Originality Killed The Copy Cat

I think most of my readers are probably new webmasters and are still learning things, or maybe don’t even have a website yet. Either way, many new webmasters are (or should be) constantly on the lookout for that “great idea” for a website, and if you don’t have a site yet, it’s probably because you have not yet come up with that [great] idea.

For some reason, many new webmasters (and probably a few seasoned ones) seem to think that they can rip-off an idea of a successful website, or make a virtual copy & paste of a site, throw it on a server, and be successful. As an example, think about how many Myspace clones, YouTube clones, etc are out there – I could give a few more examples of copycat/ripoff sites, but you get the idea. Now ask yourself, how many of them are successful (either by measure of earnings or traffic/popularity)? Sure, one out of a million might get lucky and enjoy moderate success, but generally it is an original idea that is well-executed that will come out on top in the long run..

I got to thinking about this because in a sea of copy cats I came across a site that is an original idea and executed fairly well so far. To be honest (disclaimer), I didn’t just “stumble” across it, I know the webmaster – but I know a lot of webmasters and it’s not often that I make a blog-post about their sites.

Makeupanarchist.Com is a good example of a well executed, original idea and website niche. Sure, there is probably nothing original about makeup websites, but the ‘niche’ of this site is Women (and men?) that do makeup their way, not the way the big makeup companies or websites tell them they should do it. The site is built on Drupal, is well laid-out, has a nice looking theme with a very original logo/header, and is clearly run by someone that knows what she is talking about and has a passion for the subject (which is apparently crazy makeup or something). Even though the subject-niche is fairly narrow, the site will probably also appeal to much of the larger ‘makeup’ niche, for which I am sure there is plenty of potential traffic.

I know that the demographics of my blog readers are overwhelmingly male and probably don’t wear makeup – but I’m sure that most of you have wives, girlfriends, or daughters, so send them over to MakeupAnarchist.com to have a look. Mention to them that it’s not “just another big makeup site” and take note of how they respond. My guess is they would show much more interest than if you told them it was yet another ‘large corporate-run website just like all the others’.. and that, is the whole point..

2 thoughts on “Originality Killed The Copy Cat

  1. It just goes to show us that rip-offs could never be enough to match the original. And this also is applicable even to websites.
    That Make-up Anarchist website is cool! I like it. 🙂

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