Kontera Holds It’s Own Against The Big-3

Most publishers, myself included have been feeling the impact of the economy on their earnings recently. Based on what I’ve been reading in the webmaster forums and my own experience PPC earnings are generally down all over with no immediate sign of a rebound – a rebound will happen, but in the meantime it can be painful – especially if you have large server/bandwidth bills that need to be paid each month.

To try and improve or optimize earnings I’ve started to take a close look at my stats to see if I can find ways to maximize and squeeze out as much as possible. I’ll be making more posts about that in the next few weeks but I wanted to quickly share something that jumped-out at me and actually surprised me a bit.

For the last 90 days or so I’ve been doing some testing to gauge the performance of Adsense, Microsoft pubCenter and Yahoo Publisher network to see how they compare to each-another.  During all of these tests, I’ve always left good old Kontera running – Since I’ve really been focusing on how the Big 3 (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) compare against each other, I never really took a close look at comparing Kontera to them – I guess I’ve always taken Kontera for granted as just “a good supplemental” income source.

Since I’ve been gathering data for more in-depth analysis later, I threw together a quick graph of how Kontera has been doing against the big-3 PPC networks so I could visually gauge it’s performance (below). The blue line is EITHER Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network or Microsoft’s pubCenter (they were rotated randomly day-by-day) and the red line is Kontera. I have intentionally omitted the dates, which advertiser was used on any given day, and the scale (amount) of earnings so as not to violate any NDA’s or TOS’s

Kontera vs Other PPC Networks
Kontera vs Other PPC Networks

When I looked at the numbers this way (visually), a couple of patterns surprised me a bit.  One, Kontera actually performs very well on ‘bad’ days, and two, on many days that text PPC earnings are down, Kontera earnings are often higher – and basically, Kontera is performing pretty darn good lately!

Like I stated above, I will be doing a lot more analysis over the next few weeks and I’ll be posting most of my findings to pass-along anything I learn.

8 thoughts on “Kontera Holds It’s Own Against The Big-3

  1. It’s against kontera’s tos to do split test… so beware not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg….

    better to try on a different site first.

    from experience: infolinks brings more money than kontera but revenue is on the decrease, i think quite soon it will like kontera

  2. [quote comment=”2302″]lucky for you Randy. Kontera is the biggest lo0ser for my sites :p[/quote]

    Yeah, it really depends on the type/content of your site.. that’s why i always preach “try everything” .. I think a lot of people may miss-out on potential earnings because they read somewhere that it did not perform well for *some* sites.. but until you test it on your own site, you never know.

  3. [quote comment=”2304″]
    did you try infolinks or echotopic to tell kontera is better?[/quote]

    No, I havnt.. I did do some testing with Chitika’s Linx – i stuck with Kontera..

  4. I see, interesting stuff!

    So to be on the save side it would be wise to impliment both Kontera and Adsense since Kontera can be random while Adsense is guaranteed to bring in clicks if you have traffic, you’re getting the best of both worlds,

    thanks Randy!

  5. They pocket in all your earning if you earn less than 5$ in month. What pity pocketing small publishers earning.

    I wonder how much you got paid from them to write this? You havn’t tried infolinks and writing about how they are better than adsense. Please keep the peanuts with yourself.

    Becoz at Dp and all webmaster forums there is one voice infolinks is better than kontera. even jimkarter agree.

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