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How To Find Keyword Phrases That Make Money Online?

Written by Garry Conn on Oct. 14th, 2008

Hello everyone. My name is Garry Conn. I am full time pro blogger who makes a living by writing and publishing content on the Internet that is monetized using Google AdSense. In order for me to be successful in this business, I have to be able to write about many different topics. Along with that, I also need to know what topics to write about that enable me to get the biggest bang from my monetized content.

In this article, I want to briefly explain a few of the tools that I use towards researching keywords phrases that make money online, but more so give you some advice on how to find these keywords. On my personal blog, I talk about this a lot. Many of my readers know about the tools that I use, most all of them are totally free by the way, and they use them too. The problem that most people have is they drawn a blank when it comes towards finding keywords to write about. It is one thing to research the keywords, but it’s a complete different ball game when you are sitting at your computer and not sure what to research.

Before we go into depth about how to find keyword phrases to write about, I want to share with you two tools that I use that enable me to do very effective keyword research. These two tools are free, Randy asked me to do a guest post here on his blog, so I am not going to pitch any products or anything like that. While I do indeed use software applications, they really aren’t needed until you have gained quite a bit of experience in keyword research.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The first tool that I use is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool is very easy to use and extremely simple to understand. Using the Google AdWords Keyword tool allow you to discover some very important things about the keywords you are researching. For one, you can determine an average monthly search count. Secondly, you can determine how much advertisers are willing to pay per click. Lastly, you can determine how much competition there is among publishers in the search results. Simply login to your Google AdWords Account and click TOOLS to access the keyword tool. Also, you can use an external version of this tool as well.

Aaron Wall’s Keyword Tool

The second tool which is very similar to Google AdWords Keyword Tool is Aaron Wall’s Keyword Tool. Aaron’s tool is totally free and taps into the database. People can subscribe to for a monthly fee; however, as I already mentioned, this isn’t needed until you have gained more experience with these wonderful free tools. With Aaron Wall’s Keyword Tool, you can expect to see many of the same attributes found in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool just gives you a second look at similar keywords. Between the two programs, you’ll notice that the results can vary from time to time. My advice to you would be not to worry yourself trying to figure out which program is more accurate. Both tools provide a very balanced report of data. Give Aaron Wall’s Keyword Tool a try for yourself and see which one you like best.

How To Find Keyword Phrases That Make Money Online

Once again, it is one thing to have the right tools at your disposal; however, it is another thing to have the tools in hand but have nothing to build. Finding keywords seems to be the challenge that many of my readers have. My advice with combating this issue is in looking for the obvious. For me, everything I see around me can become a blog post. At this moment as I am writing this article I see quite a few things that can easily be covered in a blog post that in return will make me a lot of money over time. For instance, in my office I have a brand new treadmill that I purchased a few weeks ago at Walmart.

Login to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and look up the word treadmill. The results will shock you. You will be presented with an entire list of keyword phrases all related to the word treadmill. Secondly, you can instantly see how much money AdWords advertisers are paying for these keywords. Thirdly, you will see how much traffic and competition there is in the search results.

Finding keywords tends to stump many people in this business and my proven and most valuable advice to you is to look for the obvious items but seek out the commonly overlooked ones. There is a balance between the two. Rather than write a blog post about Dell, perhaps the better solution would be to write about the lesser competitive items such as the Dell Inspiron Model 1520. In my opinion, it is by far much better to rank on the top ten for a search term that receives only 1000 searches per month than to rank on page two of a search term that receives 10,000 searches per month.

Also too, having the ability to study a search result page in Google makes a huge difference between keyword targeting success and failure. This is a skill that will come to you over the course of time and with practice. I do have quite a bit of advice that I can share with you specifically on the analysis of a search result page on Google. Randy invited me over here to write this article for you folks, and perhaps if you leave some positive feedback, I very well may come back and publish another article that will show you some really killer tips on how to study the search result pages in Google towards making a determination on whether or not you can score the top ten position for the keywords your want to target.

With all that said, I want to express how fortunate you are to have found Randy’s blog. I know quite a few people in this business and Randy indeed is someone you can count on, and most importantly trust.

Best Regards,

Garry Conn

15 thoughts on “Guest Post By Garry Conn

  1. Alright Garry, good stuff.

    I was not familiar with Arron’s Keyword Tool at all. I will check that one out.

    I assume that you are a fan of WordTracker. I have a membership, but honestly I think you might be right about it not being for everyone in the beginning. I am still riding out the learning curve, but have found some monster keywords in the past.

    I am sure that these could have been found with the Google Keyword tool. The problem is now I am addicted to this WordTracker and cannot really see myself going back.

    Oh well, onward…upward!

  2. Another great post by Garry. Proper keyword research is key for everything and the more tools you have that are proven to work well then you HAVE to use them.

    Right now oddly enough I am not using any of those tools. I am using a tool called Market Samurai.This tool is by far my biggest asset I have for finding keyword phrases that have search engine traffic to them and that are un touched niches. I found one a few weeks ago that has over 200k searches a day for the term I looked at with only 500k pages indexed for it. M/S also showed me what my competition was on the first page of Google for that term and that I should be able to place on the first page of Google very fast.

    Having a tool that provides you with enough data in one shot is a real time saver and I love using that tool.

    Great post and cool site 🙂


    If you ever wanted to add a store to your wordpress blog make sure you check out my post on Friday about it.

  3. These two tool are the best of the very basic and free tools, I use a piece of software called Micro Niche Finder, and back check it against the two mentioned by garry. Heres a question and something Ive been working on figuring out over the past little while by tracking a few phrase I rank number one for. The question goes like this: Is there a way to know from search result figures what an approximate traffic figure might be, from a number one placement for a given search search term.

  4. Awesome Gary. As someone who is still more then a bit stumped by the whole KW research thing (info overload x 10), this is excellent info…and tools!

    I’m subscribing here too 😉

  5. Came over from GC’s blog. I agree that proper keyword research is sometimes tough.
    I have been lucky on many blogs, however, just by thinking to myself, “If I am wondering about this topic, how many others are wondering about it too, and can I solve their problem and make some money?”
    So far, I have done rather well without any paid tools, just the free ones.

  6. I’m a big fan of Garry and when he writes, I read. I also subscribed to Randy’s blog.

    I have used some paid and free tools and like them both. Still working on picking the right phrase and content mix, but so far doing okay.

    If you haven’t subscribed to Garry’s blog, I would do that also. Between these two, I don’t think you can go wrong.

    Hopefully, these comments will encourage Garry to to write a post on the second topic of site and competition research.

    Garry, have a great rest of your vacation.

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