How I Convinced PayPal To Release My Funds

This is a follow up to my post “Banned by PayPal

When I was informed that my PayPal account was “permanently limited” (aka: banned) and that PayPal would be holding my balance of $5,149 for six-months, I thought there was not much I could do. I appealed the decision to limit (ban) my account and PayPal denied it. Since I did not need the balance of $5,149 that PayPal was going to hold for 6 months I figured I would just wait it out (note that I say did not NEED it.. I want it, but I did not NEED it).

But after seeing some of the comments that readers posted on my original “my PayPal account was limited” post I started to feel a bit victimized and angry, and a bit like PayPal was pushing me around and doing whatever they wanted with my balance. I decided that instead of feeling like I was going to just lay down and let PayPal rape me that I would fight back one last time.

So based on a comment posted by Lucas explaining how he got his funds released after PayPal limited his account, I sat down and wrote this little email:

RE: Case PP-xxx-yyy-zzz

I am respectfully requesting that the hold on my funds/account be lifted. I am not necessarily requesting that my account be re-opened or allowed to continue to use the PayPal service, as I have already taken my business to your largest competitor and I am no longer in need of PayPal’s services.

I have previously requested a review/appeal of my case which was denied.  Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal I will abide by it – however because I feel that holding my funds for 180 days for a non-fraudulent violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power, I will be filing complaints with the following agencies on Wednesday morning, April 23, 2008 if I am not satisfied with PayPal’s response to this request to release my funds:

(agencies in the states that I reside or have a business presence in)

The California Office of the Attorney General

The Washington State Office of the Attorney General

The Florida Office of the Attorney General

The Arizona Office of the Attorney General

The United States Federal Reserve
(I understand that PayPal does not operate as a “bank” which is precisely why they may be interested in such complaints)

The Better Business Bureau:

All complaints will be filed “online” Wednesday morning April 23, 2008 and written copies will also be sent via certified postal mail.

I understand PayPal’s need for holding funds for credit card chargeback purposes, however a review of my account history for the last year will reveal a very low chargeback rate as well as a very high customer-satisfaction rate. I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that holding my entire balance for 180 days is excessive and my be viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power and perhaps even contrary to the laws of some states. That being said I have no problem with, and agree to leaving a balance of $500 for credit card chargeback purposes for the duration of the 180 days. I feel that this is a fair resolution while still leaving PayPal with the means to charge back any future credit card disputes to my account.

Please be aware that replying with the standard “this is part of the terms of service that you agreed to” will not satisfy my request, or deter me from filing my complaints with the agencies listed above on the morning of Wednesday April 23. It will be up to those agencies to determine if PayPal is operating within the law, abusing power, etc. I am simply seeking a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of both parties.

Thank you for your time again in looking into this matter.

Case PP-xxx-yyy-zzz

I addressed the email to the following addresses:;;;;;;;;;;

UPDATE September 2017 – See the bottom of this post for an updated list of PayPal email address and were as best as I could tell the guys in charge at PayPal, and appear to be their press people, and the others are all of the “escalation” email address that I could find – most of which I got from (see updated list of email address at the bottom of this post)

I did my best to word the email as politely as I could and basically told them that they had 48 hours to respond or I would start complaining to whoever would listen. I spell-checked it and hit the SEND button at 1:48PM California time on Sunday afternoon.

Approx 5 hours later, at just a little after 7PM California time on Sunday night my phone rang. CallerID said it was from the 402 area code and listed it simply as “Nebraska”.. Hmm.. Who could be calling me from Nebraska this late on a Sunday evening? Could it be Shoemoney calling or might it be someone from PayPal headquarters working late??

Sure enough, when I picked up the phone a very nice lady at the other end explained that she was calling from PayPal regarding the email I had sent earlier in the day. She had reviewed my account, agreed that my chargebacks had been virtually zero over the previous year, and that although PayPal would not be re-opening (or un-banning) my account, they would be transferring $5,000 of my $5,149 balance into my bank account. They would hold the remaining $149 for the balance of the 180 days at which time it would automatically be transferred into my bank account. Heck, that’s better than I had asked for in my email!

So – although having my PayPal account banned has been a huge inconvenience, being forced to switch to Google Checkout is still working to my advantage (making me more money), and now that PayPal will be releasing all but $149 of my funds, I can say that I’m pretty happy.

Now, if you’ve been banned by Paypal, before you go copying and pasting my email to try and get your funds released remember that I have had my PayPal account for a few years with virtually zero complaints and very few disputes or chargebacks. If you have been involved in fraudulent activity, been ripping people off, selling body parts, etc, you probably wont make out as well as I have (nor should you). However if your account has been in good standing and you have a low rate of disputes you may be able to get your funds released before the 180 day period that PayPal imposes by letting them know that you just wont stand for it and that you will complain to anyone that will listen.


My Funds Trasfer
Paypal has returned my money to my bank account!

Update November 2013: Thanks to A.Chip who has compiled some tips that he used to get his money back when he emailed his letter:

  • Before I sent the email to Paypal, I made an email list inside my email account named “PayPal Emails” and put all the Paypal email addresses on that list. When it was time to send the email, I put the “” email address on the “To:” line, and put the list in the “Bcc:” line so no one else in the company could see who else I sent the email to. Everyone who got the email could only see that I sent it to the Appeals department. Other Paypal victims should practice this technique with their own personal emails first to make sure it works before sending their email to Paypal. People in the “Bcc:” line should not be able to see any other email addresses except the one in the “To:” line.
  • After I sent the letter to Paypal, I received an email from the Appeals department stating they investigated my case, but still ruled against me. The following day I received the email from the executive at Paypal saying he would refund the money. At Paypal, it is clear that thy left hand has no clue what thy right hand is doing. So if a victim gets a rejection email after sending their letter, keep waiting. Someone else from the executive office will most likely respond later on with a real solution.


Update September 2017: New list of email addresses provided by readers:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. I have had a Paypal account since 2003 and never had a problem until last week. I misplaced my Paypal Here reader and took a few payments using the long card option provided by the app. Next thing I know is Paypal have put a hold on my income for 30 days.
    I have approached Paypal both in the UK and Luxembourg with very little help from their employees.
    Do these people not understand that small businesses require cashflow to operate?

    1. Of course they understand.. They just don’t care!
      The longer they hold your money and collect interest on it, the more THEY make!

  2. Letter of doom today..
    Aperantly one scammer and one that made chargback claim by “mistake” made them drop the hammer on me. so some 7000€ stuck there now :-/

  3. I have a business account that I signed up for mid July. I decided to switch to PayPal because they don’t charge a fee for chargebacks unless you don’t win (my other processor charged $45 regardless). I received only two claims against me and they were both resolved in my favor. All is going well. Then out of the blue, I get an email that my account has been permanently limited. I have $4500 they are holding for 180 days. This is my livelyhood and I need that money to live off. They continue to refuse to tell me why the account was banned.

    I sent an email using this template to the emails listed. Hoping to hear good news.

    Is it legal for them to hold OUR money? I may need to seek legal help.

    1. What happened?

      They are holding 3,000 for minimum reserve and 4,305 for rolling reserve. Totalling 7,305.00!!
      My account is usable but they are holding $3,000 as a cushion for if I have a chargeback and then a percentage of each sell for 60 days.

      I have had many opened cases due to my store having a 4-6 week shipping time frame and customers not reading the time frame when placing an order. However I won every single case in my favor. I need the $4,305.00 to buy a machine to help production time get quicker.

    2. Count Me In brother. I have provided a web page with substantial evidence on how they have limited my account with no appeal just like you and I have a recording of This PayPal atrocity you can do and see that I am indeed in the right and innocent to what I’ve done. Well worth the short listen to.
      Anybody that wants to collaborate together leave a comment on that web page with your email and I can create a network. They have a class action lawsuit this next couple weeks and after this slap-on-the-wrist nobody will be able to sue them for fraudulent business transactions and holding or freezing peoples accounts any more; due to them revising or updating their user agreement and moving on.. So I have stirred up quite a bit of noise myself with an alternative company I now work for that allows API Gateway cart checkout and King card processing for lower transaction fees starting rate of 1.39% rather than PayPal outrageous fines and utterly bogus agreement “contracts of death”. I do plan on suing in the state of Tennessee for at least $25,000. As you will see the punitive damages will exceed this amount in the money that they are holding as well my case I have a company that owes me nearly $10,000 in refunds that I cannot obtain because my account is not accessible. I have already gotten ahold of attorney generals and sent off my letter too many Senators. Next is my demand letter to San Jos, California (Paypal financial office) If anybody wants to jump on board with me please email me a demand letter and I will print it out and send it to them with my demand letter. If we all do this together perhaps we can even process a civil lawsuit. As Pro se, we do not need a lawyer for this we have logic and as long as we State our case ethically and honestly we will win this free case. Are you with me. Email me above and again sign up on my website and comment with your information, I will keep your comment private and not post your comment publicly, unless you would want me to. And you do not need to sign up with flashbanc in order to do this with me, I just am with this company because they are legit and they helped save my business when I needed it most. Which is gained my respect.

      I have emailed every single one of those email addresses and they have all ignored me, meaning they are hoping it will just blow over and be thrown under the rug or I will forget and move on. But if they see a demand letter and they don’t do anything we will automatically by default win our case.
      They will not want media involved and will dread press involvement. We may just win off of our own quote unquote settlement. But we don’t want peanuts here we want all of our money back and then-some for damages and Destroying business. I feel you brother from UK. I will leave my contact information as well if you want to collaborate my toll free number internationally is 855-841-9659. Kindest regards with sincerity Eric Plott

      Our anti PalPay fanpage alternative

    3. Hello,it is definately NOT LEGAL to hold funds-either on Pay Pal or Ebay. I made a sale on Ebay and funds were help pending postage showing proof of tracking< well exuse me,i am not in the USA,i also had to send the item and pay for postage out of my own pocket. Anyway i rang the fraud department at the FBI and hey!! what do you know,after there involvment my funds were released with 24 hours,so hence holding funds-pending or otherwise is FRAUD.

      1. Hi, could you give me more info on how you approached PayPal with your issue? I call them 4 times a week and I do not get any answers. They are holding well over 25k from me. I’m nearing a 3 month wait on this money. I have provided all documents on my account that they asked for back in July. The claim that their compliance department is backed up, in tired of this excuse. Help!!

        1. Im in the same boat Melissa. I called and they stated because of the amount of transactions recently they were placing a rolling reserves on my account that will be reviewed every 180 days. If someone finds out what we can do about this please let me know also.

          1. As far as I know it’s clearly stated in their contract that they can put reserves on account if they think it’s risky. Generally it happens when you sell expensive items on PayPal. So, my advice would be to keep selling and have it reviewed after 3 months and if there are no charge backs and you’re doing your business as usual, it will be released.

          2. Hi Trina. I’m just now seeing your response. I was able to get my funds released in 48 hours after I came up with s solid defense email. I hope things are better for you now as well

      1. Yes, it worked. They released my funds in 48 hours. Sit down get your facts together and right up a good defense and cc all PayPal email addresses that you can. I read previous messages from other people on here and someone had provided several email addresses that I used to cc my email to as well. The more people that are exposed to the email the more responses you will get.

  4. paypal held my money for 2days over the 72 hrs promised they told me my £160 would be availible to draw from my bank between 3pm and 4pm on 12/8/2016 and this was gaurenteed! it wasent there we were going on holliday that night and lost £200 deposit over this as couldnt pay our cab fare to get to airport paypal are a joke! they said it was an error on there part after waiting 45mins on hold on phone to speak to them,they like holding on to your money with excuses to get more intrest,never again!

  5. Pay Pal tells me that pending funds being held through a Ebay sale are an Ebay issue,so i am confused to what is correct? advice appreciated,thank you

    1. This is called deflection. In a business, like PayPal, they deflect the blame on the other company/organization to buy time. This is a common practice and is not illegal, but definitely immoral. If you, or anyone else, are still having issues like this you need to call them out on it. Ebay doesn’t get any funds from you other than what you approved when you listed the item. Once an item is paid for then PayPal has full jurisdiction over your funds. Don’t buy into their deflection tactics.

      “You can’t blame the cereal for tasting bad if the milk is sour”

  6. Hi there,

    After I posted same email letter to Paypal, Paypal have response to me as follow:

    “Thank you for contacting PayPal in regard to the account issue.

    We understand that you would like the funds in your account balance to be released. Unfortunately, we are unable to release your funds until you have completed all the steps required to restore full access to your PayPal account, or until 180 days after the limitation was placed on your account.

    If you would like to refund your buyers, we can process this request for you. Please email us by clicking ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of any PayPal page to request the refund(s). Please be sure to include the transaction date, email address and the Transaction IDs of the payment(s) you would like to refund.

    Thank you for choosing PayPal for your payment needs. Please feel free to contact us if you require further assistance.

    PayPal Account Review Department

    Need some advise from all you.

    Thank you

  7. I am looking for some advice or assistance with what can I can do… Paypal charged my bank account for my ebay seller fees. After 6 hours one the phone and even my bank.. Basically their charging my bank account for a charge when I had funds in the account. I did detail cross references from statements from ebay, paypal, and my bank. I believe I have been victim of account tampering, and I think paypal covered their tracks changing my account settings and transactions from my activity sheet that has fees and balances disappeared off my account. I had one of their high up reps. admitted fault and assured me he would correct it.. That I would receive an email I was to take to my bank to have charges removed.. So i waited hour and a half and never got email. I called them back and I got the ebay and paypal run around that neither except fault and then when i printed statements out to take to my bank, they tampered with my account..
    IM pissed needless to say, i later called ebay to pay the seller fee. I had to called paypal and basically got the run around .. So i couldnt even pay them with my paypal business cards to pay the bill so they would stop hitting my bank account.. IM done with paypal, and I want to file suit!!! Anyone got any advice I can check into ???/

  8. They are holding 3,000 for minimum reserve and 4,305 for rolling reserve. Totalling 7,305.00!!
    My account is usable but they are holding $3,000 as a cushion for if I have a chargeback and then a percentage of each sell for 60 days.

    I have had many opened cases due to my store having a 4-6 week shipping time frame and customers not reading the time frame when placing an order. However I won every single case in my favor. I need the $4,305.00 to buy a machine to help production time get quicker.

  9. Can someone please help me? I also need an updated list of the e mails I live in mansfield oh, USA. Paypal also limited my act and said I have no chance of getting my funds out before 180 days and it has my ssi money in there! So I couldn’t even pay my rent and no one cares I’ve begged them to help me and it’s a no go…. 🙁

  10. Can someone please help me? I also need an updated list of the e mails I live in ohio, USA. Paypal also limited my act and said I have no chance of getting my funds out before 180 days and it has my ssi money in there! So I couldn’t even pay my rent and no one cares I’ve begged them to help me and it’s a no go…. 🙁

  11. ive just emailed on the above emails there holding 30k pounds off mine for god knows what reason just emailed 10mins ago had not confirmation or anything, anyone know roughly when i would get a reply or if i will i am from the UK

  12. I opened my uk paypal account while i was in the uk and i finished uni and left the country but i’ve kept it open cause i still use it as its connected to a uk bank account thats still valid and buy items cause my sibiling lives in the uk so items often sent to her, and now my account has been limited and they want proof of residency and ID and i can proof the id obviously but not the residency, and i can’t put my non-uk address on it.

    my bank allowed me to put my non-uk address on there dont get why paypal doesnt. and now i dont know what to do i dont know if i should put my siblings address but then i dont know what to do with the proof part.. can anyone help please!

  13. Help! Will that technique work for the following? I closed my paypal account after a purchase on ebay using paypal resulted in hundreds of spam email. Ebay subsequently refunded my purchase price for the item- but it went back to the now closed paypal and I cannot get back my money! I’ve tried phoning but they never come on the phone and for their “callback” service, i never get a call back. Also when i created the account i used a made up phone number and i have no idea what that is now. all i have is the old user id/email address and password, but of course my account no longer exist so those have not helped. This all took place in june 2016, so its more than 6 months! (I should add that for the original purchase I used credit card account to fund the paypal – i do not have a linked bank account).

  14. Paypal are holding aprox. $40,000 of my money! paypal is a scam, paypal SUX, will post my full complaint on several review sites.

  15. They are holding over 80K UK pounds….. I think we should all get together and go to the press immediately… All of those email addresses are fine but lets get the press involved.

  16. They are holding over 1K Uk pounds of mine. They are closing both my accounts because i tweeted the Vice President of Paypal to complain. I agree lets go the press…we need to screw them like they have screwed us.

  17. Sent an email to every email on this list. all I got was the standard pre generated crap templet email responces. DID NOT WORK! It might work for some people for some reason, but we will never know why. I feel for each and every person who has submitted a story here. We all have felt the level of frustration that is about our breaking point. All I can say is keep the faith dont give up and just keep going. this has left me with about 6 dollars to my name and for once im at a point in my life where I dont know what Im going to do. so hopefully when i go to bed tonight I just wont wake up

  18. I’m currently a waiting $13,500 frozen in my account!
    This is a real injustice, they got to be legal action that could be taken against them.
    Just insane, total abuse of power!

  19. Hi all…having the same issues with paypal after 15+ years of being an ebay power seller with a sterling record. Unfortunately ebay pretty much forces sellers to accept and promote paypal and it seems to me that paypal has a near monopoly for a small seller like myself.

    So…if anyone has suggestions for alternate payment services I’d be very grateful. I’d rather not go through the process of having to open a merchant credit card service. Is there another service similar to paypal that ebay will accept? Thanks in advance for any guidance. Dorian

    1. What did you do to get your money and who did you address the emails to? Maybe if the emails stated in this thread are outdated. PayPal limited my account without warning for some software I sold on eBay. Loads of other people sell this software too. PayPal said my account is limited permanently and cannot appeal. They’re holding $3000 hostage, with $400 available now (obviously I can’t get it now). By US law, were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but with Paypal we are guilty until proven innocent.

      1. The U.S. law you mention only applies to being charged with a crime so it does not apply. When you use PayPal you agree to their terms (which suck!) but we all still agree.
        So are you saying that you had the right to sell that software, regardless of who else sells it?
        Because if you were selling pirated software or software that was not yours to sell, then you needed to be banned and limited.

  20. Does this still work in 2017? My account got its first “High” account limitation a few days ago. Just had it restored. But it pisses me off that 1) they can randomly do a review of your account and nail you with a restriction even if you have had no problems whatsoever for the past several months and you are a loyal client, and 2) some of their reps are not very courteous. I always hope I get a female who is sympathetic towards my situation, not some guy who just spits out company policy and doesn’t give a shit. Basically, they asked me for: Photo ID, Credit card documentation, bank statement, and proof of address. I got rejected a few times but what finally worked was sending in a CLEAR picture of the ENTIRE Photo (my passport) and the most recent statement from the bank connected to my paypal….it proved my name, address, and acted as both my credit card and bank statement. Technically, I don’t use it as a credit card but PayPal accepted it as a CC so whatever… I also have a PO box address but I don’t use the “PO” part. I was scared PayPal would reject me again just for the heck of it and ask me for more “detailed” info. But I’m never gonna go through this experience. Will withdraw money out and send probably 95% of it to my online bank account where I have control over my money (and no charges/fees). Never underestimate how “random” paypal can be. Just when you think your account is safe, PayPal can hit you out of nowhere and treat you like you are some fraud case. I would rather report identity theft and fraud transactions than have the bank randomly limit my access and ask me for verification whenever it feels like it.

  21. This was definitely a good way to get PayPal to release your funds! Worked for me. They kept over $10,000 of my money and when I followed your procedure, they released within days.

  22. Okay, I guess it’s just not me who has been screwed by paypal. Could someone answer me this please:

    I am from Canada and have been selling on ebay as well privately for the last 5-6 years. Recently my sales have increased and that’s when paypal limited my account back in October. After their review they lifted the limits. Again in the January month, my sales were high, and now they have put a rolling reserve of 6000 USD on my account. This is really unacceptable to me and I don’t want to deal with them anymore. The funds are held for 90 days. I am sure even if I don’t do any transactions in this account now and ask them after 90 days to release the funds, they will not do it and will hold it for another 90 days. As far as my account standing is concerned, I have never ever had any charge back or claims on my account, not even a single one.

    My question is that I do see in the contract that they say if they find the account risky in any way, they can put a reserve on the account whatever they deemed necessary.

    Could anyone tell me if I try to go in small claims court, do I have any chance of getting my funds released due to this clause in the contract.

    I have already sent emails to everyone that I could that was mentioned in this blog, but have not received any reply back yet.

    Please advise me if it would be prudent to go to small claims court or not?


  23. I just emailed everyone on the list above with a version of your email. Fingers crossed. They have a little over $1,000 of my money.

  24. Update:

    Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again

    Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

    Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

    Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found. Check for typos or unnecessary spaces and try again.

  25. I had a salary payment made for teaching english classes put on the 21 day hold.

    I did all the things to speed the transaction; verified identity, confirmed “shipping” for a service already rendered. Go figure, if they thought I was horrible or hadn’t delivered, they wouldn’t have paid me.

    Really hurt me. Going to school on Veterans benefits and they tied up my salary for weeks while I was overseas. But, I am a former litigation paralegal and it got to that point.


    They have already hammered PayPal and if you have a legitimate complaint (deceptive advertising is one of the ones I had), they will go after them aggressively.

    Here is one article on a 10 million USD Fine they imposed on PayPal and 5 million for the consumers:

  26. I am having this same problem. Can someone please send me the email list. (
    I hired an attorney and was hoping I could help them out with the list of PayPal emails addresses. Paypal can’t get away with holding thousands of dollars or people’s money
    For 180 days

  27. Can someone email me a list of email addresses that I can send to?

    They are holding 10k of mine that I got as a working capital loan.

    How is it working capital if I can’t use it to buy more stuff to sell?

  28. Hi

    Last 180 days my Paypal is limited and when i received email you can received your fund withdrawn after 180 days i contact paypal i have no bank account add into my account please allow me to add bank account or allow me to send my fund into my Husband Paypal they denied and again 180 days held my money and limited again i have no chargebacks no complaints why paypal held again my money for 180 days please help me.

  29. I just have received the above email as well from Paypal.

    “We are hereby notifying you that, after a recent review of your account
    activity, it has been determined that you are in violation of PayPal’s
    Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales xxxxx

    Therefore, your account has been permanently limited.

    Per the User Agreement, when PayPal permanently limits an account due to an
    Acceptable Use Policy violation, we may hold your funds up to 180 days. In
    addition, you will be liable to PayPal for the amount of PayPal’s damages
    for each violation of the Acceptable Use Policy……”

    They gonna hold my money about over 3K for ^180days after being in business about 4 years!!!!!!!! witout warning and so on….

    I just dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I have posted a comment as to what i did from here in New Zealand and that was contacting the FBI fraud department,my fees were released straight away and they also informed me that if there were enough complaints about Pay Pal and Ebay witholding fees they would do an investigation,so there are huge complaints,so why are you not contacting the FBI? get to it,you have been told,bombard them with all your complaints.
      Good luck Andrea Taylor

      1. Thank you very much Andrea T.,
        I am not in US. I am in TH but think of if i should write a letter to some departments in US and UK. What do you think?

        1. Hi Raya,i am not in the US either,as i said i am in New Zealand,but everybody worldwide uses Pay Pal,where you are from is not the issue,the issue here is that if i can find the phone number of the FBI US and ring them from my country ANYBODY CAN.
          I thought about emailing them but am so happy i did ring because it makes it more personnel,so go ahead and try,just be prepared and have your facts-dates etc in front of you and be organized about it.
          All the best and let everybody know how you get on.
          Regards Andrea Taylor

  30. Just wanted to say thank you for the above letter, I had $5k in funds that would have been held for 180 days. After sending this to the correct people I had my funds available in less than 24 hours!

      1. Here is a list
        [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email], [email][/email]

    1. Can you please send me an updated email list that you used. They are holding well over 25k from me without explanation besides “their compliance department is backed up” They also stated that they can’t give me a time as to when my money will be available.

    2. Hey what’s the email or contact number ? Did you email the fbi or called them and thank for helping others your great please let me kno

  31. My business account – 20000 usd minimum reserve, and 4000 usd rolling reserve. pls who is win in this issue can you help me. they said that they will be refunded after 2 monts. but they have been keeping the money both reserves.

  32. I have tried twice to mass email the updated list (BCCing all address but the appeals), and the message comes back instantly from all the emails saying message blocked. Any ideas?

  33. Just tried sending correspondence to all of the above addresses and it was returned immediately. They no longer are accepting correspondence.

  34. i just got banned today or whatever its called and it tells me i have to wait 180 days till released i really need this money is their any way i can get it before 180 days and if so is there an updated email adresses i can send to thanks please email or respond to this

  35. Paypal completely infringed upon my business. I had used PayPal for over 15 years as a seller, then once I received my largest sale of $5,500, PayPal basically ran me into the wall. Long story short, I asked for a temporary spending limit increase on my PayPal business debit card to assist me with paying for the shipping of this item. I was told I could easily have this increase, but then denied due to a representative from an outsourced overseas office having a bad day. When I escalated my call to speak to this person, I did so in a normal tone asking why my temporary limit increase was an issue, and for such a small amount over the spending limit (again, this is for their debit card, not their credit card, so I’m basically asking if I can spend $200 over their daily spending limit from the funds of -my- money, from -my- sale, and this guy told me in a very snide tone, No. I had never had any real issues with PayPal before this point, and I considered myself to be a good seller with relatively zero conflict in my customer history, so what’s the problem here? When I hung up with this guy, I suddenly had a hunch to transfer my funds pronto, then boom, he limits my entire account and actually cancels my debit card. Can you believe it? I didn’t even know PayPal did this, and for what? Because he didn’t like my question? It was abhorrent and bizarre, and a clear abuse of power. I was sure the next rep would think he was insane. I called the next morning and spoke to a “resolution specialist” named Shay who pretended to understand the issue. Of course at this point I’m like, “can you believe this happened?” to which Shay responds, “oh yeah well it’s just a precautionary measure…” Precautionary from what?! So while Shay is reading everything, I mention in passing that my inventory is in a warehouse a little outside of the city. She then says, “wait, so your inventory isn’t there with you?” I said uh, it’s a living room set, so no, why would it be? I kid you not, Shay then goes off on a tangent of hypothetical scenarios that wouldn’t have happened, and never happened prior regarding my store or account. It was insane, she was basically Sybil. She began asking questions like, well what if your item is out of stock? I said that’s not possible, we systematically inventory everything. We use a program, it accurately monitors stock and I’ve never had that issue before, so what do you even mean? She said what if the item is damaged while en route? I said well we have insurance to cover that, and if bad comes to worse I’m sure the customer would want a refund, which is standard for damaged items? These were absurd questions being thrown at me, clearly staging me for a fall. Shay then put me on hold for what felt like 20 minutes, then came back laughing and chuckling. Yes, laughing at chuckling. She wasn’t trying to help me, she put me on hold to converse with her cronies. This person was acting like an egomaniac at this point. She then said “sorry for holding.. so yeah, we’re gonna end our relationship here.” If you’ve seen Office Space, she sounded just like Peter’s boss with his stupid TP reports, except this was MY business she was messing with. I said are you kidding me?! I was disgusted, completely disgusted. I said well how I can appeal, she said “well, you can’t. this is our permanent decision.” Based off WHAT?! There was ZERO conflict with my customers, my account was SOLID, and the one chargeback I had was from a scammer customer, and PayPal ruled it in MY favor! What in the entire heck?! I’m getting worked up thinking about it. This isn’t a regular customer service center here to help you, it’s quite the opposite so pull your head out the ground right now. If you are a merchant, the resolution center is not here to work in your favor. If you provide what they ask for, then legally they’re obligated to follow at least a smidgen of ethical protocol, but if they can corner you, they will. Sure, it looks like standard procedure, but if you’ve ever worked with a legitimate payment service, then you know the stuff PayPal does monstrous and teeters unlawful.

    The moment I realized something was off about PayPal was when they shifted to their 180 day buyer protection. This, friends, is blatant malarkey. First off, if your issue was resolved via eBay, then make sure everything is documented on eBay then shown to PayPal as proof so they don’t try to undermine eBay’s ruling. Second. 180 days?! What merchant in their right mind would work with a company who gives customer’s 180 days to file petty, frivolous issues? That should tell you right there something’s not right in the milk, and PayPal is working an angle through the grey area that supports them as illegitimate payment processors. By creating this 180 days “protection” policy, they enabled their own ability to hold merchant funds for 6 months under the guise of protection. They’ll say it’s to protect the customer, but you and I know first and foremost this enables scammers. Second, unless you’re selling high risk items like cell phones, how does opening a 180 day window really help the right people, and why isn’t it limited to said high risk categories? Yeah, because the obvious method to their madness is to corner you and crack down on your funds when and where they can. Their overly self-important resolution agents are nothing more than bitter henchmen trained to feel like they’re protecting customer’s all while breaking down merchants who trust their service. Resolution specialists who figure this out, from my experience, morph into over entitled, glorified, self-appointed “limit enforcers” who enjoy cornering merchants and destroying their accounts. Since PayPal has now gotten this ahead of itself, it’s obvious these pseudo “higher echelon” reps don’t mind letting the fragments of power go their heads, but I digress. Outside of finance and late payment fees from their credit card service, and small interest fees from merchant sales; accrued interest from held payments is a lucrative payout for PayPal, so they more they hold, the better. If PayPal truly had customers’ interests in mind, would it make since to inhibit sellers from fulfilling their orders based off a snap decision by some resolution specialist in a bad mood? No, there’d be balanced protocol in place that supported merchants, particularly established merchants, and PayPal would actually legitimize themselves as payment processors.

    Please understand this: Word to the Wise: PayPal is not a legitimate payment processor. They’re basically a glorified MoneyGram (actually I’d say MoneyGram is far more legitimate in their practices than PayPal), created by eBay to monetize off the act of payment processing. They are NOT or any other legitimate payment processor that abides by Attorney General approved practices and consumer laws. By keeping itself at a supposedly lower scale than legitimate payment processors, PayPal is able to circumvent laws that would otherwise protect merchants. If you are a serious seller who wants to ensure their payments will not be randomly frozen for frivolous reasons, you HAVE to use something other than PayPal. Protect your business and move on.

    In addition, if you account has been “permanently limited,” and you try to email the contacts provided here, know that your email has already been blocked. Send your request from an alternate email that’s not tied to PayPal in any way. Thanks for reading.

  36. 31 Jul 2018 10:06:37 BST, I bought 2 mary kay foundation product. Unfortunately I made a mistake with the number and cancelled my order. Paypal sent me an email and told me that
    Seller sheheryar ahmed has refund and it may take take up to 30 days before I receive my money. but since July I have not received any refund (£21.98 GBP)
    Receipt No: 3685-8428-6679-4325

    1. £21.98 ??? £21.98 ??? Are you kidding me? This isnt the PayPal Customer Service Desk..

      We’re talking £2198.00….. £21,980… HERE…. NOT COUCH CHANGE……….

  37. £21.98 ??? £21.98 ??? Are you kidding me? This isnt the PayPal Customer Service Desk..

    We’re talking £2198.00….. £21,980… HERE…. NOT COUCH CHANGE……….

  38. I just started a business buying and selling crypto currencies online on platforms to earn some money on the side. Everything seemed to be going well with paypal but suddenly blocked my account for 180 days simply because they are skeptical about cryto currency. How can they be skeptical about crypto currency when on every network you try to buy bitcoins like coinbase and blockchain, paypal is always the third payment option. Have tried everything i can to get my hard earned money released to no avail. Submitted every documents they demanded and yet they treating my case like a plague. Am really stranded because this could mean the down fall of my business please someone help me, i don’t know what to do.

    1. About your only other option is to contact your attorney and see what he says. Of course Paypal can always fall back on the “..this is part of the terms of the agreement you signed up for”… but maybe the lawyer can at least get your money back

  39. So sorry I didn’t find out about this fact sooner than later, that Ebay separated itself from PayPal and will be using another payment processor located in Amsterdam starting sometime around summer 2019. To all who use Ebay, it looks like PayPal just plans on keeping whatever money they can without any recourse because they won’t be part of the process anymore in about 6 months or so. What do they have to lose? Nothing. What do they have to gain? However much money they can freeze, place a hold on, limit an account, close an account. I’ve done a lot of reading on a lot of blogs and they are basically stealing whatever funds they can because some people just don’t have the time or funds to hire an attorney and sue them. I sold 3 items on Ebay and have been a buying member with 100% positive feedback for 7 years yet they are limiting my account for no reason and giving me no possible way to retrieve my money. Positive feedback for the sales was left weeks ago and everything delivered with tracking numbers to happy buyers but they won’t let me get my money. They won’t let me use a bank account, credit card, debit card as well as I can’t even use the money from the sales as store credit to purchase something off of Ebay. I’m elderly and the amount of the sales was only $719.00 but that’s a lot to somebody who’s on Social Security. I was going to use the money for Christmas but at this point I can see that there’s no way to get it back. Ebay won’t help and says it’s a PayPal issue. PayPal ignores all my emails or sends an auto response that has nothing to do with anything. When I try calling PayPal, there’s no option to speak to a representative. One time it actually did ring through when I kept pressing zero and it said there would be a 2 to 3 hour wait time. I tried waiting and nobody came on the line. I can’t afford an attorney on my fixed income so it looks like they get to keep my money. Believe me, I’ve tried everything I can possibly think of. There’s no way to get your money if they refuse to give you access to it. I really feel sorry for people with kids or who depend on their Ebay sales to pay bills, fortunately in my case, this was just a little extra for Christmas so I could buy my 93 yr old mother-in-law something extra special. That’s obviously not going to happen because I can’t afford to get a lawyer. I’m upset over them keeping my money but what can I do? I filed complaints with all the agencies already, but as others have found out? They also are worthless and do nothing. I’m just thankful I didn’t have more stolen from me. Happy Holidays to all!

  40. i am vijay yadav from india.. paypal holds my funds for 180 days..
    paypal mailed me for account verification and i have given all my legal document and paypal said me after document verification we will restore your account, then he said again after 3 day. your account is blocked and your amount will be hold for 180 day.. i not understand.. why they are doing with me..

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