How Do I Choose A Video Ad Network ?

I found this question in my inbox this week:

My company is looking to jump into the video medium and we’re on the prowl for a good video ad network.  I was wondering if you had any advice for seeking out the right one.

Is it best to call each one and request a quote?

This question is pretty easy for me to answer: I have no flibbin clue!

Because I don’t have the budget or bandwidth for video advertsing I have never even considered it – heck, I don’t even advertise on standard text/PPC networks!  I am familar with Google Adwords video ad units only because I’ve seen a few on my site and other websites during my internet travels – and when I say a few, I mean a FEW.  It seems that the Adword video units have just not ‘taken off’.  I have also heard of BrightRoll and YuMe, but to be honest, I’ve never seen any of their ads anywhere.

I’ll leave this question up to readers that have had experience with video advertising – So if you have used any video advertising networks, or have any wisdom to share please post a comment.

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  1. IMO the place place I get good results with video ads (using adsense image contextual ads) is in my movie site where I get a lot of trailer ads. Apart from that am looking for answers too.

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