Keeping Spammers Away

I’ve spent a lot of late nights over the last two weeks fine-tuning my anti-spam, anti-troll, and anti-script kiddies setup. I’ve also spent a bit of time optimizing all of my MySQL databases and Apache memory usage, but that almost seemed easy compared to keeping the trolls and spammers away.

Over the last week I have also slowly re-enabled the use of RBL’s via MOD_SECURITY to catch the IP’s of known spammers, open SOCKS proxies, TOR nodes, etc then pass the IP address to the firewall to block them (semi) permanently. I had disabled the use of RBL’s and DNSBL’s a while back due to performance issues but I finally worked those problems out (DNS lookup & firewall problems).

The overall setup now looks something like this:
Layered Security
The funny thing is that even with all the fancy firewalls, mod_security, RBL, DNSBL’s and user-agent filtering, good-old Akismet and Bad-Behavior still catch things that all the others missed.

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