Using Kontera and Adsense Together

This post is originally from 2007, but I am re-posting it for new-readers that may have missed it, and because I have been too busy to come up with something fresh.
A few months back I was approached by Kontera and asked if I would like to try their In-Text advertising at The account manager was confident that based on my traffic I should be able to earn $1,000/mo easily. Well, I’m happy to say that she was wrong. The first month I earned $1,400, and over $1,500 the next two months in a row. Kontera is now our 2nd biggest earner, right behind Adsense and I could not be more happy (or surprised).

What is Kontera?
Kontera uses ContextLinks that are contextually matched to the text on your webpages, similar to the way that Adsense works. These ContextLinks appear as links on your page with small ‘pop-up’ bubbles that appear when you hover your mouse over them. Visitors click on the pop-up and you earn on a CPC basis. Kontera describes it this way on their website:

A contextually relevant keyword that is discovered in real-time on a web page from within Kontera´s vast network of publishers, and is automatically turned into a link to the most relevant ad from among Kontera´s thousands of advertisers. With ContentLink™ publishers generate incremental revenue while advertisers reach their most targeted audience on a Cost-Per-Click basis.

Kontera is fast and very easy to get started. Apply online and then add the code to your pages and you’re done. They do have a few restrictions though, so it is not for everybody. You must generate at least 250,000 page-impressions per month (although they are easing up on this recently), your site must be in English, and your site must be “content rich” (aka not MFA).

Even though Kontera is a contextual advertising system you can use it on the same pages as Adsense. The Adsense TOS has recently been updated/clarified and states that you can use competing contextually-based advertising systems as long as they do not have the same “look and feel” as Adsense.

Since we started using Kontera we have not seen any detectable drop in Adsense CTR, and it has steadily and consistently been earning roughly 50%-75% of what Adsense makes.. If you are currently making $100/day (or per month) you can expect to add an additional $50-$75 by implementing Kontera.

If you want to read more about Kontera’s InText system, or to sign up, go to

12 thoughts on “Using Kontera and Adsense Together

  1. They’re a good network with great support from what I’ve seen.


    With I get 80,000 page views per day and manage to net only 20 bucks per day.

  2. [quote comment=”2198″]I’m curious, I see you are using the Microsoft version of adsense on right now. Whats your experience with it like and why did you switch?[/quote]

    All i can tell you about Microsoft’s Adcenter Publisher is that Beta-testers of Adcenter Publisher are bound by a non-disclosure agreement and therefore not permitted to comment on the product.

  3. Thanks for the info Randy. My site doesn’t get anywhere near 250,000 page-impressions per month (according to Google Analytics), but I’m going to give Adsense a shot.

  4. I’ve been a little wary of using Kontera together with Adsense that’s why I search the net and found this post.

    I may need to llok into Kontera more closely and then do some testing.

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