Get YOUR Free Google Shirt

Don’t miss your chance to get a free (or nearly free) Google Shirt, or any other Google product available in the Google Store (worth $15 or less)!Free Google-shirt

How To Get Your Free Google Shirt:

If you are an Adsense publisher and have been offered the opportunity to try the new Google Adsense Interface, be sure to opt-in.  You can switch back to the ‘old’ interface at any time.  The new Adsense interface is actually pretty nice (it has the look and feel of the Analytics Dashboard) so once you try it out you will probably stick with it.

Anyway – Once you are using the new interface Google will (or might) send you a request to complete a survey about the usability of the new interface.  Complete that (simple) survey and about a month later you will get a gift certificate for $15 on anything in the Google Store!  Not bad for 45 seconds of work and effort!

Check out my new Google shirt that showed up the other day (see the picture).  This particular T-Shirt wasn’t 100% free – after shipping and tax, I ended up having to pay about $3 (payable only via Google Checkout).  Still not a bad deal to have the only Google-shirt on the block.  I’m sure all my neighbors are jealous.  I bet YOU are too  🙂

One thought on “Get YOUR Free Google Shirt

  1. G for google g for god ( g for load ganesha)
    why google is god we need any wish we say god I need big home or A class car but A Business man ask images or any website in a second our god show the way
    We know the power of G

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