How Paypal Operates In Court

This guest-post by Drew is a followup to our post “How to get your money back from PayPal“.   You can read Drew’s first entry here: Getting my money back from PayPal

Hello all:

Looks like i am screwed and tattoo’d sideways.

  1. Yes, i have a case against Paypal and all. it is quite clear they are in the wrong.
  2. Paypal responded to the BBB and Nebraska attorney general’s office with nothing but their User Agreement and a DENIED.
  3. I figured out how Paypal conducts it.  They drag it out to the 6 months and release the money.  This is even after you file claim against them.

Here is how you can view a few examples. CLICK HERE for the case search for Iowa.  Enter Paypal in as defendant and search. you will find a few.  Everything is always the same method. and i figured it is the same way in every state.   Paypal stalls and stalls until the deadline has run out and then they release the money… they are some pricks.

So basically this is what Paypal will do if you file a case against them in small-claims court:

  • You file a court action..
  • Paypal respond with the User Agreement.
  • Court sets hearing date.
  • Paypal files motions for change of venue (fails every time).
  • Paypal files for continuation.
  • 6 months has expired and Paypal releases funds.
  • You now have no more case because you got your money and are forced to dismiss the case at your own expense, losing the court costs.

I am weighing this moment whether or not to file.

3 thoughts on “How Paypal Operates In Court

  1. isn’t there a way though to counter attempts to discourage action such as this one? such as sueing? Its like a rebate, they’re given solely because they no a worthwhile percentage of people will not claim them.

  2. They still release the money in the end… but I guess they just want to make it hard for the person who is claiming the money. That way, it discourages people from filing claims and they get to keep the money for another 6 months.

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