the bad account and obtained by public records. I told PayPal that I could provide documentation proving that was not my address. The representative told me that I couldn’t use a piece of mail because it could be a “friends” address. I QUICKLY told PayPal that I could provide them with my old New York State Issued ID proving my residence during those years, along with H&R Block Income Tax returns which also prove my residence. I felt as if PayPal was proved wrong and now they don’t want to hear it.

    I plan on sending out some emails and getting the money out of my account. For now, I setup Skrill/Moneybookers for online payments or until I find a better alternative. I will let you guys know how it plays out.

  37. An ebay buyer, after 3 weeks of hunting down a gold scale ( her reason for not notifying me sooner) was MORTIFIED that the ring weighed only 5.1 grams and not 6 grams as we had advertised based on our scale reading. Naturally, a return of her funds is her demand. While she is within her rights, is everyone in the scrap metal business? It was an honest mistake, and for all I know her scale is off. But likely, after wearing it for 3 weeks she grew weary of its design. Why not? She has nothing to lose- the seller even has to pay for its return. Like renting jewelry, rent-free. I know sellers who gave up on ebay, based on the high volume of items returned after a lengthy trial of wearing pieces by the ‘buyer’. Oh yes, and she has a 10 days to return it. Yet, ebay STRONGLY suggests the seller get their items out within 3 days or there could be the unpleasant consequences of a low rating submitted by the buyer.

    However, my beef is with Paypal/ebay ( I bet no one saw that coming) for not making clear that they would withhold my PP funds until she gets off her lazy butt and sends back the ring. There is no record of funds held back on their website; PP simply records a money figure that doesn’t equate with what should be in the account. And with no prior email from Ebay explaining they would attach my funds until Princess gets her hands on her cash, I get to waste 20 minutes on hold with PP trying to find out why my account is off. Since, every displeased buyer gets to hang a lousy rating over the sellers head, of course I’m going to give her a refund. How nice PP and ebay can play with our money without accountability. Really, how long would it take their staff in Sri Lanka to email out a form statement explaining how their scheme works beforehand? Sorry, of course I meant a “buyer protection” policy. But that would mean for them to invest another 30 cents an hour to pay another Talking Head to handle the cases.

  38. Please somebody help. I am not a seller I only use PayPal for Ebay purchases. Recently I sent some money to a friend who had a business opportunity knowing that if it didn’t work out he would refund. This was done through PP and it was refunded but now they are holding it for 180 days. I need email addresses to resolve this, they gave me auexecutiveescalations (au as I am in Australia) are there any others that might help ?

  39. I am dealing with the same issue. I do not sell anything. I use PayPal for the convenience. As of May 30, 2016, PayPal has been holding $135 and will not release those funds to me. I have contacted them several times, requesting they release the funds, but to no avail. PayPal has charged my account their fees for the service (or lack thereof) they provided and now they are refusing to release my money. I believe this is called Theft of Service, is it not?

  40. It’s June 2016 and it works!
    Paypal banned me because I was underage when opening the account(I’m 22 now). I called Paypal and they were so cold to me, no one gave a shit about me.
    Then I read this post and followed the EXACT steps. A PayPal representative called me the day after I emailed to all of the email addresses above, and now 1 week later they moved $1,500 to my bank account, removed restrictions from my newer legit account and they will be willing to let me withdraw the rest of my money($3800) 3 months from today, instead of 6. Don’t lose motivation – YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT. Thank you so much for writing this post, I’m grateful.

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