Earnings UP – Life Without PayPal Is Good

PayPal is gone and earnings are up!Last month I posted about how sometimes being a webmaster sucks – I complained about Adsense earnings being down, getting banned from Paypal, having trouble with website members, and several other things that were pissing me off.

When I wrote those posts I was ready to throw in the towel because it seemed that nothing was going right.

Fast forward to now, several weeks later and things are getting back to normal.  Adsense earnings are back on track, Kontera earnings are right up there with (and sometimes better than) Adsense, I won 2nd Place in Kontera’s Video Contest, members are back under control at the website, PayPal gave me back my money, and best of all, April 2008 was a record month for earnings, coming in at just a hair over $14,000.

I knew April would be a good month because of being forced to change subscription members from low-priced monthly fees (via PayPal) to a single, higher-priced flat-fee via Google Checkout.  But what has been surprising to me is that the new Premium Member sign-up rate has remained almost constant even with the higher (one time) fee.  Although I highly doubt that we will break our April earnings record it looks like May ’08 will be another very good month – the best part is that I can say fuckyou PayPal, GoogleCheckout is more than happy to take my transaction fees (and Google Checkout fees are lower!) .. Although as usual i’ll be under the gun to make sure that Premium Members are getting value for their money.  I’m working on a new contest as well as some site-upgrades so hopefully we can keep everyone happy.

I guess the old saying about making lemon aid when all you have is lemons is true.

5 thoughts on “Earnings UP – Life Without PayPal Is Good

  1. I totally agree with you. PayPal sucks. They work only with 70 countries. For example if you live in Serbia and Macedonia – both Central European countries you are forbidden to have PayPal account.
    That’s why I also use GoogleCheckout.

    I’m glad that everything is back to normal.

  2. paypal sucks azz…i have sent numerous emails to them to explain why they banned all my accounts and their response was that i was in violation of AUP. Anyway i can go on and on about them all day and nothing is going to happen but alot of frustration on my part. So the reason i am so pissed is paypal is like the only payment processor that i know so far that can do adaptive(delayed) payment method. Is there any other payment processors out there that can do this method other than WEPAY? Looking for a coder as well that knows api contact me.

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