Earn Money The Easy Way!

Our newest Advertising Network, IDG Tech has three easy ways to generate income:

  1. CPM Ads: As I posted a few weeks ago, IDG Tech’s CPM ads have been doing fantastic, and still are – my two test units are still earning over 10x better than Adsense units ever earned in the same locations.  I again recommend at least trying the IDG Tech CPM units if your website qualifies.
  2. If you are part of IDG Tech Network, they also offer referral payments for sign-ups to their IDG Tech Panel which pays members to take surveys related to the IDG Tech Advertisers.  If you are already an IDG Tech Network member (publisher), ask your account manager about how you can sign up or contact me and I will forward the name and email address of the program manager.
  3. As part of #2, anyone can generate money and/or rewards by completing the IDG Tech Panel surveys.   Normally I would not recommend online-surveys to make money, but knowing that many of my readers are looking for any way to generate a few dollars – and after signing-up myself, doing a few surveys, making a few dollars, and seeing how easy it is, I’ve realized that someone with a few minutes on their hands every day could actually make more than just gas or beer-money each week.  If you want to give it a try, you can sign up for your (free) account and start making some extra cash:  Click Here To Join IDGTech Panel

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