Slightly New Look To The Blog

Longtime readers that are paying close attention may notice a few minor changes and a slight new look to the blog.  I guess I got tired of the previous look and finally got around to updating the theme as well as my version of WordPress.

Let me  know what you think!  Either post a comment, or click the new “like” button if you like the new look.. If you think it sucks, please post a comment why.

*Edit: Seems the site is throwing an error when someone posts a comment.. The comments are still being posted, you just get the additional feature of seeing a bunch of ugly PHP errors.

5 thoughts on “Slightly New Look To The Blog

  1. It takes some getting used to, this theme. I did a lot of tweaking. I am happy to test it out by leaving a slightly lengthy comment here. I will also click the Like it button, too. If you have any additional questions about it, I’ll do my best to help. Now I’m ending my comment. Here. Bye bye.

  2. Woah. This is seriously facebook-y… I’m not sure I like it… At least not yet… But we are here for the content anyway, right? :p

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