Increase Your Earnings By Diversifying

If you’ve been following my Twitter Tweets for the last few days you would know that for me and many other publishers Adsense earnings have been in the toilet for the last week or so.  It’s normal for Adsense earnings to fluctuate, but recently earnings and ePC have been at all-times lows, probably due to uncertainty in the economy these days.

How You Can Protect Yourself Against Adsense Fluctuations

I’ve seen it posted in the forums over and over –

“…You have no control over Adsense earnings…”

“…there is nothing you can do about low Adsense earnings…”

“…give up, get a real website…”

Although all these statements are technically true, there is one thing you can do to not only protect yourself from Adsense lows, but to also increase your overall earnings:  DIVERSIFY

At, we diversify our earnings by creating multiple income streams:

By spreading our earnings over these multiple sources of income we not only increase our overall earnings, but we also protect ourselves from the pain and discomfort of a low-income day if any one income source goes into the toilet *cough*adsense*cough*.

So what is right for your website?

At most websites selling premium memberships or premium content does not make sense, and affiliate sales can be difficult and take a lot of work & effort to be profitable (it hardly even works for us).  So for most websites (and lazy publishers like me) this leaves In-Text advertising, which is also the easiest to setup and start using.  In-text advertising such as Chitika Linx and Kontera are contextually based advertising systems that create those little underlines on certain words and phrases on your website.  When a visitor clicks on one of those links, you get paid.  And because In-Text advertising does not look like, and cannot be confused with Adsense ads, you can use them on the same site/pages as Adsense.  Another advantage of in-text advertising is that it does not take up any real-estate on your site, potentially leaving more room for other advertising systems or more content.

The two biggest players in the in-text or in-line advertising are Chitika and Kontera.   Both are free to use and both are very easy (as easy or easier than Adsense) to setup and use.

Chitika’s Linx Product

Chitika LINX tend to be more technology related, and may yield you a higher CTR because the links look more like ‘normal’ links.  Many publishers claim a very high ePC with Chitika.
Kontera’s In-Text Link Unit

Kontera has a larger advertiser inventory (based on what I’ve seen), but they have a slightly restrictive new-publisher approval process.

Kontera is the primary inText advertiser that we use at because it performed better for us in testing than Chitika did, however on my other lower-traffic site, Chitika does far better than Kontera because of the type of content of that site.  The only way to know how well these systems will work at your site is to try them.  Even though you can use both along side Adsense, you cannot use them together so I recommend at least 1-week (or longer) of testing both systems – you may find as I did, that one performs great on one site and the other sucks – but if you don’t try them both you will never know.

Don’t throw away potential earnings – Try Chitika LINX, Kontera, or other types of advertising at your site(s) and see what works for you.  For us, adding InText advertising increase our overall earnings by an average of 75% –  that means that even on a day that Adsense earnings are at an all-time low, overall earnings don’t suffer as much.  Diversifying your income with other advertising systems also protects you should something happen to your Adsense account.

8 thoughts on “Increase Your Earnings By Diversifying

  1. I’ve found the Ebay Partner Network exceeds my Adsense revenue in all months since I added it.

    I personally find the in-context links to be visually annoying as a site visitor. It also numbs me from clicking through on all links within the content, including those that aren’t ads.

    The aLinks plugin for WordPress is a great tool as long as you don’t overuse it for affiliate purposes.

  2. Hi Mr. Brown!

    You should also mention cpm ad networks (pay-per-impression instead of pay-per-click).

    I was reluctant at using cpm networks until my adsense went down a few weeks ago.

    I registered to Tribal Fusion (can use adsense and tribal fusion on the same page).

    And so far so good, actually I have been able to double my earnings on my test site! 🙂

  3. [quote comment=”1997″]Do you use Tribal Fusion?[/quote]

    I’ve never tried Tribal Fusion..

    I think now i’ll have to do a follow-up post with all of these other ideas and ad-networks.

  4. As a web surfer I totally hate those in-line Kontera and Chitika ads – they are annoying, irrelevant, and personally I think they are a totally stupid advertising model – I will never click on those kinds of ads even if you paid me to do so…

    Web sites using those kinds of ads fall into the gutter with a huge “I am desperate to earn money” flag printed right across them.

    As for adsense, I will click on them if they show what appears to be a relevant ad, otherwise they are mostly invisible to my eyes.

    In a way web masters and google for that matter are cutting their own throats – the current advertising model of earning money from contextual ads is going to end pretty soon, it just isn’t working out anymore – even google is reporting a huge downturn in profits, and with millions of new web sites coming on line each month thrashing to death the current advertising models then it is no wonder that your average internet surfer has just totally lost interest in clicking on pointless ads.

    Perhaps to remain competative in the near future (like next 3 years) Google will need to change its ideas, and perhaps webmasters too, when there are (according to google) 80,000 new blogs registered each month, of which perhaps 90% are just copying and regurgitating the same old blog rubbish that has aleady been around for years – perhaps removing all of those useless blogs from the adsense system will lift prices, and payments up so that real, different, and informative web sites can build on their success – rewarding the web surfer with a pleasant and informative experience.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that the road we are all currently traveling along with regards to web site income is a dead end road…

    Pessimistic views perhaps, but perhaps it is worth looking ahead to what is going to happen so that we can avoid it happening.

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